Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews

According to SafeGuardWorld, 200,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the US representing 66% of all break-ins reported. Further, homes without security systems installed are 300% likely have a break-in. Besides burglaries, fire is also another huge threat to home security. The US Fire Administration notes that fire incidents were reported in 2022 where thousands succumbed while others sustained serious injuries. Over 12 billion dollars were lost following the fires.

These shocking statistics should be sufficient prove that security is an integral part of humans not only at home but also in other residential areas. As such, investing in home security systems remains the only option, if you want the peace of mind.

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Here Are Factors To Consider When Purchasing Home Security Systems

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 Mobile access/Integration and App: Nowadays, with the advanced technology, you can automate all your security requirements. The ideal systems will allow you to integrate your security system with your Smartphone or any other web-enabled device. Control all your devices including doors, windows and more. That way, you can receive alerts remotely.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 Customer Service: The primary challenge is separating fishy reviews from the genuine ones as some companies will doctor them to lure you into buying. You can find sites with unbiased reviews concerning the product. Don’t take consistent complaints and rave reviews for granted.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 Ease of Installation: An important consideration is how easy it is to install a security system. If you are planning on saving some cash, you may opt for a system you don’t need assistance. When it is a sophisticated system, you may require the services of an expert.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 System Price: You can pay for the either the equipment or monitoring. Buying the equipment gives more control including moving it to a new home when the need arise. You can get one a nice system at a fair price on the market.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 Monitoring Mode/Camera: While some companies don’t offer cameras, there are those that do. Cameras may be indoor or outdoor. Cameras will allow you to view video live footage remotely via an internet-enabled device like a Smartphone. That is likely to attract an additional fee.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 1 Monitoring Fees: By asking your security company to monitor your home for you, you should be ready to part with some bill for the same. That way, you can get assistance from their representatives at any time. Choose from a landline phone, broadband internet connect and cellular uplink. Cellular uplink remains the most secure but expensive option.

You will find many home security systems on the market. As a result, it can be really tough to separate the chaff from the wheat. After a thorough research, going through customers reviews and even comparing the features, we’ve compiled detailed reviews of the top systems. It is our hope that they will come in handy when buying for the first time or a repeat purchase.

PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

PiSector security comes in an innovative and classic design rendering it a sophisticated security system that every homeowner needs. Several features have been integrated to come up with a system worth reviewing.

Most companies will offer only the landline/VoIP for monitoring your property. However, there is a risk of a security breach if the intruder happens to cut the connectivity. That is where the PiSector camera system comes in. It features a dual network such that you are connected to both cellular uplink and the landline meaning that it offers double protection. The cellular uplink is the most secure but expensive options.

What’s more, with the cellular support, there is an auto-dial or SMS to alert you in case there is a danger such as a fire or a burglary. But the best thing about PiSector security system is that you will not need to sign some fishy contracts common with other companies. All that can be DIY, and you will not incur any monthly charges. If you did not read, here is our review of the best smoke detectors.

PiSector is intelligent in that when you are home; it has an auto-detector that can tell when the door is open. As such, you can never arm your system when a door or window is open before leaving your home. But if need be, you can override by long pressing the ARM button.

Besides, it is pretty simple to install this system. It comes with classy door and window detectors that you fit on gaps using a double side 3M tape. The tape offers a durable mounting solution that will ensure your detectors stay in place.

PiSector 4G Cellular GSM Wireless Security System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Even more, this security system comes with microprocessor controlled sensors. The sensors can detect within a range of up to 300ft from the main unit. And the best thing, it tries to minimize false alerts as it can only detect objects above 50 lbs. Besides, even before giving the alert, there is a pre-analysis that further lowers the false alerts.

Moreover, the system offers wireless indoor sirens that can alert your neighbors when you are far away from home. Besides, the high sound acts to deter any intruder from accessing your property. What’s more, the system allows you adjust the volume so the intruder cannot locate the console with the aim of smashing. You can know the status of your camera system through the colored LED light.

