Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners Reviewed In 2022

When interacting and or exploring the outdoors, one of the first attributes that individuals see and judge you by is the quality of your hair. Most people, for instance, find frizzy and unkempt hair unattractive, and often associate them with negligence or care free attitudes. Leaving your hair unkempt also damages its structure over time, often with negative consequences. If you are part of this statistic and cannot afford the hundreds of dollars charged in saloons, hair straighteners are simple and easy to use household accessory that offer comparable results. They are also safe to use, protect follicles and sculps, and have efficient electricity-powered design that you will enjoy using on a daily basis. Choose one of these top 10 models for best results.

10. Xtava Goddess


Do you have long and luscious hair you like to wear straight on your way to work or school? Instead of spending many hours in a saloon and spending hefty amounts of money to get your hair done, Xtava Goddess is a valuable hair straightener that you will enjoy using. The low profile trampoline plates that it comes with have a rapid heat technology that not only heats fast, but also distributes heat evenly for a smooth and luscious finish. They are also durable, work well on all hair types and textures, and have well finished surface that glide smooth on surfaces to lower the risk of pulling, tagging, and breaking hair whenever you are styling. Its dual plate upper improves its stability. The LCD screen offered eases customization. The infrared heating technology that it uses is safer on the hair and follicles, while its adjustable temperature system (150F-450F) is innovative.

9. Conair Ceramic Instant Heat


Recommended for the working class with little preparation time at their disposal, this Instant Heating hair straightener by Conair is a high-speed accessory that also ranks among the safest in this niche. The low-profile two-inch design that buyers get is durable, very easy to maneuver when styling, and has top-grade ceramic plates that not only glide smoothly on hair, but also distribute heat evenly to eliminate dangerous cold and hot spots. The plates also have extra-wide designs that offer better coverage, while its variable heat settings (up to 450F) allow you to customize its performance to match your hair type. Other desirable features are its ergonomic slim curved handle that eases maneuvering, on/off touchpad, and auto-off feature.

8. Xtava Pro-Satin


To get professional grade results without compromising the structure and or luster of hair, Pro-Satin hair straightener by Xtava is a saloon-grade infrared straightener with flat ceramic plates that boost hair shine and an ergonomic handle. Unlike most direct heat straighteners, the infrared technology it uses is not only power efficient, but also gentler on hair and cuticles. Its extra wide two-inch floating plates allows you to straighten large batches of hair, while its dual plate system maintains an even heat output for faster and better results. You also get an advanced microprocessor-controlled temperature system with 10 settings (265F-445F) that you can choose on demand, auto-shutoff feature for safety, and a useful 360-degree swivel cord.

7. Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro


Pearl Pro S9500PP by Remington is a charming black themed flat iron with compact (one-inch) ceramic plates that improve your straightening and styling options. The pear inserts that they come with distribute heat to improve speed and safety. Its high heat (400 degrees Fahrenheit) design has digitize controls that you can use to customize its performance, while its short (30-minute) heat up time saves valuable time in the morning when you are preparing to work or school. For safety, this hair straightener has a temperature control lock that prevents it from when straightening hair and an auto shutoff feature that turns it off automatically after 60 minutes of idleness. You also get a three-year limited warranty that covers all components.

6. Conair Infiniti Pro


Featuring an innovative tourmaline ceramic technology that delivers lasting anti-static and anti-frizz results and compact one-inch plates that glide smoothly when in use, Conair Infiniti Pro is a premium-grade hair straightener with a girly purple theme that buyers appreciate. Designed to heat up to 450oF, this hair straightener handles the toughest of straightening jobs with less damage. Usage is straightforward, while is short 15 minute heat up time cuts down waiting time significantly during busy working days. You also get 30 heat settings, a smoother (three times) surface that glides faster, 29% longer plates that shorten grooming time further, and auto-off feature

5. Remington S8001G Wet 2 Straight


Perfect for grooming both wet and dry hair, Remington S8001G is a 2-inch Wet 2 Straight hair straightener with a sturdy wide plate design that eliminates the need for blow-drying. The one-step straightening technology offered is professional-grade. The 26 digital heat setting offered allow users to style several hair types and textures, while its integrated steam vents and advanced steam therapy system restores hair shine without breaking or compromising the hair health. Remington S8001G Wet 2 Straight is affordable and recommended for daily usage.

4. BaByliss BABP9557 Pro


With a new BaByliss BABP9557 Pro hair straightener, you no longer have to spend a lot of money in saloons to straighten and or style your hair for an upcoming meeting. It is durable, has a flat and easy to use one-inch design with porcelain ceramic plates that distribute heat well, and has a convenient rheostat temperature control system for customizing heat output (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) to match your hair texture and type. If you have frizzy or overly tangled hair, for instance, a high setting will work well for you without damaging hair structure. Other features that have earned it a spot in most top 10 best hair straighteners in 2022 reviews and its responsive instant heat and recovery technology, tangle-free swivel cord, and a long eight-inch swivel cord that improves its convenience.

3. Remington S9520


This salon edition of the acclaimed Remington S9520 line of straighteners is a pearl infused ceramic hair straightener with durable 2-inch wide plates that deliver fast and lasting results. It is affordable, generates a smooth saloon-grade finish without dehydrating or damaging hair, and has a universal 120-volt electrical system that works well with most standard outlets in homes. As most comparable models, it also has a shorter heat up time (15 seconds), an automated shut-off feature for safety, and a limited manufacturer’s warranty (4 years).

2. Remington S5500 Digital


Purchase an original Remington S5500 to get a digitized one-inch hair straightener that combines ceramic and anti-static technologies to offer users value. The smooth and wide plates offered not only heat evenly, but also glide smoothly for a silky and eye-catching finish. Its digitized controls (to 410 degrees) ease control of heat output, while its floating plates are not only safe and fun to use, but also have an auto shutoff feature and a 30 second heat up system that boosts its functionality. It also has a sealed salon-style swivel cord that eases maneuvering and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts.

1. HSI Professional


Topping our list, HSI Professional is an iconic ceramic flat iron with a travel-size low-profile body that you can carry along on your various trips. The one-inch plates offered are high-grade, have solid and well-finished designs that glide smoothly on all types of hair, and lack cold and hot spots that might damage your hair when grooming. Whether you like to curl, flip up, or straighten your hair, a new model will never disappoint you. You also get an adjustable temperature system (240F to 400F), a convenient swivel cord (360-degree), and a heatproof glove.

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