Top 10 Best Handheld Shiatsu Electric Massagers Reviewed

Shiatsu is a popular form of massage that benefits people in many ways. If you are struggling with stress or tension because of your hectic job profile, consider shiatsu massage. It soothes and relaxes the body well. It also restores the body’s energy levels and the wellness of people. Shiatsu massage also improves the circulation system and provides relief from headaches and pain associated with arthritis.

Because of its effectiveness, Shiatsu is one of the commonest forms of massage that people pay for in massage parlors. If you cannot afford such services or want to massage your body on demand at home, we have a better solution for you. The best Shiatsu massagers are portable handheld accessories that soothe the body well. Their electric systems are powerful. They are also easy to use and have advanced systems that deliver excellent results to both men and women. To get a suitable massager for everyday use, here are the 10 best brands or 2022:

10. Healing Q Shiatsu Roller Massager

Healing Q Shiatsu Roller Massager

Gone are the days when people had to pay people expensive amounts of money to massage their bodies. Even though effective, the development of quality shiatsu massagers has also lowered the demand for the best massage chairs in homes. Healing Q Shiatsu Taiji Roller, for instance, is a popular massager with an advanced design that delivers good results. If you have a stressed or strained back, for instance, you can nurse it to health easily without depending on medication.

This shiatsu massager is easy to use. Lightweight, for instance, you can travel with it effortlessly. The long and flexible handles that it has, on the other hand, enable you to target your body various parts of your body effortlessly. Whenever you are soothing your upper or lower back, for instance, you can massage your body easily using this tool.

If you are conscious about your comfort, this is the product for you. Its smooth cotton cover, for instance, does not irritate the skin. You can use it directly on your skin with no issues. It is also quiet and has a heated system that maximizes the comfort levels of individuals. Finally, for safety, this massager has independent controls for heat. It also has a shut-off feature that turns on automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.


  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to operate
  • Heated system
  • Independent heat controls
  • Auto shut-off feature (15 minutes)
  • Effective rolling massager (4 systems)


  • None

9. Santamedical Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

Santamedical Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

Handheld massagers have improved how people care for their bodies. If you develop stressed, sore, or painful muscles often, for instance, this electronic Tens unit from Santamedical will come to your aid. Even though light and portable, the six stimulation programs that it has relive muscle stiffness and soreness well. You can even adjust its intensity, speed, and frequency to enjoy quick pain relief at home.

Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit is a battery powered (four AAA) handheld pulse massager. If you travel often, therefore, you do not have to live through pain or pay the exorbitant amounts some parlors charge. Simply carry this product along. It is portable (5.3-ounces). You can also set it up easily and massage trouble spots without the help of a third party.

Massage is no longer an activity for the rich. The best handheld massagers such as Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit are readily available cheaply online. Buy yours to manage your aches, tension, and pain professionally.


  • Cost effective handheld massager
  • Light and portable design (5.3 ounces)
  • Adjustable speed and intensity
  • Detailed LCD display
  • Battery powered (four AAA)
  • Six stimulation programs
  • Detailed instruction manual


  • None

8. Perfect Life Ideas Vibrating Mini Body Massager

Perfect Life Ideas Vibrating Mini Body Massager

Are you looking for a portable handheld massager that you can use effortlessly on the road? Whether you are an office worker or a professional athlete, consider this mini vibrating body massager. Even though small, you get an excellent handheld massager that will help you to relax after a long and frustrating day. It is also durable and has a battery-operated design that most people find convenient.

Money problems often force people to buy low-quality products that fail to meet their needs. With this vibrating massager, you do not have to worry about the foregoing. First, it is an affordable device. Most people can afford one. Its performance is also one of a kind. You can use it to soothe your head, scalp, and neck, for instance. You can also use it to boost blood flow to your brain or to relax your muscle with good results.

Most large and complicated massagers in stores are challenging to use. If you have such as product, replace it with this one. Whenever you are planning to massage your body, you do not have to prepare it in any way. Once you have turned it on, it does the legwork for you.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Works on most parts of the body
  • Powerful in-built vibrator
  • Smooth and non-irritant parts


  • Non-adjustable speed and power

7. SoniComfort Compact

SoniComfort Compact

Do you suffer back strain or pain whenever you are driving? Even though the best seat cushions can improve your situation over time, buy this Sonic Comfort Personal Massager instead. Designed to work well in most vehicles, it is a portable accessory. It also has a versatile design (with jade nodes and heat) that soothes most parts of the body well. You can use it on your upper or lower back. You can also use it on your calves, thighs, shoulders, and neck with good results.

Set up of this handheld massager is straightforward. Because it comes pre-assembled, for instance, you do not have to customize its parts to work well. The 12V DC adapter that it comes with works well in most vehicles. If you have a free cigarette lighter port, you will enjoy its superior performance. Finally, each package has an AC power plug. This enables you to use it at home or on your ergonomic chair at work.


  • Soothing jade nodes (two)
  • Built-in heat
  • AC and DC (12V) adapters
  • Compact and portable design
  • Massage most body parts


  • Not very comfortable

6. Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager

Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on professional massage? Powerful handled electric massagers offer similar results on a budget. This double-headed percussion massager from Ohuhu, for instance, is an innovative multi-use massager that works well. The three sets of heads (removable) support a variety of massage types. You can also customize its intensity and or speed to suit your needs. This makes it an ideal massager for people of all cadres.

You do not require a lot of skill to use this percussion massager well. Installation and removal of its heads are straightforward. You do not need a set of special tools to do so. It also has a lightweight body (with a non-slip grip) that you can maneuver easily. Whenever you are massaging your thighs or a hard-to-reach area such as your back, this massager works well. Buy an original one online for the best experience.