The power outage is a major issue when it comes to home security systems and particularly the electric powered ones. There is nothing as bad as intruder taking advantage of a power outage to break into your home. With Pisector camera, you will always remain secure. That is because makes use of the backup battery warning that there is not power. That way, you can take alternative measures that will ensure that your property remains secured.

What more, with PiSector security camera system, you have the total control on your palms. It offers with arm/disarm schedule function. As such, you can set a schedule when to arm or disarm your system automatically. PiSector security camera system is a perfect solution for home and business owners alike. Grab yourself the unit and keep your premises secure.

Blink Home Security Camera System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Blink from Immedia is a dealer in security products and accessories. Featuring in the top 10 is the Blink Home Security Camera System that promises nothing but quality. In this review, we discuss a few elements that will make you give this security system a second thought.

This highly rated security camera system uses 2 AA durable lithium metal batteries that are already included in the package. Enjoy the peace of mind of a secure home or apartment with a battery that can last you long on average use.

You don’t need to be handy to install the Blink camera system. That is because the system is wireless and setting up is a breeze. As such it is designed for just about anybody. Worth noting are the HD video technology cameras that offer crystal clear videos. Moreover, you have free access to cloud storage that can hold up to 2 hours of video recording. That way, your files remain safe, and you can retrieve any time you want.

Besides, featuring is a motion detection sensor that allows you to keep tabs on the happenings in your home remotely. In the system detects motion, the camera record up to 10 seconds clips. And where the event continues, the camera will record the 10 seconds clips with a short delay between each clip by turning off and on.

Blink Home Security Camera System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

You need to install an iOS and Android app on your device where you can receive instant insights on the status of your home. Immediately the motion is detected, the camera starts recording, and you will receive an alert on your phone. That way, you can know the cause of the alert and know the measures to take. You can stream what’s happening at your home with the Live View Mode on the Blink app.

Since Blink camera system is battery-powered and needs no wiring, you can position and move it anywhere way you want. Whether you want it for your doors, windows, monitoring the garage or inside the house to watch over the kids, Blink camera system is your ultimate companion.

Some come companies will offer security systems and require you to sign a monthly contract for which you have to pay for monitoring. Blink camera system will not cost you much when buying and you won’t even incur any monthly charges. Besides, this system allows you to customize everything so as to fit your apartment, home or business. It is very simple to customize and connect additional cameras to the default system for more coverage.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Jasco has a reputation for offering top quality items in the tools and home improvement and health and household improvement categories. Among the items is the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit that has featured in the list of the top security systems.

GE alarm kit is simple to install as it does not require drilling or wiring. There are included double-sided tapes and screws that you will use to mount the deluxe door alarm and the window alarms. The next thing is to use the battery test switch or the low battery indicator to check the status of the battery. With those two simple steps, you are ready to go. You may also be interested in wireless doorbells.

The unit is battery-powered and uses 3 AAA alkaline type batteries that come with the packaging. When fresh, the unit is louder when compared to other similar units on the market. What’s more, the battery will last you long before replacing.

Besides, this system is designed for use by everybody as it is amazingly simple. So regardless of your technological know-how, you have a reliable security system. Both the door and the window alarms have an intuitive design such that the buttons and the controls are super easy to access and operate. The deluxe door alarm has a 4 digit keypad that makes programming a reality. You can use it to set your pin or customize your controls as per your preferences.

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

The deluxe door alarm has an easy to access switch that allows you to select immediate or delayed alarms. One you set it to ‘Away Mode,’ it allows you 45 seconds to leave your home, and the system is all alert. Upon getting back home and opening your door, you have up to 30 seconds to enter your personal pin to deactivate the alarm to prevent a false alarm. After that duration elapses, the system assumes that it is an intruder and it triggers an alarm. You have to set to Home Mode for an instant alarm.

The system has a 120 dB siren that comes in handy to alert your neighbors in the case of a break-in. Besides, that siren will help to scare away the intruder. Also, if an intruder happens to touch your window or door at night when you are asleep, the siren will wake you up offering you enough time to get armed, scream or call the security authorities.

Also, if you have small kids who may be tempted to leave the house without your knowledge, you will find the chime setting with each of the window and door alarms useful. Even when the system is not in ‘Alarm Mode,’ you will get an alert when your toddlers opens the door. That ensures that your kids remain safe particularly if you live on a busy street.

