Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021

A hiking pole can make the difference between an enjoyable and a tumultuous trekking experience. A good pair not only reduces the stress on your knees but also helps you find balance. Most importantly, you get support and stability across varied terrain. But, depending on construction, each set brings forth unique benefits. We comb through the market to bring you 10 of the very best hiking poles to help you improve your next outdoor adventure.

Summary of top 10 best hiking poles reviewed 2021

10. OXU Telescopic Hiking Stick

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 1

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

Who said trekking poles are of the elderly? Grab this one from OXU and conquer long, grueling hikes! With an EVA approved lightweight handle for comfort, it will serve as your third leg, providing stability when things become a little shaky. Of course, the aluminum shaft offers longevity while the professional fastener guarantees a secure lock. The OXU is unisex and usable in outdoor rain and snow. It is one of the few hiking sticks with near perfect rating, with almost non-existent customers’ complaints.


• Adjustable from 25.5 to 53.1 inches
• Humanized grove
• Aero aluminum alloy shaft
• Detachable snow care

9. WildHorn Outfitter Hiking Poles (1 Pair)

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 3

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

These poles are made from 100% 7015 aluminum and weigh a mere 10.5 once. They’re an excellent option for all day walking yet sturdy enough for demanding hikes. With these sticks, descending doesn’t have to be hard either. Just activate the anti-shock feature for a comfortable, safer descent. The grips feature natural corks to wick sweat away. The straps are padded for optimal comfort too. When you’re not using the WildHorn, just collapse it for easier storage. Some customers, however, feel that these could have come with more foot attachments.


• Quick lock
• Durable carbide tip
• Adjustable from 28 to 54 inches

8. Ohuhu Retractable Anti-Shock Poles

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 5

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

These are moderately priced hiking/walking poles if you’re on a tight budget. They feature an extended rubber grip section, providing you a firmer grip as you ascend a steeper hill. They’re arguably the best hiking poles if you frequent trails with technical climbs and long walking sections. And because they’re collapsible, you can fold them in a snap and toss them in your backpack for convenience. Also, the solid material allows you to use them in cold weather and high altitude areas.


• Shock-absorbing poles
• Adjustable from 22 to 56 inches
• Corrosion resistant

7. Sterling Endurance Hiking Poles (1 Pair)

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 7

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

These poles cater for the needs of a short person. Due to their size, they will fit into your carry-on bag perfectly. And, if you’re looking for hiking poles for snowshoeing escapades or backing trips, these could make a perfect choice. The Sterling Endurance frame combines magnesium and zinc for sturdiness and extreme durability. They weigh 8.9 ounces so you can be sure of less fatigue and superior endurance. Just remember to be careful when using it on rock surfaces.


• Eva foam handle
• Tungsten carbide tip
• Collapsible poles
• Adjustable from 35 to 44 inches

6. Black Diamond Trekking Poles for Women

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 9

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

Intended for use by women, these poles are shorter, lighter and with smaller grips. In other words, they ensure that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary weight when hiking. You may opt to wear gloves for a firmer grip even though the handles sport non-slip foam. The degree of security is not in question thanks to the patented Double Flick lock pro system. There’s even a 360-degree padded webbing strap for extra comfort. These are arguably the best hiking poles for beginners.


• Dual density grip
• Interchangeable carbide tips
• Low profile trekking baskets

5. Cascade Mountain CMT Hiking Poles (1 Pair)

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 11

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

The CMT combines comfort, incredible adjustability and security in a lightweight package. Each stick has a durable tip for better support and a snow basket. There’s also a disk to cover softer grounds and poles clips for easier storage. The wrist straps are reflective to keep you safe at night or in low light. Also, the handle contours to the shape of your hand for a better grip. These are ideal for regular walks or adventurous treks. With a modest 4.2 stars rating, this pair indeed deserves a spot in our 10 best hiking poles list.