Even though light (2.4 pounds) the build quality of Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager is impressive. It is a durable device. The ABS plastic used to make it, for instance, withstands a lot of abuse. It even has a premium rubber coating that boosts its durability and performance further.


  • Lightweight (2.4 pounds) massager
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Powerful double head system
  • Interchangeable massage heads
  • Adjustable speed/intensity


  • None

5. HoMedics Quad Action Percussion Massager

HoMedics Quad Action Percussion Massager

Percussion massagers have grown in popularity worldwide because of their versatile designs. Most models are also effective and recommended for both men and women. With HoMedics Quad Action massager, for instance, you get an advanced percussion massage tool with four pivoting heads. It also has a variable speed control for customizing its performance and heat. Whether you have a headache or painful muscles, therefore, this product will help you to restore wellness easily.

Do not waste money on the complicated massagers that most people have a problem using. A powerful and convenient product such as HoMedics will serve you better. Because of its lightweight design, for instance, you can maneuver it easily whenever you are massaging your body. The extendable arm enables you to massage most parts of your body. Finally, because this percussion massager has a variable speed control, you can customize its performance to satisfy your needs.


  • Comfortable pivoting heads
  • Variable speed control
  • Comfortable and extendable handle
  • Advanced percussion massage technology


  • Not very powerful

4. The Sharper Image MSG-H401 Percussion Massager

The Sharper Image MSG-H401 Percussion Massager

With The Sharper Image MSG-H401, you get a quad-action percussion massager with a stylish black theme. Fitted with four invigorating massage heads, its performance is desirable. You can use it to soothe the tired muscles on your legs or head. Because of its adjustable handle, you can also access and sooth hard to reach areas such as your back. Finally, this percussion massager has heat. If you are struggling with painful joints or muscles, it will soothe them fast and effectively.

Apart from its performance, many people like this percussion massager because of its ease of use. It comes preassembled. Once you have powered it as required, you can massage your head, back, or legs on demand with no issues. You also get an easy to use speed control (variable) and a comfortable rubberized grip. These ease its operation.


  • Comfortable rubberized grip
  • Extendable handle
  • Four invigorating massage heads
  • Powerful percussion technology
  • Heated system
  • Delivers full body massage


  • Somewhat noisy

3. Dr. Scholl’s DRMA7300 Handheld Massager

Dr. Scholl's DRMA7300 Handheld Massager

Do you have a desk-based 8-5 job that strains you back every day? Are you an athlete with many aching muscles? To take care of these problems without depending on analgesics, buy Dr. Scholl’s DRMA7300 massager. With an original, you get a portable hand held accessory that soothes most areas of the body well. Its electrical system is reliable. Finally, you can easily adjust the speed and intensity of this Shiatsu hand massager. This enables you to customize its performance and thus, your experience.

With this Dr. Scholl’s DRMA7300 Shiatsu Hand Held Massager, massaging the body has never been easier. It is a lightweight device. As such, you can massage your body for long without getting tired. It also has an ergonomic design that most men and women can use well. Buy yours to have an enjoyable time whenever you are massaging your body.


  • Light and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable intensity/speed
  • Portable handheld massager
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Ideal for full body massage


  • Overloads or overheats quickly

2. Cordless Percussion and Shiatsu Massager

Cordless Percussion and Shiatsu Massager

Over the years, handheld massagers have improved in terms of both design and performance. If the low powered model that you have frustrates you every time, for instance, Brookstone Cordless will serve you better. Made of heavy-duty materials, you can use it every day without compromising its system. It is also portable and fitted with two interchangeable massage nodes that deliver two forms of massage. Depending on your needs, you can use it to do shiatsu or percussion massage with good results.

In addition to its versatile massage nodes, you get three pre-programmed massage techniques that work well. In energize mode, for instance, it boosts the energy levels of users. You also get soothe and pulse modes that work just as well. Brookstone Cordless is affordable. It also has an adjustable handle that improves access to most areas of the body.


  • Three massage programs
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • For percussion and shiatsu massage
  • Sturdy yet adjustable handle
  • Interchangeable massage nodes
  • Very easy to operate


  • None

1. Zyllion ZMA-16 Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager

Zyllion ZMA-16 Handheld Therapeutic Percussion Massager

Zyllion ZMA-16 is a UL-certified therapeutic massager with an easy to use handheld design. If you have used several types with poor results, you will enjoy having this one at home. The powerful percussion technology that it uses, for instance, penetrates deep inside muscles to soothe aches and fatigue. It also has interchangeable nodes for different massages and a speed dial for adjusting its intensity.

The ergonomic handle that this massager has eases its use. You do not have to worry about it slipping and or irritating your palm as you massage your body. Its infrared heat function, on the other hand, improves blood circulation to most areas of the body. At full capacity, the system reaches 140F. It also has an advanced design that heats up in less than six minutes. You do not have to wait for long to soothe your body.


  • Powerful infrared heat (140F)
  • Non-slip handle (ergonomic)
  • Adjustable speed/intensity
  • Powerful percussion technology
  • Interchangeable nodes
  • UL-certified electric system


  • Quite heavy
  • Flimsy power cord


To relieve aches and pain from their bodies, most people use painkillers. Others pay for expensive massages of just live with the pain on a day-to-day basis. To soothe muscle aches and pains well, however, use one of our recommended handheld massagers. They are affordable. They are also easy to use on most areas of the body.

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