Top 10 Best Frame Mounts for GoPro Review in 2022

Despite its abbreviation meaning, GoPro has become the in-thing for both amateur and professional travelers and users. If you are a beginner or someone with little experience, you may need to be looking for the best frame mount for GoPro. A frame mount for GoPro is used to add a variety of flexible positions and functions to this trendy camera. It is one thing to use GoPro by itself. It is another thing to leverage on a frame mount for GoPro.  In this review, you are going to explore 10 top frame mounts for GoPro. You can decide which one is the best frame mount for GoPro for you.

1.CamKix Frame Mount for GoPro with Screen


This frame mount for GoPro is ideal to protect and enhance the sound out of your camera, with its open design. You will hardly find any lighter or easier frame mount for GoPro than this CamKix product. Its fine cutout shapes enable you to offload data and recharge its power easily. The plus of its lens protectors goes to UV correction used as a light filter. You can also attach your LCD or battery extension with this version of frame mount for GoPro.


2.Moonshuttle Standard Frame Mount(Wide Side Open) for Gopro


This model is probably one of the most affordable with its simpler features. Its wide side is open for connection with HDMI, USB, microSD. It is suitable for any GoPro 3 3+. The whole kit comes with a frame mount, a tripod mount, and a lens cap bundle. As this frame mount for GoPro is waterproof, please do not use it in wet, rainy or humid conditions.


3.JMT OEM Camera Standard Border Frame Mount Protective Housing for Gopro


JMT OEM Camera Standard Border Frame Mount marks another brand new and high quality frame mount for GoPro. It is specially designed to be compatible with Go 1 2 3 3+ 4. It comes with essential cutouts for USB cable, bluetooth and shutter buttons, and indicator LED, except for the memory card. You must take this housing off to insert a MicroSD to your GoPro. With its exposed microphone, the sound quality turns optimal.

4.Luxebell Frame Border Mount Protective Housing for Gopro


The open design of this frame mount for GoPro helps optimize the audio function of the camera while offering it very compact and snug protection. This housing works well with any mount as it frames all the main features of GoPro using the thumb crew provided. GoPro BacPac accessories are not recommended to be used with such a slim and sleek design. Especially designed for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4, this mount comes with a protecting lens cover, a tripod mount adapter, a quick release buckle.


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5.Smatree Frame Mount Housing with Bolt Screw Fully Suit for GoPro


Want another choice? Let’s look at this other frame mount for GoPro: Smatree-SA031. You’re looking for a plastic and light housing? This is the one. It is designed to go with Gopro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4 cameras, presented in steady and durable form. Be careful: this mount is not recommended to be used in waterproof or other extreme conditions. Its package contains a frame mount itself, a bolt screw and a buckle mount. With its somehow more expensive price comes this product’s better quality guarantee.


6.High Quality Frame Mount Housing for Gopro


If you still care about your GoPro, then, check out this high quality option from Glift. Its compact and light housing covers all the main features of a GoPro and makes it easy to be attached to any mount with its provided thumb crew. Its snug protection and open design enhance the quality of the camera’s audio function and detailed sound attraction. Its cover will protect the GoPro’s lens against dirt, dust and scratches. The whole set comes with a frame, a protective lens, a large thumb crew, a tripod mount, a rubber lens cap. Despite its relatively expensive price, the frame is suitable for all models of GoPro Hero cameras: 3, 3+ and 4.


7.SBONY Standard Compact Frame Mount Housing


Here you go with another affordable frame mount for GoPro, from SBONY. It is perfect for sound capture with its open design, compact and snug protection. Same as Glift model, its light and easy housing frames all the main elements of a GoPro and its provided thumb screw makes the attachment with any mount easy. No worry about recharging your camera through this mount, thanks to its fine cutouts for USB port. The whole set also contains a lens protector acting as a UV filter. You can screw this add-on on top of the GoPro lens while using the camera. For storage, a lens cap is a plus provided to this protector. Caution: this frame mount for GoPro does not go well with GoPro Bacpac accessories.   


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8.GoPro The Frame


Still looking for alternatives? This is yet another sleek and minimalist frame mount for GoPro, enhanced with its light weight, compact case and low-profile mounting. The unimpeded access for ideal audio quality to the camera’s mic is made possible by its open design. Access to all ports (micro-SD, micro-HDMI and USB) is eased all time while offloading data, video live-feeding and recharging the battery. Unlike average mounts, its extendable support arm is made convenient to attach an LCD Touch BacPac (for sale separately) and secure this latter’s position while shooting. A glass protective lens comes with the full package to cover the camera’s lens against scratches, dirt and debris. Hurry up: as of now, only one unit is left in stock!


9.Nechkitter Black Frame Border Mount Protective Housing For GoPro


If you want more choices of frame mounts for GoPro, please take into account this model from Nichkitter. It is suitable for GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4, with its LCD Touch BacPac. Its simplistic and smooth design enables compact installation with the camera and a light and easy way to mount this. In the package, you’ll find a BacPac Extension Edition Frame, a quick release buckle and a long thumb screw. (But don’t expect a GoPro in it!) Since this housing is waterproof, it is best not to use it in extreme conditions in dirt or against sharp objects. These can damage the camera lens.


10.GoPro The Frames


This model uses your Hero4 Session with any GoPro mount. Its whole set contains both a standard frame and a low-profile frame for helmet and ultra compact mounting, to cover all your bases. While framed, the camera can be handled in numerous ways, which increases mounting flexibility. Its access to the shutter button and camera ports is made easy in most mounting configurations. With this frame mount for GoPro, it is also easy to integrate latches to load the camera from your mounting setup.



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