Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

Looking at a top 10 list of Best Intelligence Agencies in The World is a bit of a different pace. The iBest9 didn’t start voting until a couple years ago, and accidentally voted for Buchanan in 2000. Still politics is one of those things that we look at and don’t understand. There are legions of patriots looking out for their nations.


Honorable Mention: India,Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

India’s RAW has focused mostly on regional affairs, but golly, what regional affairs they are. From Pakistan’s growing nuclear power to the behemoth of China to the North. Other successes include African liberation during the recently ended Cold-War. Recent difficulties include the conflict in Kashmir and RAW’s inability to communicate between it’s own agencies.

10. Israel, Mossad


Formed in 1949, the main purpose behind Israel’s secret service agency is the collection of intelligence information, counter terrorism, and covert affairs with the country, allies, and warring countries. Arab nations are a main focus for the Mossad. 8 departments make up this organization, each one focusing on different areas of defense and intelligence. Terrorist attacks are protected, and the agency strives to keep peace in the country.

9. China, MSS


The mission of state security was created in 1983, and is China’s leading agency for defense. Counter intelligence operations and foreign intelligence operations is what the organization’s main focus is in. Due to the fact that China is so large, the MSS is one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world as well.

8. Australia, ASIS


Established in 1952, Canberra is the headquarters for this intelligence agency. Collection of secret information and analyzing this information is the main focal point of the intelligence agency. Focus on enemy countries, criminal activities, and taking action for the nation’s security, are some of the duties that the organization is entrusted with, to protect Australia and the people who live in the country.

7. India, RAW


The research and analysis wing was formed in 1968 and is located in New Delhi. Collection of information about foreign governments, criminal activity, and terrorist attacks are all collected and given to the Indian government and policy makers, to help end terrorist attacks and war. The security of the nuclear program in India is also part of RAW.

6. France, DGSE


The General Directorate for External Security has been noted as one of the world’s most prominent agencies, and began serving France in 1982. It serves as an external agency for the French government. Gaining information, defending the French people, and working to prevent terrorist attacks, are just some of the duties that individuals who work for the organization are entrusted with.

5. Germany, BND


The intelligence agency was originally created in 1956, and is located in Pullach; it is considered one of the most advanced and well organized agencies in the world. Gathering data intelligence is one of the biggest duties, along with detecting threats to Germany, and protecting the nation from terrorist attacks. Criminal activities are also watched, in an attempt to safeguard the German people, and visitors to the nation as well.

4. Russia, FSB


Federal Security Service was put together in 1995; defending and fighting terrorist activities, and collecting data that pertains to terrorist activities, are some of the main tasks that this agency takes on. Lubyanka Square is where the agency’s main offices are located. It is also one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world, with over two hundred and fifty thousand workers, and uniformed guards, which work in the central headquarters, as well as surrounding cities and towns in Russia.

3. UK, MI6


This is one of the oldest secret service agencies, which began in 1909 and is located in the SIS Building in Vauxhall Cross, London. It works with a joint intelligence committee, the internal security committees, and defense intelligence. It also provides foreign intelligence and other relevant information about other countries, to the organization of the United Kingdom. As one of the oldest agencies, it is also one of the strongest and most well built agencies.

2. Pakistan, ISI


Inter Services Intelligence is ranked as the strongest intelligence agency, and has been in business since 1948. Strengthening the military powers was the first order of duty when the organization was first introduced to power. A predefined legal and constitutional frame work are in place, and this is what the organization follows in its day to day operations, to serve and protect Pakistan. Today, it has played a major role in war in certain nations, and is a leader in the collection of external data, to help protect the nation from warring attacks. Strengthening the country’s military forces is still one of the main focal points for this organization. Protecting the nation’s internal as well as national affairs, and protecting the people from terrorist attacks, are among some of the many duties that the organization has been trusted with, over the years it has been in power. It has grown over the years, and new technologies have helped to make it an even more powerful intelligence agency, which is why it is considered to be the strongest agency in the world.

1. US, CIA


The Central Intelligence Agency has been around since 1947, and began under President Truman. Directorate of support, intelligence, science and technology, are just some of the agencies that fall under the CIA. Collection of data and insight of foreign countries, and governments are collected for the President as well as other US organizations. This information is used to help counter terrorist and other attacks on the US, so that policy makers can step forward, and find the best ways to protect the US, official buildings, officials, and of course to protect the US public.

Intelligence agencies are put into place for just that – collecting intelligence and to protect the people. But, different countries have also decided to include other tasks under this operation. So, with different nations, different powers, and with new leaders that have come into the picture over the years, these are some of the world’s strongest powers, and some of the most well developed and well maintained intelligence agencies that are currently in place, all over the world.

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