Top 10 Best Gas Cooktops Reviewed In 2022

When shopping for kitchen cooktops, most people have to choose between gas and electrical models. If you find yourself in this dilemma, most gas cooktops trump electrical ones 10 to one for many reasons. If you are conscious about your spending, for instance, gas cooktops are the better option. Most of the best electric cooktops consume a lot of power. This leads to higher electricity bills. Gas cooktops also burn hotter. Whenever you are frying, boiling, or stewing food, you will have better results with an original one. Finally, because of their durable components, gas cooktops last longer. You do not have to buy a replacement model every few years.

The best kitchen accessories such as gas cooktops are invaluable in homes. Whenever you are shopping for one, however, choose a model of the correct size. If you have a small countertop, for instance, avoid the large commercial cookers that often clutter space. A smaller and efficient one will serve you better in this case. You should also look out for its unit of heat (in British Thermal Units (BTU)). Generally, high BTU cooktops burn hotter than low BTU cooktops do. Even though most modern gas cooktops offer value, we have reviewed the 10 best models for 2022.

10. Empava HQ4B67A Stainless Steel Cooktop

Empava HQ4B67A Stainless Steel Cooktop

Most people enjoy cooking on gas stovetops. However, because of the low-grade accessories they have at home they fail to explore the full potential of these novel devices. If you are updating the pots and pans in your kitchen, add Empava HQ4B67A to your shopping list. Made of stainless steel, this stove withstands abuse well. It is also aesthetic and has a low maintenance design that is ideal for day-to-day cooking.

If you have a large family, meal times will be fun times. This is twofold. First, because of its advanced four-burner design, you can cook up to four different meals with good results. The burners are durable. They are also easy to clean and have fixed hobs that do not burn rich over time.

Measuring 23.23 x 20.08 x 3.94-inches, Empava HQ4B67A is a space-efficient gas stovetop. Unlike some models that clutter countertops, you get a functional accessory that works well in most kitchens. It is also safe. The flame out protection feature it comes with, for instance, maximizes the safety of users. Finally, with each original model, you get a convertible adapter that works well with both natural and liquid petroleum (LP) gas.


  • European fourfold-burners hob
  • LPG/NG convertible
  • Flame out protection
  • Space-efficient design
  • Efficient burner
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable cast iron grates
  • Well-paced knobs


  • None

9. Cosmo 950SLTX-E Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Cosmo 950SLTX-E Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktops are stylish kitchen accessories that have improved how people cook at home. If you are shopping for a new one and want value for money, Cosmo 950SLTX-E is a suitable model. Made of stainless steel, its performance in kitchens is desirable. The material is durable. It is also naturally BPA-free and has a smooth and stain-proof finish that you can clean easily using a wet sponge. This is unlike some models that lose their aesthetic value over time.

The performance of Cosmo 950SLTX-E is on another level. If you are tired of the low powered single burner that came with your home, replace it with this one. It has long-lasting cast iron grates that distribute heat well. You also get four burners (one rapid, two semi-rapid, and one auxiliary) with a total heat output of 16,000 BTUs. You can use it to cook up to four different types of food without lowering its performance.

Some of the best kitchen cooktops are all power with no safety. With this model, however, you will not only cook better but also stay safe doing so. Its sturdy design is very safe. You also get a safety device that will keep you safe in the event that its flame fails. Each original model has a limited 5-year warranty.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Sturdy design
  • 16,000BTU system
  • Five burners
  • Cast iron grates
  • Stainless steel body
  • Inbuilt safety device
  • Energy Star certified


  • Poor support system

8. Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Many people own the best air conditioning systems that Frigidaire has manufactured for years. If you like how they work, you will get even better results with this Frigidaire FGGC3645QS Gas Cooktop. Perfect for day-to-day cooking, it is super-efficient. It is also durable and has a low-maintenance stainless steel body that boosts its value further. Forget about this gas countertop rusting, for instance. It also has a sturdy design that works well with the best pots and pans.