The window and door alarms are independent. While the door alarm has a keypad, the door alarms have an on/off button. Besides, if you have many windows, you can order more window alarms without the need to purchase the whole unit once more.

Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

For quality and reliable home control products, Chamberlain should be top on your list. The industry leader aims to offer you full control over everything you do so in a bid to transform your life. In their products collection is the Chamberlain motion alarm and alert system. This security system exhibits various cool features that have made it feature among the top choice on the market.

It doesn’t matter the weather. Chamberlain is designed to withstand any environmental conditions. Whether it is shining, raining or there is wind, this security system guarantees you security at all times.

Besides, it offers an additional PIR sensor which will work an optional Chamberlain CWA2000 base receiver.

Also, this security system features motion detection that can detect an intruder 30 feet away and with wide angle coverage of 120 degrees. For more function, you can increase the sensors up to 4. The sound is loud enough, and there is no way you can miss it from a distance.

Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Normally, the system is capable of sending signals to the CWA2000 base unit located up to a ½ mile away. Please note that you have to purchase the base receiver as a standalone unit as it is not included in the packaging.

The add-on sensor comes with a mounting bracket with a swivel and screws for straightforward and seamless installation. As such, you will not spend a dime on calling experts to install the system for you. Besides, it is so easy to operate such that anybody can have it for the security of their home.

Even more, it comes 4 AA alkaline batteries that you two years depending on how often you activate it. But you can also feel free to use Lithium batteries, and they will work fine. That is enough juice to keep your system working without worry about recharging or power outage. With an electric powered unit that has no back-up, are like to remain vulnerable to intruders if there happens to be power loss.

Chamberlain motion and alert system is a nice way to receive alerts when you are home as you will always be alerted when a car is in your driveway or when somebody is approaching. Even if you want a security system for your worksite or business, Chamberlain security system is your perfect option.

Fortress Security Store Home and Business Security System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Your security is paramount, and you need to work with a reputable company that offers reputable services. Fortress Security Store is a dealer in top ranking and high-performance electronic security items. Now Fortress SO2 B security system kit by the company is a product worth your attention whether you own a home or business.

Featuring in the kit are a window and door magnetic sensors. The security system features three passive motion sensors and 10 door contact points. In the case of any movement in any of your rooms or even break-in by force, your system will detect thanks to the passive motion sensors. Also, you can add more motion sensors to 99 for more enhanced security to your home or business.

Besides, for the outdoor, there is an extra siren that helps to add to your volume to a level that even your neighbors can know when you are in danger. That way, there is no time an unauthorized person will gain access to your premises without your knowledge.

What’s more, your skill level does not have much importance here. That is because the SO2 B security system is simple to install and setup. This is a DIY system, and you can have it running to full functionality within a short duration.

Fortress Security Store Home and Business Security System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Even more, with the control panel dialer, this system allows pre-programming. So in case SO2 B detects that there is a security breach, it will place a call to specific designated number automatically. That way, you can run home to establish the cause of the alarm. Besides, it can play the recorded message or custom sound if you want to.

In one way or the other, a burglar may gains access to your home regardless of the security measures you’ve employed. That should not be the end. If you suspect there could be an intruder in your house, you can place a call and listen to the happenings around the house. That way, you can establish the identity and intent of the person in your home remotely.

Besides, you can activate or deactivate your system using a keypad provided. Alternatively, you can use one of the three keyfobs, to disarm your device. As such, if you have not mastered your keypad, you will find of much use. So even before you get to your front door, you can disarm, so it does not sound an alarm. Both the door and the window have two alarm warning stickers each.

Moreover, if you think the intruder may have already gained access to your home, you can press the panic button to sound an alarm. Are you wondering what happens when you have your device disarmed? In the case of panic mode, providing the control panel is on, the alarm will sound even when you have disarmed.

For the system to run, you will need a power adapter that can work with 110V-220V 9V D VC power supply. Also, the system does not stop working whenever the power goes. That is because it features a Ni-Mh battery that keeps it working for consistent security. If you are among those who like self-operating security systems, SO2 B security system is an excellent choice.

