Top 10 Best Home Security Systems Reviews 2022

If you are a homeowner and looking for a perfect strategy to keep you pricey possessions and your family safe, one of the most effective gadgets that you should consider installing in your home is a good home security system. For just a few dollars, you can get a durable and reliable security system that will, monitor the movements in an around your home during the day and night and then warn you (either via an SMS notification or by generating an audible alarm) whenever it detects a threat. This way, you can stay two or more steps ahead of burglars and thieves, and be able to seek emergency help early, before your security situation goes out of hand. Even though many home security systems work well and are attainable cheaply in many web and offline stores, the top 10 2022 models you should consider buying are:

10. ELEC Home Surveillance System

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As per our review, thus four-channel home surveillance system by ELEC is the tenth-best home security system in 2022. Its H.264 security network is reliable and streams real time CCTV data to help key you home, family, and your possessions safe. Each system consists of two main components. First, you get a four channel HDMI CCTV DVR that manages data and four 700TVL night vision and motion detection-ready bullet cameras that are resistant to harsh outdoor environmental elements such as direct sunlight and water. All components are easy to install. They are also durable, reliable, and do not require a lot of skill and or expertise to operate effectively. Apart from using PC monitors and BNC output TV monitors to review streamed data, this system E-cloud feature that streams data via an Internet protocol. Thus, when away, you can still keep tubs on your home via your phone.

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9. AAS-V600 Wireless Home Security System

AAS-V600 is a comprehensive wireless home security system that once installed; boost the security of a home in many ways. First, it monitors the indoor and outdoor environment of a home and then auto trips its alarm when it detects an emergency or suspicious activity. It can also auto dial up to six personal numbers and then play a personalized pre-recorded message. You can also use it to monitor door chime and home arms efficiently and connect an unlimited number or sensors per zone, for maximum security. Finally, to prevent people from knowingly or unknowingly tampering with this system you can set an administrative password to limit the number or people who can program it and a user password to limit the number of people who can use it.

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8. PiSector S02 Wireless Home Security System

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PiSector S02 is an advances wireless home security system that works well both indoors and outdoors. It is durable, very ease to set up, and loved by homeowners worldwide for the following innovative features: 1) Fully programmable – unlike many low quality hone security systems that are retailing cheaply on the Internet, this system’s programmable engine makes it one of the most flexible models in 2022. Once you have set up a strong administrator password, you can change how the system reacts of secures your home to match your needs. 2) Passive motion sensors – as their name suggests, this system’s passive motion sensors are sensitive and can detect the slightest of movements and activities in and around your home. 3) Door/ window contacts – as the passive motion sensors, these door/ windows magnetic contacts are sensitive and will alert you of any forceful break-ins. 4)140dB alarm – this loud alarm alerts neighbors of potential intruders.

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7. GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

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This personal security alarm kit by GE is a feature-rich home security system that can help you to ward off intruders and keep your family and possessions safe. It consists of three main components. First, you get a 120dB deluxe door alarm that will notify you and your neighbors of potential intruders. You also get three independent door and window alarms that warn you forceful break-ins and a functional four-digit keypad for arming and disarming this home security system and for preventing false triggers when entering and leaving you home. Its advanced features aside, other benefits of buying this one-of-a-kind security alarm are its ease of installation and usage, durability, and most importantly, its reliability.

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6. Fortress Security Store GSM-B Wireless Home Security System

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If you are like many homeowners who are looking for a high-end premium-quality home security system on a budget, this GSM-B wireless model by Fortress Security Store is worth buying for many reasons. First, it is affordable and does not require any monthly fees to operate. Simply buy, install, and use it for as long as you please. Second, because this home security system uses a wireless a GSM simcard and landline network, you do not have to connect many unsightly wires in your home to get it to work. Its dual system is also reliable. If one network fail, the other one ensures that the security system in your home remains functional. Finally, if you travel often and want to monitor your homes security remotely, this system has a functional remote monitoring feature that you can use. Simply call the system to check its status, to disarm or arm its alarm, and or to program it.

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5. GE Simon XT Wireless Home Alarm System

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SafeMart’s GE Simon XT wireless alarm system ranks fifth on our list. Apart from its cost effectiveness and easy setup, curators of many top 10 best home security system reviews 2022, rank it high amongst the best models in the market because of its reliability. Once you have bought and installed it as directed, it will relay real time data on the movements within and outside your home, and monitor windows, doors, and locks to prevent unauthorized access. All components (detectors, sensors, cameras) are well built and durable. They are also low-maintenance, work well both indoors and outdoors, and are compatible with smartphones.

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4. Fortress Security Store S02-A Wireless Home Security System

As the Fortress Security Store GSM-B home security system highlighted, this SO2-A model is a functional and durable model, with a programmable main unit. It also has passive motion sensors for detecting the slightest of movements, door and window contacts for detecting forceful break-ins, and a loud 110dB alarm that notifies you when potential intruders are present. All parts work well. They are durable and transmit data via a dual (GSM simcard card/ land-line) network that you can monitor remotely.

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3. Professional Wireless Home Security System

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PiSectors’s professional wireless home system is a stylish gadget with responsive window and door gap detectors, pet-immune microprocessor controlled sensors, and a loud indoor siren that allows you and your neighbor of potential intruders or emergencies. Finally, its wall console is compact and has a mute to hide function that helps to conceal its location. It also has a programmable arm/disarm daily schedule, and an emergency battery that comes that kicks in when there is a power outage.

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2. Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

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This eight-piece security system by SimpliSafe ranks second on our list. Off the box, its advanced system is easy to set up and use. All parts (detectors, sensor, and its alarm) are durable. They are also aesthetic; do not need unsightly wires to work, and work in synergy to make sure that your home is as secure as possible during the day and in the dark of night. Finally, its wireless and cellular technologies work well and support remote monitoring via a computer or an Internet enable smartphone.

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1. Fortress Security Store S02-B Wireless Home Security System

On our list, this S02-B wireless home security system by Fortress Security Store is the best in 2022. Its installation kit consists of sensitive window and door contacts for detecting forceful break-in, motion-detecting passive motion sensors, a loud 140dB alarm, and a programmable main unit with an auto dialer (up to six personal numbers) feature. All parts are made of quality durable plastic. They are also functional and very easy to set up.

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems Reviews 2022 2

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