Top 10 Best Floor Mats Reviewed In 2022

Are you tired of soiling your car’s interior whenever you are driving off-road? Are you looking to protect your vehicle’s floors from spills whenever you are traveling with your kids? Even though stocks mats offer some level of protection, installing a new set of third-party mats will solve your issues better. Because of their slightly larger designs, they cover vast spaces. This protects cars better. The heavy-duty rubberized materials used to manufacture them are also durable, while their waterproof designs come in handy in wet weather. With one of our recommended 10 models, you get a premium set of universal floor mats for cars that offer value for money.

10. BDK MaxDuty


Suitable for use in SUVs, cars, vans, and even tracks, BDK MaxDuty is a durable set of beige-themed floor mats. They are stylish, made of a heavy-duty rubber, and have trimmable designs that you can customize to fit your car. To enjoy optimal car protection, therefore, without compromising looks, this three-piece automotive accessory works well. In terms or stability, they also outperform numerous hyped products in this niche. Unlike some flimsy mats, for instance, these mats have a stable anti-slip backing that secures them well on floors. The raised edges and broad channels trap spills, dirt, and mud well, while their thick bodies are comfortable to step on for long.

9. Mopar 2022-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Do you own a 2022-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Are you planning to spruce its interior with a new set of floor mats that offer superior protection against dirt, debris, and water? Mopar should be your brand of choice. Designed specifically for the Jeep Grand Cherokee (2022-2022), its accurate design fits like a glove. You do not have to trim and or adjust it manually as is the case with some third-party floor mats. They also have a stylish slate gray theme (dark) and durable molded designs with deep grooves that trap water and dirt. During inclement weather, this package of slush mats will keep the interior of your car clean and dry.

8. Plasticolor Racing Mats


Available in white and red, Plasticolor is a set of two good-looking floor mats for cars, each with a molded universal fit. They are easy to install, or instance. Off the shelf, all you have to do is unpack them and place them in your vehicle to transform its interior instantly. They all-weather designs work well during wet and dry seasons, while their longevity supports active lifestyles well. Even after several months, they will look new and eye-catching in high-traffic vehicles. Plasticolor Racing Mats are easy to clean using soap and water. They are also fade proof and have deep drafts that trap debris, water, and dirt better than most stock mats.

7. Husky Liners


With this package of Husky Liners, you get high-grade front and second seat mats with many desirable attributes. Manufactured in the USA using heavy-duty plastic, for instance, they last longer than most comparable products. They withstand abrasion well, for instance. Their water-resistant designs contain spills and mud well, while their universal stay-put designs blend and work well in most vehicles. When driving, therefore, you no longer have to worry about your floor mat slipping and impairing your performance. Drivers also appreciate their raised ridges, coverage, and the lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee (hassle-free) offered.

6. Motor Trend FlexTough


To upgrade under-performing stock mats on a budget, do not purchase one of the low-quality models individuals go for. With the advent of technology, advanced molded models such as Motor Trend FlexTough are currently available in stores. Visit Amazon today and order one to get a set of heavy-duty rubber mats built to last long. Available in black, it is eye-catching. The BPA-free rubber used to make them is 100% odorless, while their semi-customized flexible designs have nibbed backing for stability. In use, therefore, they do not slip easily. Their diagonal and linear ridges maximize their trapping capabilities, while their trimmable designs fit most vehicles.

5. OxGord Tactical Mats


These tactical mats from OxGord are affordable motor vehicle accessories with trimmable heavy-duty designs made of rubber. Their professional-looking designs blend well in vehicles. They also perform well, considering the positive reviews that they have attracted all over the world. Installation, for instance, is straightforward. They also have slip proof backing and surfaces and fast-drying designs that you can clean easily using soap and water. Apart from improving the overall outlook of your vehicle, this set or rubber mat will protect your OEM ones from dirt, water, and wear over several years.

4. BDK Front and Back ProLiner


With BDK, you get a three-piece set of back and front ProLiner mats for cars, customized to work well in most vehicles. Made of rubber polymer (heavy duty), their flexible designs are easy to install. They are also long lasting and have non-slip surfaces that grip both feet and floors well. If you want a set if all-weather mats that will protect your car from dust, mud, and other elements, this model is suitable. With its ribbed and ridged design, you will trap such and all other contaminants efficiently for easier disposal. Clean up is easy using soap and water, while the full one-year warranty offered covers all defects.

3. Armor All 78840


Even though you have to trim Armor All 78840 to customize fit, its premium all-season design makes the effort worth it. Made of black rubber, its heavy-duty construction withstands abuse well. Installed in a high traffic family car, the probability of them tearing or bruising is slim. The four all-season mats offered work well in dry and wet weather. Their stylish black designs, on the other hand, improve the value of cars significantly. Armor All 78840 mats are 100% curl-proof. They are also crack proof at sub-zero temperatures and have anti-slip backings that claw carpets that enhance their stability.

2. OxGord WeatherShield HD


Join the tens car owners that are currently using this OxGord WeatherShield HD mat to have the experience of a lifetime. Whether you have a van, an SUV, or a small family-sized car, their trimmable designs are spacious and designed to offer optimal protection against dirt, water, and mud. The rubber (heavy duty) used to make them is both crack, tear, and slip resistant. It also has a stylish black theme that boosts car aesthetics. Rated among the top 10 best floor mats reviewed in 2022, buy one to protect your car and its OEM mats.

1. OxGord Universal Fit


Durable, aesthetic, and attainable as an affordable three-piece set, these universal fit floor mats from OxGord tops our list. Their matte black finishes are not only attractive but also fade-proof. The rubber used is a trimmable heavy-duty model that resists cracks and tears, while their ease of installation is desirable. Simply place your trimmed mat over your OEM one to protect it from wear, mud, and dust over the years. These mats are 100% washable, non-slip, and have deep ridges that deliver all-around protection in all weather.

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