YI Home Wireless IP Security Surveillance System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Yi is renown in offering quality products among them items aimed at ensuring your home security. And now, our focus is on YI Home Wireless security surveillance system. Several features make it rank among the top choices.

The cameras feature a lens that allows viewing angle of 111 degrees recording in 720p HD quality. That way, you are sure to get bright and sharp images. For a view of even the minutest details, it allows you to zoom up to 4 times. Thanks to the gyroscope support, you can pan you mobile left and right for a panoramic view.

What’s more, this surveillance system allows night vision. The camera comes with a non-intrusive 940mm infrared sensor that will work perfectly even in the dark. And while at it, your target will not discover that they are being monitored. Besides, the camera has an intelligent system that ensures that the camera system offers nothing but crystal clear images daytime or night time. You might want to look at the best hidden cameras.

Even more, the camera system features a two-way audio. The camera system has inbuilt microphone and speaker which allow you to keep tabs with the happenings at home both audio and video. Besides, this camera system can come in handy when you want to converse to a person at home. Also, with the baby crying detection capability, when your child produces a sound, the camera system picks it within 5 meters. It then sends you the sound on a six second video clip directly to your phone even remotely.

YI Home Wireless IP Security Surveillance System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

With YI Home security surveillance system, you are assured of more advanced features. This camera system features a built-in motion detection capability that allows you to keep tabs on the happenings around your property. Moreover, you will get the alerts on your mobile or email whenever movement is detected.

Besides, there is a YI Home App that you use to synchronize your system to your Smartphone. With that, you can control everything from the palm of your hands remotely. From setting alert frequencies, defining activity zones, night vision IR control to motion detection sensitivity levels; your phone becomes the hub where you can customize everything.

Also, the security of your data is very vital. The camera system provides a 128-bit SSL encryption. Besides, the YI cloud function employs the use of 2048-bit RSA private key for compression and protection of your data.

Besides, this camera system can support up to 8-32 GB SD card. At not given time will you go low on space as the system allows video overlap such that the old footages get automatically deleted to allow for more video recordings. This camera system makes a perfect option for those who would like to watch over their valuables while away from home. With the baby crying detection technology, it can be a great companion for your kid.

Amcrest Security AMDV960H8 Camera System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Amcrest is a global leader offering top rated items including security products. You need to break away from the D1 traditional CCTV systems that offered a maximum line density of up to 700. Amcrest security camera can now support a line density equivalent to those provided by the 800+DVL. And the DVR system goes an extra mile by offering a fully uncompressed signal transmission that eliminates any latency. That way, it can deliver feeds in real time.

Besides, there is 950H video security standard that offers a widescreen high definition thanks to the advanced image sensors. Following that, you can have a 34% more resolution when compared to the CCTV.

Even more, you need surveillance whether it is daytime or at night. It comes with 800+TVL IP66 durable cameras with 3.6mm lens that allow a viewing angle of 75 degrees. The cameras feature a 24 high intensity IR-LEDs that allow you to view up to 65 feet. And the best part; the infrared mode gets activated right away in low lighting. Thanks to the uncompressed signal transmission, you can view videos in real time without delay such that every single intruder gets illuminated if they attempt to pass.

Amcrest Security AMDV960H8 Camera System
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Besides, Amcrest features motion detection and alerts. It allows you to use the DVR to personalize the motion detection based on your preferences. Simply specify the areas where you want the cameras to be active to detect motion. Even if it means giving it a 24 hours schedule, you can define when the alert system is armed or disarmed. Also, you can customize your alerts such that it reduces false alarms. Once you have the alarm system active and the camera detects motion, you get multiple alerts e.g. by turning on the DVR’s buzzer, email alert, and recording video.

Also, you can view the happenings remotely on web-enabled PC or Smartphone. By simply installing Amcrest app on your iOS or Android, you link to the system to control everything from your phone from a distance when away on holiday. The cameras are HTTP encrypted as opposed to the IP-based. They run on your network via the DVR which acts as a control point. That makes them a little more secure and easier to secure. Check out our review of the best wireless IP network cameras.

