Top 10 Best Hoverboards in 2022-Buyer’s Guide

As you know technology is improving day-by-day, while physical activity of humans is decreasing. You can even walk and run without stretching your legs. Yes, it is possible with the use of Hoverboard. It looks like a skateboard but works without wheels’ underneath.

Hoverboard or a Self-balancing scooter is a fictional board, designed to use for personal transportation for a short distance. In early days, it was very expensive and everyone cannot afford to buy. Only the rich kids had the chance of using it as toys. Later the competition increased with number of sellers and the prices went down, which in turn became affordable for most of the people.

Hoverboards nowadays comes with warranty and approved to be safe by state-owned institutions. These boards are portable and easy to use. If you are a person, who likes to move around in your work place or in your home, then these Hoverboards is your best choice with less effort. It comes with different functions for your convenience. You can also call it as “electric hands-free scooter”. You can find a lot of online videos on how to use a hoverboard. It is very simple and you can learn in few minutes. You can move forward or backward by just leaning on the respective direction. You can also turn the hoverboard with the twist on each side. It is a fuel-free transportation with lots of fun moving around.

Buyers guide to decide on the best Hoverboards

There are several companies which manufacture self-balancing scooter with different brands and costs. It is an ideal toy for riding around home. There are different types of footboards available. It is better to choose a rubber foot as it makes you to jump on and off with stability and you will be safe while operating. Make sure your hoverboard meets Global quality standards. Wheels of the Hoverboards should be smooth and operate perfectly on the ground without making any noise. It should be durable with self-balancing mechanism. A powerful battery gives you a bit longer travel and stays good. Few hoverboards have LED light in the front to enable you to use it in dark as well. Movement of the hoverboard is controlled by your legs, feet and body moves. It is advisable to ride the hoverboard with helmet, knee pad, elbow pad and wrist guard.

Below are the important features you should probably consider before buying a hoverboard for you or your child:

Speed – Normal hoverboard would be able to drive at an average speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour. The speed and distance also depends on the inclination of the ground, surface of the ground and weight of the user.

Usage – It should be user-friendly and easy for use if you are the one who rides the hoverboard for first time. If you are used to the product, then you can use the devices with some custom options too.

Weight limit – there is maximum allowed weight for every hoverboard. Make sure the user’s weight is in that range.

Safety – check for the quality of hoverboard paddles, battery, certification and the technology used.

Portability – Normally 20 to 30 pounds of product weight is fine to carry with you.

Additionally, there are other features which you need to consider like cost, LED light, Bluetooth, waterproof, movement and board size.

Riding a Hoverboard

  • Foremost thing is your hoverboard should be fully charged, as dead hoverboard will not move around.
  • Turn on the hoverboard and lay in front of your foot.
  • Place your toes close to the wheel on the foot board, which gives you stability.
  • To move around you slightly lean in the direction where you want to go.
  • By placing your right foot front, you turn left and by placing your left foot front, you turn right.
  • You need to follow the basic movements once you get stable and comfortable with it.
  • Later you can try your own laps with the hoverboard.
  • There are also turn on/off, lock/unlock buttons on the hoverboard remote.
  • You can also re-calibrate your hoverboard if you encounter any minor accident.

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Here are the Top 10 best hoverboards in 2022 and their features, specifications, design and safety discussed briefly for you:

PowerOnBoard Powerboard



  • The PowerOnBoard powerboard is the most widely used hoverboard by everyone.
  • It comes with rounded wheel and the foot plate is made of metal.
  • Wheel is of 6.5 inches and designed with rubber material which stands longer and durable.
  • The maximum speed is up to 6.2 miles per hour.
  • Lowering the angle of foot paddle increase the speed of hoverboard.
  • There are electric motors fitted on each wheel.
  • The pack comes with rechargeable battery of 4400 mAh and it can with stand up to 3 hours.
  • The board is UL 2272 certified and designed to protect even collision damage.
  • It has LED lights on the front to help during dark.
  • It very easy to use with self-balancing mechanism.

ANVL Boards Skate cycle


  • ANVL board skate cycle is a new king of hoverboard which do not use motors on the wheels.
  • It is guarded with two thin wheels and the hub-less skate system in it is safe for use.
  • Steering is supported by the bend between the wheels.
  • The maximum speed of this hoverboard depends on the operating speed of the user.
  • The wheel is of 9 inches and durable for riding even on Skate Park.
  • The movement of the boards is accelerated by applying pressure to one of the pads at a time.
  • Its award-winning design has no electric parts, such that charging is not required.
  • Propelling system used in this device is easy for use and innovative.
  • The product comes with one year warranty.
  • The cost of this hoverboard is cheaper.

