Top 10 Best Instant Film Cameras in 2022 Reviews

Instant cameras have become famous and popular for the convenience. This is because, among Lomography, Fujifilm, and Polaroid originals, there are a variety of new instant cameras readily available in the market these days.

The idea of instant cameras entails producing photos instantly, contrary to taking digital photographs. The instant cameras are preferred for their popularity by a professional photographer who enjoyed seeing the captured images instantly. These instant cameras can also be used in commercial settings and various businesses. These cameras are infrequent but provide top-notch, making them the best for serious photographers.

10 instant cameras of 2022 Reviews

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini-90-Neo Instant Classic Film Camera

The INSTAX Mini-90-Neo Classic Instant Camera by FUJIFILM is a compacted camera that nicely supports the utilization of INSTAX Mini-type top-notch film for production instant mini-sized prints. It incorporates a 6cm lens with the capability of focusing from 11.8-inches away.

An inbuilt flash provides an extra illumination for exposures whenever operating in low-light conditions while automatic exposure controller helps in ensuring consistently precise exposures in a range of lighting settings. An optical viewfinder coupled with incorporated target spot is available to compose an image.

In the same manner, the exposure counter is integrated into the unique design to visually exhibit the total number of exposures that remains in the film set. On top of that, there are four brightness controls (dark, brighter, normal, and bright) that let you to manually make an adjustment on photo brightness. At the bottom, there is a tripod socket for long exposure shooting with the use of bulb mode. The rechargeable li-ion-battery stores a charge for about 10 sets of the instant film.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini-9-Instant Camera – Smokey White

A solid instant film camera, an Instax Mini-9-Instant by FUJIFILM has been upgraded for selfie shooters featuring a variety of appropriate controls for 62 x 46mm prints production. The sleek design integrates a Fujinon 6cm f/12.7 lens, which provides a stationary focus from 2-inches to infinity. It also features small selfie mirror which is built into the fore side of the lens pattern for precisely composing self-portraits. Then again, a macro lens adapter is encompassed to minimize the least focus distance in order to work with close-up subjects that are; 35cm to 50cm.

For overall shooting, the central target spot and the optical viewfinder are also in place to assist in composing images. For controlling the appearance of imagery, there is an aperture setting which can be adjusted in four steps, ranging between f/12.7 up-to f/32, for outfitting various shooting settings ranging from bright sunlight to indoor lighting. The hi-key mode produces purposely over-exposed frames giving a definite creative appearance. An inbuilt automatic flash provides additional illumination whenever you are shooting in low-light. To sum up, this camera takes a pair of AA Batteries

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini-26 plus Rainbow-Film-Bundle

INSTAX Mini-26 instant camera by FUJIFILM, accompanied with streamline design and simple operation, offers you the chance to share incredible photos with your loved one anywhere, anytime! The simple operation incorporating a top-notch FUJINON lens produces great 2-inches by3-inches instant photos in 90 seconds. With inbuilt automatic exposure compensation, you can capture the right quantity of light in utmost shooting situations, and as well as low lighting.

Again, with a close-up lens allows you are able to capture superb feature in your photographs while a selfie mirror attached on the lens offers ideal framing for the selfie!

These sophisticated and sleek instant cameras feature in four colors – blue/white, black, pink/white and white. It also features two shutter buttons providing convenient and comfortable horizontal and vertical shooting. Ultimately, it has the Lighten-Darken Controller for allowing you to deliver the photocopy varnish darker or brighter. The camera senses the background brightness to control the speed of the shutter. Backgrounds can be captured clearly even in dark rooms

4. Fujifilm Instax Wide-300 Black Instant Film Camera

Instantly create memories after capturing moments with this Instant Film Camera by FUJIFILM. Using large layout INSTAX Wide-300 instant film, you can produce images sized 2.4-inches by 3.9-inches on 3.4-inches by 4.3-inches piece of film. Moreover, it also incorporates a retractable 9.5cm f/14 lens that has a dual-range focus sector setting for taking sharp imagery, plus 0.37x optical viewfinder, which features a target spot that can be used to compose images.