Besides, with this camera system, you have a 1TB HDD for storage of your recordings on all the 8 cameras. It allows you to record for 144 hours or up to 6 days. However, you can use a lower resolution to save the disk space and record for 30+ days. If it happens that it is low on space, you can set the DVR to overwrite the older videos automatically, or you can transfer them to an external disk using a USB cable for safe storage.

As such, they can withstand any severe environmental conditions including dust, rain, and wind. That is the reason the camera system has been awarded the IP66 rating. Also, there is no doubt about this camera system as you get to enjoy a 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Security Bar
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

MasterLock has almost a century in offering quality padlocks and other security products. And now, the company has new and more innovative security solutions in many other areas including automotive and computer and more.

MasterLock Dual Function Security Bar is one such innovation that has attracted much attention following the security it offers. Well, while this bar is not a security surveillance system per se, it provides your house additional security. It does that by reinforcing your doors such that intruders cannot are barred from accessing your room.

The bar has 20 gauge steel construction rendering extremely durable. As such, it cannot give way even if the intruder applied a 350 pounds force. So under whatever circumstances, provided you have it in place, your doors remain shut. However, even if it breaks under to brutal force, the noise it would make would help to buy time for arming yourself or calling for help.

It doesn’t matter the type of bar you want to use. Master Lock security guarantees you maximum safety. Since the bar is adjustable and features a versatile design, it allows you to fit on both sliding and hinged doors. That way, you are assured of the safety of your family.

In case yours is a hinged door, the bar has a pivot ball joint that allows it to stay in contact with the floor. And you don’t need to worry about scratching your floors as it comes with a padded foot.

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Security Bar
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Besides, to ensure that the edge of you door does not get damaged, the yoke also has padding. That way, you are assured of security to your home without worrying about any damages. For the best results, you have to ensure that it is as close as possible to the base of the floor. Make sure it makes an angle of almost 90%. That way, it can gain more strength.

That way, it provides a more stable and consequently secure connection. For a sliding door, turn the bar on the side, pull out the pin to remove the yoke and adjust the length of the bar to fit that of your door. Don’t depend on MasterLock security bar as the only security system in your home. The main goal is to reinforce security to your door. You can be sure that this is a quality product as the manufacturer backs it with a lifetime guarantee.

Vimtag Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Kit
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

When it comes to home security systems and accessories, Vimtag is a force to reckon with. Among the items they provide is the complete Vimtag indoor & outdoor surveillance kit. This system is all about quality and reliability.

This is system is compatible with PCs, Macs, Linux, tablets and Smartphone. Simply download an App on your device that will help you synchronize it with your system. As such, you can monitor your cameras whenever you are provided there is internet connectivity.

Besides, you don’t need technical expertise to get your system working. That is because the company has dedicated it’s time to make the system user-friendly such that you can have it ready within a span of 5 minutes. Simply connect to the network, plug-in to the power source, download the app, scan the QR code and you are set.

At times, the unfortunate happens; there is a power outage. With or without power, Vimtag HD cameras will see all that is going on inside and outside your property. In the dark, the cameras use infrared lights. It records all the happenings in black and white such that you won’t miss a single trick.

What’s more, it has motion detection functionality that provides an alert when there is any movement detected inside or outside your property anytime. And while at it; there is the challenge of false alarms when using security systems. But that problem has been addressed here as Vimtag security system will allow you to reduce the sensitivity such that you don’t get too many false alarms.

Vimtag Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Kit
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Besides, with Vimtag security system, you have the total control in your hands. Using the iOS or Android App, you can control pan, zoom and tilt the angle of the camera as you’d like. You do that by sliding your finger across the screen to reposition the camera as you want and that way, you will have achieved your desired angle.

The outdoor camera has the live streaming function. As such, you can watch live video of the happenings around your property remotely from your Smartphone or tablet in real time whether it during the day or night. Besides, you can set your camera to detect movement, and you will receive an alert in your mailbox right away.