Powerboard hoverboard


  • Powerboard hoverboard is a guaranteed no-heat hoverboard with UL 2272 certification.
  • It went through many of checks that it does not get damage due to smoke, fire or internal circuits.
  • The hoverboard is designed with two rounded wheels with chromed metal foot pads.
  • The foot pads are wide which helps to ride easy and comfortably.
  • Both the electric motors run individually to help the hoverboard turns on different angles.
  • Maximum speed of this hoverboard is 6 mph.
  • It comes with self-balancing mechanism with front facing LED lights.
  • Battery of 4,400 mAh can stand up to 4 hours and prevents collision.
  • Simple and smooth acceleration allows you to move forward or backward with slight leaning.
  • This hoverboard has one year limited warranty.

Air wheel Q3 Series


  • Air wheel Q3 series is the latest model of one wheel self-balancing scooter with UL 2272 certified.
  • It works like the hoverboard just that it works on single wheel.
  • It is designed with one wheel and two foot pads with aviation-grade aluminum pedals which works greater to move in all directions.
  • It uses one of the most reliable lithium-ion battery which drives good up to 14 miles.
  • The battery works longer when charged after every 1.5 hours of usage.
  • Maximum speed of this device is 11 miles per hour and claims to be the fastest moving in the company’s products.
  • It is very expensive.

Hoverzon Self balancing hoverboard


  • Hoverzon self-balancing hoverboard is designed to manage with super purge with UL 2272 certified.
  • It is designed with fully loaded S model self-classic scooter with LED lights on the front.
  • The hoverboard has some cosmetic changes and very reliable.
  • Maximum speed of this hoverboard is 8 miles per hour and range till 11 miles.
  • Its zero degree radiuses for turning give a great support for ride.
  • Motor is powered with dynamic equilibrium and controls the machine based on the body weight.
  • The battery is capable to prevent collision damage.
  • Cost of this product is at the affordable with one year warranty.

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Swagtron T1


  • Swagtron T1 hoverboard is the first product of this company with UL 2272 certification.
  • It is designed without any flaws and has passed all the security tests.
  • Maximum speed of this hoverboard is 8 miles per hour.
  • Its maximum speed enables the battery not to drain fast.
  • Battery of 4,400 mAh lasts up to 12 miles and can be used for 3 hours on maximum speed.
  • LED lights on the front help the visibility during night time.
  • 5 inches’ wheels are made up of rubber material which makes it easy to ride.
  • It is affordable and comes with one year warranty.

Swagtron T3


  • Swagtron T3 hoverboard is the third version of this company with UL 2272 certification.
  • It is designed with more talented metal foot guards.
  • Maximum speed of this hoverboard is 8 miles per hour.
  • This model has a special feature of built-in speakers in it.
  • Plastic covers on the pads give extra protection against collision.
  • The foot board is operated with individual motors to enable the ease of moving front and back.
  • The hoverboard drives till 12 miles while charging in-between.
  • It drives for 3 hours with maximum running speed.

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard


  • Razor Hovertrax Company’s second version of hoverboard with UL 2272 certification.
  • Its front LED lights gives good luminosity and visibility.
  • The wheels have metal guards with rubber top to provide better grip on the board.
  • It uses the battery pack from LG which stays good till 60 minutes when rides on maximum speed.
  • This board can be used at a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour.
  • Though it gives fewer minutes on usage, it gives a better charging speed.

Segway miniPRO


  • Segway miniPRO hoverboard is one of the best built self-balancing scooters.
  • The inflated or pneumatic wheels are installed with individual motors and runs smoothly.
  • Maximum speed of this hoverboard is 10 miles per hour.
  • Special feature of this board is the small hole in the middle of the pads which makes the device to use and control easily.
  • It can be connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth.
  • It has the features such as anti-theft alarm, remote control, object diagnostics, speed control and updates.
  • Tires with 10.5 inches give military grade shock absorption facility.
  • The handle on the center enables you to change the direction without turning the wheels.
  • Larger wheels on this board help you to drive on terrain and avoid impact with small objects as well.
  • Padded bar for the knees gives you more comfort than other hoverboards.
  • The Battery of 1600 watts is good to allow you to drive till 14 miles and for 1.5 hours with maximum speed.
  • It costs heavily which is expensive and comes with one year warranty.

EPIKGO hoverboard


  • EPIKGO hoverboard is a fun and safe with UL 2272 certified on hoverboard and UL 2271 certified LG battery.
  • It is proved to have no fire damage with 159 tests.
  • It has 8.5 inch tires and wheels made of aluminum alloy.
  • It has the feature of half submerge with IP56 waterproof.
  • It works for two hours when operated at 5 miles per hour.
  • Motors of 400 watts each makes the hoverboard to work even on 18-degree steep slopes.
  • It runs at maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.
  • It is twice powerful and larger than other hoverboard brands with more stable and control.
  • It also has the capability of two hours ahead in charging full.
  • It is expensive and comes with limited one year warranty.

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