Measuring 36-inches, Frigidaire FGGC3645QS Gas Cooktop is a spacious accessory that performs better than most hyped brands. It has sealed burners that use gas efficiently. It also has sturdy cast iron grates (continuous) that support heavy pots well. Finally, this standalone gas countertop has durable Express-Select knobs that you will enjoy using every day.


  • Space-efficient 36-inch design
  • Durable standalone design
  • Cast iron grates (continuous)
  • Express Select knobs
  • Low maintenance stainless steel


  • None

7. Ramblewood High Efficiency Natural Gas Cooktop

Ramblewood High Efficiency Natural Gas Cooktop

Do not waste money on the low-quality cooktops that some people have at home. Moreover, even though natural gas is cheaper than electricity, wasteful countertops increase running costs over time. To get a high-efficiency model for day-to-day use, Ramblewood GC4-50N is ideal. Designed to work with natural gas, it is highly efficient. It also has a stable stainless steel body with four sealed burners that never disappoint. Whether you like frying or sautéing foods, you will have a memorable time with this one of a kind gas countertop.

The BTU of a gas countertop mirrors its performance. With Ramblewood GC4-50N, for instance, you get a high-performance accessory with a combined output of 31,000BTU (9000 + 7000 + 3000+ 12000). It also has an electronic ignition (110 volts) that eliminates the need for matches and conversion nozzles for LP and propane gasses. If you do not have access to natural gas, therefore, you can still use this countertop with other gasses.

With this gas cooktop, you will never sacrifice personal safety at home. If you heavy pots, for instance, its heavy gauge cast iron grates support a lot of weight without breaking. Its stainless steel body is also stable while the flame out and thermocouple detectors it comes with are ideal.


  • Flame and thermocouple detectors
  • Durable cast iron grates
  • Stainless steel body
  • Non-slip feet
  • Conversion nozzles
  • 31,000 BTU system (combined)
  • Electronic ignition (110 volts)
  • Sealed burners
  • One-year warranty


  • Fussy large burner

6. Dacor DCT365SNG Gas Cooktop

Dacor DCT365SNG Gas Cooktop

Do you cook at home often? You will appreciate the value of this Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG Cooktop. Measuring 36-inches, it has a spacious yet clutter-free design that works well in homes. The five burners offered are durable. Their high BTU designs cook fast, while their sealed designs lower the wastage gas. Over time, you will notice a significant drop in gas consumption every month.

In terms of style, only a few cooktops rival Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG. Featuring a PermaClean finish, for instance, it has a scratch resistant surface that boosts its overall value. It is also stain-proof and has a bead-blasted finish that retains its beautiful look permanently. You will enjoy having this one-piece gas cooktop at home. Finally, with each original you buy, you get indicator lights that improve both its style and your peace of mind in the kitchen.


  • High BTU burners
  • Indicator light
  • Durable one-piece design
  • Bead-blasted PermaClean finish
  • Scratch resistant
  • Clutter-free design
  • Easy to set up
  • Cooks evenly


  • Steeply priced

5. Bosch NGM8655UC Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Bosch NGM8655UC Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

For those shopping for new gas cooktops, Bosch NGM8655UC 800 is a solid product that measures around 36-inches. If you have sufficient space in your kitchen for one, do not hesitate to buy it. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, for instance, you will not think about buying a new cooktop soon. This product outlives some of the best cookers on Amazon. The material is also easy to clean and has a charming look that blends well in kitchens.

Even though its durability is appealing, the five burners offered enhance its value. Sealed, for instance, they burn hot (18,000BTU) while keeping gas consumption low at the same time. They are also durable and fitted with heavy-duty cast iron grates (continuous) that withstand abuse well. Whether you like frying food in pans or boil water for pasta in large pots often, they will withstand such abuse well for years.

Bosch NGM8655UC is easy to use. With a few basic tools, you can set it up in your kitchen. It also has centralized controls and heavy-duty knobs (metallic) that ease its use.


