Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews

If you like listening to music and are looking to improve the surround system in your homes, one of the best options to consider is floorstanding speakers. Even though significantly cheaper than standard surround sound set ups, these towers generate incredible sound. Their space efficient designs are also suitable for use in homes, while their compatibility with musical elements such as amplifiers, home theater systems, and DVD players increases their flexibility significantly. In today’s’ modern era where the demand for freestanding speakers is at an all-time high, many models are attainable cheaply online and in offline stores. While most are powerful and made of quality parts that last long, here are our picks for the top 10 best freestanding speakers in 2022:

10. JBL ES90BK

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 1

JBL ES90BK is a dual 8-inch 4-way floorstanding speaker with a durable polymer casing and reinforced polymer fiber cones with powerful 40Hz speakers. It generates excellent highs, has a computer-optimized bass reflex port that generates deeper bass, and a tight, precise imaging for a turbulence-free listening experience. This speaker is durable, easy to setup and use, and is compatible with home theater systems and DVD players.

9. BIC America Venturi DV64

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 2

Venturi DV64 by BIC America is a well-built 2-way dual 6.5-inch tower speaker made of durable polycarbonate/graphite. It has dual passive radiators for extra bass output, 10 to 200-watt power rating, and a magnetically shielded 0.75-inch dome tweeter with a frequency response of around 29Hz to 21 KHz. At 8.5 by 38 by 9.25-inches, this speaker is compact and space efficient. Its plug and use system is easy to use, while its characteristic black matter finish is eye-catching and scratch resistant. Out the box, it comes with a 7-year limited warranty for labor and parts.

8. Sony SSF-7000

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 3

A reputable manufacturer of high performance electrical gadgets since 1946, Sony has made an indelible mark in the musical niche, with its SSFF-7000 attracting positive reviews in top 10 best floorstanding speakers in 2022 reviews. Its newly developed eight-inch mica reinforced casing is durable. It is also stylish, has an enhanced eight-inch H.O.P cone woofer, and a one-inch nano-fine dome tweeter that generates quality sound when it is in use. Sony SSF-7000 has a maximum power input of 200-Watts. 

7. Klipsch RF-42 II

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Klipsch RF-42 II is a sensitive freestanding reference series loudspeaker with a frequency response of between 59Hz and 24 KHz and a peak power handling ability of 300-watts. Its built-in high frequency (1620Hz) crossover improves sound quality, while its eye-catching matte finished casing is sturdy, durable, and does not vibrate when it is in use. It generates awesome sound reproduction, has easy to use 7.1 channel ports for connecting home theater systems, and a well-wired electrical system. 

6. Klipsch KF-28

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 5

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If you are shopping for a floorstanding speaker and want an iconic high performance model that will complement the decor in your home, Klipsch KF-28 is a good model. It is 43.25 by 9.5 by 16-inches, optimized for use in medium sized and large rooms, and has dual eight-inch high output woofers that generate premium sound without distortions. It also has a 1-inch aluminum tweeter, a sophisticated black ash casing and a proprietary Tractrix Horn technology for generating clear and precise surround sound.

5. Polk Audio TSi400

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Made of quality cheery wood, three bi-laminate 5.25-inch organic fiber cone woofers, and a dynamic 1-inch silk/polymer composite balanced dome tweeter, Polk Audio TSi400 is a powerful freestanding speaker with a frequency response of 34Hz to 25 KHz. Its 20-200-watt recommended amplification is impressive, while its compatibility with home theater systems boosts its suitability for listening to music and watching movies.

4. Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 7

With a frequency response of approximately 30Hz to 25 KHz, Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II speaker is an advanced freestanding model that generates wide sound dispersion in medium to large rooms. Its all-MDF non-resonant enclosure is durable. It is also eye-catching and has four 6.5-inch bi-laminate drivers and a one-inch cloth dome. It has a sensitivity of 90bd, a power rating of 20-275-watts, and nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

3. JBL L880

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 8

JBL L880 is a high performance 4-way dual floorstanding loudspeaker with a gold plated five-way bi-wirable binding post, a Freeflow low distortion port technology, and aluminum waveguides that improve sound dispersion for a louder and immersive listening experience. It has a one-inch high frequency titanium dome tweeter, a 6-inch woofer, and durable eye-catching casing that complements contemporary decor in rooms.

2. Sony SSF-5000

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 9

Sony SSF-500 is a three-way 3.25-inch mid-driver floorstanding speaker with eight-inch mica reinforced woofers and fine balanced one-inch nano dome tweeters. It has an impressive frequency response of between 45Hz to 50 KHz, a maximum power input of 150-watts, and a precision sound casing that recreates sound for a louder and better listening experience.

1. Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

Top 10 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2022 Reviews 10

Talking about the top 10 best floorstanding speakers in 2022 reviews, Pioneer SP-FS52-LR is our pick for the best loudspeaker in the market. Its RF-molded curved cabinet design is stylish yet functional. It is also durable, easy to setup, and has powerful 5.25-inch structured surface woofers that generate a dynamic range of sounds. Its 1-inch soft dome tweeter is efficient, while its eight-element crossover and five-way golden binding posts generate interference-free signals when listening to music.

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