• Anti-shock spring
• Adjustable from 25.75 to 54 inches
• Includes mud disks
• EVA foam grip

4. Montem Hiking/Walking Poles

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 13

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

High rated from an industry leader, these are top-of-line poles. They come with an exceptionally robust locking mechanism to enable you to trek in any climate. Its notable features include three telescoping section for increased portability and an innovative boot to conform to varying terrain. For less than fifty bucks, you also get a spring loaded anti-shock system and nylon straps for safety. In short, the Montem hiking poles will get to your destination in one piece no matter the season.


• Aluminum alloy shaft
• Adjustable from 24 to 53 inches
• Tungsten tips

3. Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 15

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

Hike in style and ease with these poles from Sendero. Also one of the cheapest, they come with unique tips to keep you steady on hard surfaces or ice. And when the journey gets rough, you can always rely on the adjustable wrist straps and soft foam handles to maintain your grip. The premium twist-lock allows you to adjust the poles to any height making them useable by every member of your family. What are customers saying about the Sendero? Well, a glimpse of the reviews reveals phrases like “beautiful,” better than we expected” and “comfortable.”


• Adjusts from 25 to 54 inches
• Anti-shock springs
• Collapsible design

2. Cascade Mountain Trekking Poles

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 17

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

These poles from Cascade Mountain make a good alternative if you don’t like the conventional telescoping design. In essence, that allows them to pack down to a more compact size in comparison to most competitors. The EVA grip guarantees dexterity for all terrains. Adjusting the height isn’t a problem either, using the quick lock feature. Be sure to use the tungsten carbide tips for longs treks and on paved surfaces. Users say that the Cascade Mountain are “perfect hiking poles for the price.”


• Adjusts from 23 to 53 inches
• Steel and rubber tips
• EVA grip

1. Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 19

Top 10 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed 2021 2

The name says it all – these poles are ready to hit the ground running right out of the box! And they’re not in this 10 best hiking poles list by fluke! For starters, they have a headline-worthy 4.8 stars rating after more than 300 customer reviews! They are possibly the strongest and lightest pair on the market. Their carbon composite construction reduces vibration and allows retention of strength over a wide temperature range. The trekking baskets increase stability not to mention that you can change tips to match the trail surface. These poles are, well, “on hunger to hike.” Check them out!


• Adjusts from 22 to 54 inches
• Lightweight design
• EVA grip

How to Choose the Best Hiking Pole

If you’re going to get a trekking pole that won’t disappoint, you must know how to choose one. Which factors should guide you buying decision? We look at the some of the things that should feature on top of your list before spending your money on a hiking pole.


The best hiking pole ought to be adjustable. That way, you can use it on different terrains comfortably. Most poles have an adjustability range of 24 to 55 inches. You should also consider your height and select a pair that offers optimal versatility.

Ability to Absorb Shock

You’re better off with a pole that can enable you to walk downhill with ease. Most models on the market will allow you to switch off the feature when you don’t need to use it. Trekking, especially for long distances, exposes your ankles to a substantial amount of pressure. It, therefore, makes sense buying a hiking pole that helps reduce the intensity of the pressure.

Ultra light

Hiking is tedious and the last thing you want it a pole that adds onto the baggage. Choose a pair that is easy to carry around. Ensure that it is collapsible as well for quicker storage. Most experts recommend that you select a pair with a combined weight of less than one pound.

Reliable Locking Mechanism

Hiking poles either have two or three interlocking section to adjust the height. You will then have to lock the height to prevent the pole from slipping while in use. There are four locking systems;

• Push button lock
• External lever lock
• Twist lock
• Combination lock
• Construction Materials

These determine among other things durability and usability. Most poles have an aluminum frame which guarantees both. Expensive units have carbon fiber poles to reduce vibration.

Grip Material

Ensure that the handle is made of cork, foam or rubber. Apart from providing a firmer grip, it should also wick away sweat.

Other considerations to make include

• Availability of snow baskets
• The pole’s size
• Padded wrist wraps to prevent chaffing

Your quest for the best hiking poles has just gotten easier. Happy shopping!

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