Top 10 Best Indoor String Lights Reviewed in 2022

Indoor string lights are perfect accessories for decorating the insides of homes during special occasions. If you are planning a birthday party, for instance, premium models create a stunning light show that kids like. They are also perfect for lighting stairways, decorating Christmas trees, or highlighting windows. Finally, unlike the balloons and colored paper wrappers that people used in the past, string lights are durable. You can recycle them many times without lowering their value.

Indoor string lights boost the value of homes. For the best experience, however, check the bulbs of your product of choice before buying. LED bulbs are cooler than incandescent ones. They are also durable and light up most spaces well. You must also make sure that your light is durable and the correct length. These 10 brands meet this threshold:

10. ErChen LED String Light

ErChen LED String Light

Measuring 33 feet, ErChen is a long LED string light with 100 super bright bulbs. The ultra-thin copper wire used to make it conducts heat well. Bulb spacing is around 4-inches, with its durable design (20 years) appeals to most people. With an original one, you do not have to worry about buying a replacement soon.

Several types of indoor string lights are challenging to install because of their structures. The break or kink easily. Others have tough cables that you cannot wrap around objects easily. This is not the case with ErChen LED String Light. It is a flexible accessory. During installation, you do not have to struggle with it to achieve your desired look.

ErChen LED String Light is an affordable product. If you cannot afford the expensive ones that some brands have, order yours today. It has three lighting modes (on, steady, and flash). It also has a long operating time (72 hours), a convenient battery-powered design, and a six months warranty.


  • Long 33-foot design
  • 100 super bright LED bulbs
  • Flexible copper wire
  • Convenient bulb spacing (4-inches)
  • Long operating time (72 hours)
  • Battery-powered lights (six AA)


  • Shuts off intermittently

9. Dailyart Long Globe String Light

Dailyart Long Globe String Light

Many people depend on indoor string lights to improve the outlook of their homes. Even though several brands blend in better, only a few can match this Dailyart Long Globe String Light in terms of style. If you have bought a few brands with poor results, order yours today. The 40 translucent globes that you get bring drab spaces to life. They are also durable and mounted onto a long (13 foot) copper wire cable. Whilst decorating, thus, you can cover a large area with this product. The risk of its bulbs breaking or its wire snapping is also low.

The LED technology that this string light employs is super-efficient. It also has a battery-powered design (3 AA) and a waterproof battery box that works well indoors and outdoors. Whether you are decorating for a birthday party or an outdoor wedding reception, this product will serve you well.


  • Battery-powered design (3 AA)
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Translucent LED globe bulbs
  • Durable copper wire
  • Measures 13 feet long


  • Loose-fitting battery compartment

8. Koopower 200 LED Indoor String Light

Koopower 200 LED Indoor String Light

Are you decorating for Christmas or an upcoming wedding reception? If you are planning to use indoor string lights, Koopower is one of the best products to use. The 200 LEDs that you get, for instance, are durable. They also have a warm glow that lights up indoors spaces well. In plug and use design, on the other hand, is super convenient. You can install it anywhere without any structural or functional issues.

Koopower has a programmable timer for customizing how works in homes. You can set it to light for six hours every day, for instance, without buying any special add-on device. This string light even has a memory function that remembers all your preferences. Once set, you do not have to tamper with its system again. Finally, you get a remote control that you can use to customize its brightness or lighting mode (eight) with the touch of a button.

The safety of this string light is desirable. If you have used a few models that have heated up or threatened the safety of your home, expect better results. The low voltage transformer that it uses is safe. Its wire and other components also have cool-touch designs that improve its safety further.


  • 200 power efficient LEDs
  • Cool-touch bulbs and wires
  • Low-voltage transformer
  • Plug and play system
  • Wireless remote control


  • Not very bright

7. Cymas LED String Lights

Cymas LED String Lights

Sought-after in stores, Cymas is a premium LED string light that has 100 waterproof bulbs. UL listed, it is a safe and power efficient accessory. It is also durable and has a long (33-feet) cable that works well in bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoors. All bulbs have a soothing and romantic glow that you can dim (10 levels) easily using its remote control (up to 49 feet).

The thick copper wire that this light uses is one of the best in this niche. It is durable. You can bend it several times without kinking and or breaking it. It is also waterproof (IP65) and has an interference-free sheath that prevents these lights from flickering. Once set up, they will perform to your expectations in all settings.

With Cymas, you get a chain of power-efficient LED lights that are also safe for use indoors. Do not hesitate to buy one. If you have kids, for instance, you will like its low heat emission. The risks of burns or injuries are very slim. It also has a UL-certified design that does not overheat after many hours.


  • Waterproof LED bulbs (100)
  • Power-efficient system
  • Low-heat emission
  • Interference-free copper wire
  • Waterproof (IP65-rated)


  • Low-quality remote control

6. Homestarry String Light from Copper Wire

Homestarry String Light from Copper Wire

Considered among the contenders for the best indoor string lights in 2022, Homestarry HS-SL-010 is a valuable product. Measuring 40-feet, for instance, it is one of the longest string lights on our list. The 240 LED bulbs that you get are also durable and have high-powered designs that illuminate dark spaces well. Do not waste your cash on the best floor lamps, thus. This dimmable string light from Homestarry decorates home better. Because of its flexibility, you can also install it in most areas of your home with little effort.