Moreover, the outdoor camera requires a 32 GB SD card where all the recorded videos are safely stored. That is crucial when you want to use a video footage as evidence. You can retrieve footages any time you want.

Also, don’t be concerned about the quality of pictures and videos recorded by your vimtag indoor and outdoor cameras. Vimtag camera has a 720P resolution that records HD quality images that you can view in the same resolution on iOS or Android remotely. Besides, since you can zoom up to 4 times for the indoor and 3 times for the outdoor cameras, you are sure to see as much details as possible.

Besides, vimtag VT 361 features a built-in microphone and speaker that allows for two-way communication. With the two-way audio function, you can speak to whoever is in the room where the camera is stationed. This feature makes this security systems multi-functional in that it has many applications apart from just security monitoring.

It can be particularly handy when it comes to keeping tabs on your baby, relatives or you can use it when holding a conference. The Vimtag B1 is meant to be used outside. It is waterproof such that it can withstand any environmental elements. As such, whether it is raining or when shining, you can be sure this camera will not inconvenience you.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

Topping the list is Simplysafe Wireless Home Security System. Hands down, no other company can beat the quality of the security system offered by this Simplysafe. It is a reliable and a secure system that you most likely will not find anywhere. Or if you can, they will corner you into signing some ridiculous contracts. Why should Simplysafe home security system be top on your list?

As hinted above, with SimplySafe, you don’t have to enter into long-term contracts. That means that you will not pay for a feature that you don’t enjoy. It is upon you to pay for the 24/7 hours professional monitoring such that when there is a danger, the company sends police to your home right away. With $14.99 a month only, you get to enjoy the professional monitoring services. On top of that, you will enjoy a cellular link free of charge, which the most secure and expensive option. Besides, you will be paying every month meaning that you can cancel the service anytime without fines.

What’s more, expertise is not a necessity when it comes to installation of this system. Being a DIY system, you will find it simple to install and in less than an hour, you will be secured. As such, you there no need to worry about drilling or hardwiring common with other systems. That is because you can use adhesive tapes to mount the components. However, we would recommend that mount using screws, so your sensor doesn’t fall of the triggering alarm.

Besides, this system will start working right from the moment you get it out of the box because it comes with pre-programmed sensors. And it will allow you to be as innovative as possible meaning that you can feel free to customize and add even more sensors for free by simply logging into your account any time you want. Some companies will charge you if you add extra components.

And the all-new feature? It comes with a wireless security camera whose setup is a breeze, which offers 720 HD super quality video. You can stream live video footage from an app on your Smartphone or any other web-enabled device anywhere around the world. Apart from viewing videos, you also get SMS and email alerts at your comfort.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo
Top 10 Best Home Security Systems In 2022 Reviews 7

This home security features a home base station from where the signals are sent to the SimplySafe monitoring center 24/7. You don’t require any land line for that because the system is cellular and comes with a battery back-up. There is not time an intruder can disable it by cutting the phone or power lines as happens in other systems that depend upon power/telephone lines and offer cellular monitoring at an additional fee.

Besides, there is a keypad from where you can control your system. And the best part; even if during an intrusion the keypad gets smashed, at no given time will your system stop to function. That is because all the controls belonging to the keypad are located at the base station.

Also, SimplySafe has a motion sensor that can detect motion within a distance of 30 feet. Besides, the sensor has a field of vision of 90 degrees such that even when placed in a corner, it gives a full range of coverage. We have reviews of the top motion sensor lights that may interest you.

Thanks to the entry sensor, you can keep your windows and doors safe. That way, in case the entry points are accessed, they can detect and alert you. And the best thing; these sensors are designed to fit all door and windows types. Being easy to install, we can comfortably recommend this system to professionals and non-handy homeowners alike.


Home security remains a pressing issue that needs addressing. There is no way you can have the peace of mind when you know your home is prone to break-ins by an intruder. While it is possible to relocate a burglar-prone area, it might not always be possible due to financial constraints and more. However, a home security system remains the go-to alternative. With a quality security system, you can monitor your home from afar even without having to spend a fortune. Which is better between investing in a security system that will cost a few hundred dollars or less or lose property worth millions to thieves, fire and other emergencies?

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