Top 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors Reviewed In 2022

Heart rate monitors are technologically advanced wellness accessories that come in handy in many ways. They, for instance, health monitor heart function and health. For exercise enthusiasts looking for improve cardiovascular health, they are also perfect for monitoring cardiovascular function and help users to exercise safely without exerting a lot of pressure on their bodies. This, however, does not mean that all monitors work the same. If you have saved a few dollars to purchase a new one and want an advanced yet easy to use model that will serve you well for well, here is a detailed review of the top 10 best heart rate monitors that you will not regret buying

10. Body Wares Heart Rate Monitor

Body Wares Heart Rate Monitor

Comfortable, durable, and with a powerful battery-powered system that monitors heart rate accurately, this machine by Body Wares ranks tenth on our review of the 10 best heart rate monitors. The polyurethane fabric used to manufacture its strap is non-irritant and has a durable elastic band for a custom fit. Its built-in sensor heart rate sensor monitors three selectable heart zones to deliver accurate and reliable result, while its large LED backlit displays allows for easier setup and review of stored heart rate metrics for better planning. This monitor works well for both men and women. It is affordable, easy to use, and has a 90-day money back guarantee. You also qualify for a one-year replacement service warranty with every purchase.

9. Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

Designed to help users to improve cardiovascular health, Timex Easy Trainer ranks among the best heart rate monitors to purchase. It is durable, has a compact and travel worthy design, and has a well-designed resin strap that stays comfortable for long. Its large LED display eases setup and review of stored heart rate metrics. It LED backlit construction ease review at night and other low light environments, while its analogue system is not only legible, but also easy to interpret. For outdoor enthusiasts, Timex Easy Trainer is water resistant up to 99 feet. It is also affordable, has a built in workout review feature, and an automated activity timer.

8. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

By far one of the most advanced products in this niche, Wahoo TICKR by Wahoo Fitness is a novel android and iPhone-compatible heart rate monitor that tracks and records heart rate, training zones, and the number of calories burned per session. It is durable, very easy to use, and has dual connectivity technologies (Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+) that boost its functionality significantly. With an original model, thus, you will be able to monitor cardiovascular health, workout smartly, and integrate it to your smartphone and other workout applications for everyday planning.

7. Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

Have you experimented with several brands of heart rate monitors with poor results? Have you saved a few dollars to spend on a new one? To get a technologically sound product that delivers accurate measurements in real time, this premium heart rate monitor by Garmin ranks among the best to accessories purchase. Its soft strap design fits comfortably and securely on the chest whilst in use. Its high-grade sensors are powerful, while its ability to recognize devices and transmit data wirelessly for later review while its durability and ability to withstand constant abuse is invaluable.

6. Jarv Premium Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Jarv Premium Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

This wireless heart rate monitor by Jarv is an advanced Bluetooth-enabled workout accessory that connects to and synchronized data wirelessly to iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 6 plus, and 6s plus smart phones. It is also compatible with the iPad Air and has an advanced system that monitors distance, heart rate, pace, and other essential metrics that you can use to improve how you work out on an everyday basis. If you have a tight budget but want value for money, you do not have to spend a vast amount of money to own an original Jarv heart rate monitor. It is rated high for accuracy and has a simple and easy to use design that benefits both men and women.

5. Cosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor

Cosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor

Are you tired of using the bulky chest mounting heart rate monitor that you acquired years ago? To get a smaller and manageable model that works just as well, Cosche Rhythm+ is a compact armband heart rate monitor that retails for a few dollars in stores. It is black-themed, durable, and has a technologically advanced and smart system that has helped millions of people to train smart, get fit, and live healthy and productive lives overall. It also perfect for managing heart rate; monitoring pace, distance, travelled, and time; and synchronizing personal metrics with popular smart phones via workout applications. Cosche Rhythm+ is affordable, has a powerful dual mode processor, and a comfortable and light design that benefits people of all cadres.

4. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Popular for the technologically advanced smart watches that it has manufactured over the years, Garmin Vivofit is a durable and powerful fitness armband that doubles as an accurate heart rate monitor. It is black themed, low maintenance, and has a powerful wireless system that pairs to several brands of chest straps to monitor fitness activities. This device is reliable, tracks inactivity accurately, and has a move bar system that tells you when to get up and stay active. You also get a long battery life, an easy-to-read LCD display, and a sleep monitor that works in real time.

3. Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

The FT1 by polar is a powerful watch-shaped heart rate monitor with a large LCD display that displays heart rate in a simple and easy to understand manner. It also displays a summary of the latest workouts, has a light yet durable construction, and a simple one-button start system that eases usage. Many individuals also like it for its high safety rating and ability to code heart rate transmissions to prevent cross talk.

2. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 is an aesthetic blue and lilac-themed heart rate monitor with several novel properties. Even though it lacks a Bluetooth adapter as most high-grade models do, it is durable, easy to use, and has an advanced system that generates accurate and continuous heart rate metrics whilst in use. It also has a built in energy pointer feature that reflects the effect of training (fat burning or fitness improvement), a smart calories feature that provides accurate calorie data, a replaceable battery pack that lasts long, and a durable casing that is water resistant up to 30 meters.

1. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Top on our list, Polar FT4 is a popular heart rate monitor that provides continuous and accurate data for efficient planning. It is black and silver themes, has a smart calorie features for that monitors calories burned, and has a powerful and replaceable battery pack that boosts its reliability. This heart rate monitor is affordable, provides automatic target zones, and has an audible alarm that notifies you whenever you are out of your target zone. You will never regret purchasing an original model.

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