The INSTAX Wide-300 features flash with a fill flash mode and automatic-power-settings. This enhances the auto-exposure-settings for well-lit images production. Exposure compensation is also incorporated from ±2/3 EV by the use of the lightens-darken controller for regulating the shots depending on the condition. Also, it incorporates LCD screen for displaying the rest of shots remaining, in flash mode, and the exposure compensation.

It includes a film package confirmation window as additional features for checking and viewing if the film is full and as well as a tripod socket to add on stability. It runs on four AA batteries.

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini-8 (Raspberry) Instant Film Camera

Advance your instant photography fascination with INSTAX Mini-8 Instant camera fixtures Kit by B&H that incorporates the dense camera, a photo album, 10 film sheets, and a carrying case. This product comes in the Raspberry lighter body and new slimmer. This camera normally operates with Polaroid double ‘A’ batteries for Fuji INSTAX Film’s best performance.

The camera signals support flashing LED plus aperture setting. This helps in capturing the ideal photo any time. New High-Key-mode captures brighter photos with a soft appearance perfect for portraits. On top of that, it features an upgraded viewfinder for greater visibility and clarity.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini-70-Instant White Film Camera

The camera’s design integrates a retractable dual-element Fujinon 6cm f/12.7 lens, which enhances focusing as narrowly as 11.8-inches in macro mode. It features 0.37x optical viewfinder, which features a target spot that can be used to compose selfie images. Featuring inventive Hi-Key-mode brightens the general exposure for finer-appearing skin tones.

Also, the typical automatic exposure controller featuring +/- 2/3 EV exposure-compensation, an inbuilt flash can be utilized together with a programmed exposure mode for adjusting shutter speeds to enhance background detail. The selfie shooting mode normally plays automatic adjustment of brightness while still accounting for the close-up distance shooting of self-portraits.

7. Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Black Instant Print Camera

With Kodak Printomatic camera, you can forget about computers and bulky printers. This camera prints water- and tear-resistant, smudge-proof photos about 10 MP automatically. The best part of this camera is that you are only required to do some pointing, shooting and printing making ideal to bring with you on the go to share photos in the finest way and easier with friends. The Kodak-Printomatic camera automatically and instantly prints top-notch vibrant 2-inches by 3-inches photos. It also incorporates a light sensor which will inevitably turn-on the flash-light in low-light settings.

The product’s ZERO Ink technology entails that you don’t have to worry at all about messy print toner, cartridges, or film. The picture prints are tear resistant, durable, smudge-free, water-resistant and adhesive-backed. Enjoy an inbuilt flash entails dual photo modes, both black and colored, and white. For easy handling, neck strap is incorporated and MicroSD slot is also integrated for additional memory.

8. Fujifilm Instax Square-SQ6-Instant Blush Gold Film Camera

The Fujifilm SQ6 camera is a fun and simple instant film camera with the capability of producing 2.4-inches x 2.4-inches square prints. Featuring stylish and sleek design, the camera has the Fujinon 65/3/4mm f/12.6 lens that provides 3-zone focus design having a minimal focusing distance of 11.8-inches.

It has an inbuilt small selfie mirror on the fore design of the lens for precisely composing self-portraits and optimizes exposure and focus using dedicated Selfie Mode. The product’s design also incorporates an optical viewfinder which has a central target spot responsible for precisely composing images. An inbuilt flash is also incorporated into illuminates field of view in low-light.

9. Fujifilm Instax Square-SQ10-Hybrid Instant Camera

Blending present digital imaging with precious instant film production, the INSTAX SQUARE -SQ10-Hybrid Instant Camera by FUJIFILM is an exceptional digital camera with a capability of producing square format film-prints. When it comes to imaging, the 1/4″ CMOS sensor is utilized by SQ10 to output 1920 by 1920 images that are printed digitally as 2.4-inches by 2.4-inches pictures on INSTAX-SQUARE film.

