Top 10 Best Footballs Reviewed In 2022

Developed in the USA, football has become a renowned global sport enjoyed by men and women alike. As most outdoor sports, the plethora of engaging rules individuals abide by makes it an enjoyable recreational sport. By promoting physical activity, it also one of the best sports for losing weight, improving flexibility, and improving cardiovascular health naturally. If you have a large backyard and looking to play football with family or friends occasionally, we have reviewed 10 of the best footballs for recreational use. The quality materials used to make them are durable. They also have standard-sized ergonomic designs that are not only easy to throw but also fly straight.

10. Under Armour Gripskin 625

Under Armour Gripskin 625 Football, Black-Orange, Official

Do you enjoy playing football on the beach or in your backyard with family or colleagues? Do you have an old and poorly designed football that you are looking to replace in the coming weeks? With Under Armour Gripskin 625, you get a stylish orange and black themed ball for recreational use. Lightweight, it is ease to throw. Its ergonomic design travels straight in all weather, while the advanced UA GRIPSKIN Technology it uses improves grip and tack. In rainy weather, for instance, it does not slip easily as some comparable footballs often do. This football also has a rip-proof Spongetech cover and a compact design that works best for kids aged 14 years and above.

9. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite

Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Football (Junior Size)

A popular junior-sized football in stores, Franklin Sports Grip-Rite is a top-grade day-to-day accessory that makes playing fun. Compact, for instance, it is comfortable and easy to hold. Individuals of all skill levels can throw it easily, which betters their experience outdoors. Its premium rubber molded construction is durable, while its rubberized waterproof surface has a well-gripping all-weather design. When playing on the beach, therefore, its slip-proof design will never impair your performance. You will also be able to throw longer and accurate passes with the help of its aerodynamic design. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite has professional lacing that improves its stability further.

8. Nike Spiral-Tech 3.0

Nike Spiral-Tech 3.0 Official Football

Football is an enjoyable sport that most individuals play to stay active and or socialize with friends. However, with the array of poor quality balls available in stores, most enthusiasts have a watered down experience during their free time. Do not waste your money on similar accessories. If you have saved a few dollars to buy a new football, Nike Spiral-Tech 3.0 will serve you better. Official-sized (20.75-inch), it fits snug and comfortably in hands. It also has the recommended weight and an accurate spiral tech design that flies faster and accurately. It also has a durable butyl bladder (two-ply) and an NFHS-approved composite leather cover that works well in all weather.

7. Under Armour 395

Under Armour 395 Football

Considered among the most reputable sports brands, Under Armour is home to dependable sports accessories for both novices and professionals. Recommended for football lovers aged 9-12 years old, for instance, Under Armour 395 is a top-rated football for practicing and competitive playing. Made of lightweight 1-ply foam, for instance, it is soft and fun to use. The composite leather used to manufacture its covers optimizes grip, its black strip and lace boost its charm and grip further. Whilst playing, therefore, the probability of this ball slipping from your hands is slim, even in wet weather. Under Armour 395 has a novel UA GRIPSKIN technology that improves grip.

6. Jarden Sports Licensing Gridiron

NFL Junior Size Gridiron Football

Most kids love this junior-sized Gridiron football from Jarden Sports Licensing because of its premium design. Unlike standard adult-sized models that are heavy and relatively hard to use, for instance, its lightweight design is kid-friendly. It is easy to throw and catch. Its soft and squishy consistency is safe to use, while its perfectly sized design is fun to toss around in backyards or tailgate parties. For those that want durable all-around footballs that work well in all weather, consider Jarden Sports Licensing Gridiron too. Its molded rubber composition is durable. It also has a well-gripping waterproof cover that betters its performance and longevity further.

5. Wilson NCAA Supreme

Wilson NCAA Supreme W-Pump & Tee (Junior) Football

Perfect for youths and individuals with small arms, Wilson NCAA Supreme is a valuable junior-sized football for players aged 7+ years old. Manufactured using composite leather its stylish design is durable. It also resists water and UV rays and has a lighter and streamlined design that performs excellently. On the beach, for instance, users appreciate its accuracy. Throwing and catching are easy, while its non-slip cover betters the performance and experience of users further. Buy from Amazon today to get a free tee and pump.

4. Wilson NFL Super Grip

Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football

The NFL Super Grip from Wilson is an official-sized composite leather football for professional or recreational use. As most premium products in this niche, its durable high-performance design is ideal for everyday use. It performs well in both cold and hot weather and has stylish NFL branding that improves its outlook. Instead of the boring low-grade footballs in stores, therefore, you get a charming product that never disappoints. Fitted with a sturdy multi-layered lining, this football retains its shape well after months of abuse. The butyl bladder (rubber) that it uses retains air better, while its comfortable grip and feel are invaluable.

3. Diggin Black Max

Diggin Black Max Football

Deviating from the standard brown-themed footballs that people have used for years, Diggin Black Max is as charming as it is functional. Recommended for players aged 5+ years, its lightweight design is easy to throw and catch. The pronounced dimples on its surface are easy to grip, while its tighter spiral ring improves grip and throwing distance significantly. The system also improves its stability and overall performance in all environmental conditions. Come rain or sunshine, you will have a memorable experience with Diggin Black Max.

2. Wilson “The Duke”

Wilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football

Wilson “The Duke” is an NFL game football with an exclusive leather cover that lasts long. Its double-faced design is stable and relatively easier to handle. Weight is official, while its sewn cover has a firm texture and deep pebbles that enhance grip and therefore, its performance. This USA-made football has a thick three-ply bladder that improves its performance. Around 50% thicker than most standard models, it does not puncture nor burst easily. It also retains air better to maintain this footballs aerodynamic shape.

1. Wilson NFL MVP

Wilson NFL MVP Football

Preferred because of its superior grip and durable multi-layered design, Wilson NFL MVP football tops our list. Designed to offer perfect moisture control and air retention, its three-ply bladder has a burst-proof construction that lasts long. Shape, size, and weight are official, while its textured cover (pebbles) is made of a slip-proof PVC material. Whilst playing, therefore, users are able to control it well and achieve greater throw distances on beaches and backyards.

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