  • Heavy-duty knobs (metallic)
  • Centralized controls
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grates
  • Sealed burners
  • Stable 36-inch design
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • 18,000BTU system
  • Impressive style


  • Scratches easily

4. Whirlpool W3CG3014XS Stainless Steel Gas Burner Cooktop

Whirlpool W3CG3014XS Stainless Steel Gas Burner Cooktop

Forget about the washers and dryers that Whirlpool has manufactured over the years. We are talking about gas cooktops here. Made of stainless steel, Whirlpool W3CG3014XS is a popular kitchen accessory that measures 30-inches. If you have a small kitchen or cook occasionally, you will enjoy having it at home. It is clutter-free, durable, and has a four-sealed burners (including AccuSimmer) that never disappoint.

Featuring an efficient ADA-compliant design, the sealed burners offered lower gas consumption significantly. This is unlike some traditional cooktops that burn rich and cost users a lot of money on maintenance. You also get enamel steel grates that support large pots well and convenient knob controls that ease its operation. When cooking, for instance, you can turn it on and off easily. You can also adjust heat on demand for a better cooking experience.


  • ADA-compliant design
  • Convenient knob controls
  • Enamel steel grates
  • Sealed burners
  • Space efficient design (30-inches)
  • High-grade stainless steel body


  • Slippery grates

3. WindMax Brand Design Black Titanium Cooktop

WindMax Brand Design Black Titanium Cooktop

Known for its elaborate cooktops, WindMax is a dominant brand in the kitchen niche. Inspired by the growing demand for healthy cooking at home, it also has many efficient cooktops with this black titanium model topping its list. Stylish, for instance, it blends well in kitchens. Its 34-inch design, on the other hand, is spacious and has five stainless steel burner stoves with as hob designs. By concentrating heat, they cook faster while saving gas at the same time.

Unlike electric cookers that cannot work during blackouts, WindMax Brand Design has a self-sufficient design that never disappoints. Moreover, because it uses both LP and natural gas, its versatility is desirable. All you have to do is switch its adapter to the correct one to have an enjoyable cooking experience.

WindMax Brand Design has a stable standalone design that works well with both pots and pans. It also has a high burner heat output and a convenient front panel with metallic knobs for controlling each burner individually.


  • Durable metallic knobs
  • Stable standalone design
  • High burner heat output
  • Uses LP and natural gas
  • Black titanium finish
  • 34-inch design


  • Fussy electronic ignition

2. Verona VEGCT424FSS Gas Cooktop

Verona VEGCT424FSS Gas Cooktop

Perfect for cooking in small spaces, Verona VEGCT424FSS is a compact (24-inches) gas cooktop with an electronic ignition system. Instead of struggling with matches whenever you are planning to cook, it lights all burners automatically for you. Set up is simple. Finally, the four burners offered are not only durable but also have sealed systems that maximize its efficiency.

Made of stainless steel, this gas cooktop is durable. Whether you use it as an everyday cooktop or a substitute for the larger one in your kitchen, it will serve you well for long. It is also aesthetic and has stylish cast iron grates (porcelain zed) that support a lot of weight. For safety, you get an effective flame failure device.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Cast iron grates (porcelain zed)
  • Flame failure device
  • Compact 24-inch design
  • Sealed burners
  • Electronic ignition (120-volts)


  • None

1. GE CGP650SETSS Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Cooktop

GE CGP650SETSS Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Cooktop

Top on our list, GE Cafe CGP650SETSS is a built-in 36-inch gas cooktop with an LP conversion kit. Perfect for day-to-day use, it has five sealed burners that produce between 5,000 and 20,000 BTUs. It also has a durable stainless steel case and an interchangeable non-stick girdle for roasting meat.

This cooktop is affordable. For those with space issues, it also has a compact and well-finished design that does not clutter kitchens. You will enjoy using one every day.


  • Space-efficient design
  • Interchangeable non-stick girdle
  • Five sealed burners
  • LP conversion kit


  • Low-grade plastic valves


To have an enjoyable experience whenever you are cooking at home, the 10 gas cooktops we have reviewed will serve you the best. They have durable designs. Burners are powerful yet efficient. Finally, their space-efficient countertop designs work well in most kitchens.

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