Besides the exceptional hybrid capture-to-print innovation, this FUJIFILM camera is also categorized by its stylish and streamlined physical design with double shutter buttons, inbuilt flash, a focal 28.5mm f/2.4 corresponding lens, and a rear 3-inches 460k-dot LCD for printing setup and image composition. Hybrid instant camera integrates convenient digital photo capture with customary instant film output. This technique enables you to capture spontaneously and print each time desired. Images can be stored to the device’s internal memory storage for seamless printing, or stored to an extra microSD/SDHC memory card.

10. Lomography Lomo’Instant Film Camera (Wide Camera)

Characterized by its jet black, sleek exterior, the Lomo’Instant Camera and Lenses by Lomography packages the distinctive instant film camera which incorporates series of attachment lenses and other gears to hone your imaginative vision. Included in this pack plus camera are an accessory viewfinder and ultra-wide attachment lens for broadening the field of view up to about 21mm corresponding to focal length for highlighting a wide perspective or photographing interiors. This camera records 2.5-inch x 3.9-inches images on Instax broad film, and provides both manual and programmed auto control for exposure time adjustment.

One-stop exposure compensation enables you to adjust darkness and brightness settings, and as well as bulb setting for creating long exposures. In addition, for creative effects, multiple exposures recording are done. The inbuilt 90mm lens provides a broad-angle 35mm equal to the focal length, and also f/8 & f/22 aperture settings which can be utilized to affect the depth of field and exposure. Working in low- lighting or for creative effects, an inbuilt flash is also incorporated to works with the auto or programmatic shutter for precise exposure results.

Instant camera buyer’s guide

1. Flash

The flash is a critical element of all cameras. If used properly, it can assist you in taking beautiful photos or otherwise ruin your shots. Make sure that the product of choice features a flash that can be deactivated if the need arise or the one with varying intensity.

2. The quality and solidity of materials

Conventionally, instant-cameras have been questioned for featuring inexpensive plastic cases…conversely, things are starting to advance in this respect.
Numerous manufacturers are nowadays using quality and more solid materials while constructing their new devices so as make them considerably durable. When buying an instant camera, ensure that its casing material is made from durable plastic to evade unpleasant surprises.

3. Design

Many people like a camera that features the retro design which is significant for instant cameras. Modern instant cameras may combine modern essentials with retro ones or entirely have modern looking.

Your selection will be based on your personal taste & preferences; the instant camera of your choice will reflect on your creative vision, therefore, pick one that outfits your personality!

4. Type of film

Film features in three types for instant cameras: Fujifilm’s Instax, classic polacor film and Polaroid Zink Every kind of instant camera features a specific kind of film which was designed for.

The cost of these various film types is a bit variable Kodak products being very affordable and to Polaroid being very expensive.

The cost of the film must be taken into consideration when buying the instant camera as it can pose a serious influence on your budget…

5. Fujifilm Instax

The Fujifilm’s Instax features in two varied sizes: Wide (99 by 62 mm) and Mini (86 by 54mm, business card sized) Fujifilm Instax and Lomography cameras can use two films which is convenient.


Ultimately, instant cameras have become great for adventure, fun, and also pretty convenient if the need arises. With above instant cameras, you are more than likely to pick the best of the best as these all camera not only very cheap but also excellent in quality. Fortunately, the more affordable and the top-quality instant cameras are selected for you.

Again, once you’ve gone through the aforementioned instant camera reviews, identifying and knowing instant cameras that are very beneficial and worthy of purchasing has been made possible. You can bring these cameras with you a meeting, to a party to acquire evidence, or just for having fun on the trip with family & friends. So, ensure that you purchase one of these cameras depending on your budget and needs.

10 Best Instant Film Cameras

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