Homestarry HS-SL-010 has eight light modes. Whether you are decorating for a party or a special holiday, you will achieve the look that you desire easily with the help of an original one. It is also waterproof (both its wire and connectors) and has an Eco-friendly design that saves a lot of power over its lifetime. You will like this string light.


  • Eight adjustable light modes
  • 240 durable LED bulbs
  • Long (40-foot) design
  • Water resistant cable and connectors
  • Dimmable light (remote controlled)


  • Somewhat unreliable

5. TaoTronics Copper Wire String Light

TaoTronics Copper Wire String Light

Made of plastic and metal, TaoTronics is a durable copper wire string light with warm (2700-2900K) white-yellow LEDs. It has an eye-catching glow. Its energy efficient design, on the other hand, does not overheat easily, even after 14 hours of continuous use. If you have kids at home, therefore, this is a suitable string light to use. It also benefits homeowners with pets that like to mill around lights.

UL-certified, the power adapter that this string light has is one of the best. It stands out in many ways. First, because of its waterproof design, you can use it both indoors and outdoors with no issues. It is also durable and has an interference-free design that keeps bulbs working well. This makes it a suitable option for homes and shops.

Installation is a breeze. If you have a structure such as Christmas tree or a staircase that you want to highlight, its flexibility comes in handy. Unlike some brands that break easily, you can twist and turn in many times without compromising its structure.


  • Flexible copper wire
  • UL-certified power adapter
  • Interference-free design
  • Warm (2700-2900K) white-yellow LEDs
  • Does not overheat over time


  • Not very long

4. BZone LED String Starry Light

BZone LED String Starry Light

Miniature strings lights are perfect for highlighting small installations such as windows or mirrors. They also improve the value of most decorative projects that people do at home. To get one that will serve you well, this 20 LED miniature light from BZone stands out. Even though small, these bulbs light up better than some large models. They are also durable and have a steady 360-degree viewing angle, which improves their performance.

The copper wire cable that you get measures around 7-feet. Even though significantly shorter than some brands we have listed, it has a durable design. Kinks and breaks are non-issues. It also has a stylish outlook (clear) and a small battery box (3AA) that powers it optimally.


  • Durable mini LED bulbs (20)
  • Steady 360-degree viewing angle
  • Flexible copper cable (clear cover)
  • Waterproof construction
  • Power-efficient design
  • Battery-powered (2AA)


  • Very short and tiny

3. Brightown String Light G40

Brightown String Light G40

With Brightown String Light G40, you will never think about the boring paper cuttings that you use for decoration. Recommended for use in homes and offices, this a long (25-foot) string light. You can use it to decorate most areas of your home including eves and stairways. The 25 clear G40 bulbs that it uses, on the other hand, are not only durable but also eye-catching. They will light up and boost the outlook of your home or office.

The power plug that this string light comes with a durable UL-certified one that works well in most sockets. It is also plug-and-use, and has a water-resistant design that works well both indoors and outdoors. Do not waste your money on one of the low-grade string lights that are available online. With this one, you even get a one-year warranty.


  • One-year limited warranty
  • UL-certified power adapter
  • Long (25-foot) string light
  • Efficient copper wire
  • 25 clear G40 bulbs


  • Bulbs crack and break easily

2. Wislight Starry String Light

Starry String Lights 8 Modes 33FT 100 Warm White Bright LED Lights String By Wislight(TM) Indoor & Outdoor LED Party Lights Xmas Decorations Lights Idea Colorful Holiday Led Lights

MineTom is a popular starry string light with 120 individually mounted LED lights. Battery powered, its installation is a breeze. You can set it up in most areas of your home without compromising its performance in any way. The quality bulbs that it uses also have a fairy twinkly effect that improves the outlook of homes. In your living room, for instance, you can use it to create a romantic environment during your date nights. It also lights up decks, patios, and gardens well.

Measuring around 20 feet, this string light covers large areas well. The thick (4mm) copper wire and plug-and-use adapter (AC/DC) adapter that it comes with are other of its major strengths. They ease its installation. Second, because they are both waterproof and interference free, this string light works optimally in all environments. Buy yours to improve how you decorate your home and or work place.


  • Measuring around 20 feet
  • Water resistant design
  • Thick (4mm) and durable copper wire
  • Plug and play design
  • UL-certified power adapter
  • 120 individually mounted LEDs


  • No return policy

1. INST Fairy String Light

INST Fairy String Light

Battery-powered string lights are convenient accessories that have improved how people decorate. You can install them anywhere in your home or office. Models such as CMYK also have superior lighting technology that delivers an immersive experience. Buy yours to get a decorative accessory with 40 globe fairy lights (LED). Illumination is eye-catching (warm and white). Its modest 14.6-foot design also illuminates most spaces well.

This product has two light modes. In steady mode, you get a stable and eye-catching glow that is perfect for lighting. If you like partying, on the other hand, its flashing mode works as well. Once set up, you can switch between the two light modes, as you desire. Even though CMYK is not 100% water resistant, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each original that you buy.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Steady and flash light modes
  • 40 globe fairy lights (LED)
  • Eye-catching warm white glow
  • Battery-powered system


  • Not 100% water resistant


For decades, people have depended on balloons and colored ribbons to decorate their homes. Even though cheap, the 10 string lights that we have listed deliver the dramatic effect that people crave. They are also durable and easy to install in both homes and offices. Buy yours to decorate well for your upcoming wedding or birthday party.

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