Top 10 Best International Freight Shipping Companies in USA 2022 Reviews

Several companies around the world have international partners, affiliates, outlets and clients. Most of these companies or business are multinational and may need to ship different kinds of cargo to these destinations. International freight shipping companies makes this possible by offering a variety of relevant services.

Each business has different shipping needs because there are various kinds of cargo to ship. On the other hand, different international shipping companies offer different shipping services such as bulk carriers, tankers, roll-on/off and containers ships. This makes the choice for the best shipping companies to use can be quite a difficult one. To help you with this choice, here is a thoughtful compilation of the top 10 best international freight shipping companies in USA in 2022.

10.  American President Lines (APL)

American President Lines or simply APL was founded in the year 1848 and has been in the shipping industry since that time. This company is ranked the world’s seventh largest container transportation and shipping company. This company operates a fleet of container-ships consisting of 153 container vessels.

APL serves more than 25,000 locations in 140 countries all around the world. They offer some of the best tariffs and rates with great shipment logistics. Their shipping services also include shipment of refrigerated cargo, hazardous materials and over-sized cargo among other specialized cargo.

9. UPS

This is another popular international freight shipping companies in USA in 2022. Funded in Seattle, Washington in the 1907, UPS is a very successful company offering a variety of freight shipping services for both local and international destinations. UPS is also one of the freight companies that offer same-day and time-critical freight shipments.

UPS delivers a whopping over 15 million packages per day to over 6.1 million clients in more that 220 countries as well as territories around the world. The company provides a wide range of services including supply chain design, freight forwarding and distribution, execution and management, mail and consulting services and customs brokerage services.

8. FedEx


Founded in the year 1971, FedEx or Federal Express Corporation is a leading international freight shipping company operating in United States of America in 2022. The company has a reputation of being a leader in the logistics and providing on-time service without damage. The company ships hundreds or even thousands of tons of cargo all around the world in a regular manner.

The company also boasts of being one of the companies that use the largest civil aircraft fleet world wide in addition to the largest fleet of wide bodied civil aircraft. Such aircraft also carries more freight than any other airline in the business.

7. Mediterranean Shipping Company

Abbreviated MSC, the Mediterranean Shipping Company has been in existence since 1970 and has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland but has auxiliaries and outlets in other countries around the world including the US. It is the largest shipping company in terms of the container vessel capacity.

MSC serves 270 ports distributed all over the world in the six continents. The company has as much as 29,000 employs that are highly skilled and provide large agency network representation. MSC received six times recognition by Lloyd Loading, which is unmatched with any other international freight company.

6. Hepag-Lloyd

This German company has been in the shipment industry for a while now since their operations began in the year 1970. It is worth inclusion in top 10 best international freight shipping companies in the USA in 2022 because of its big size ranking top in the world of logistics. The company offers all the freight services and businessperson or a company my need in a convenient and reliable manner.

5. Limco Logistics Inc

This is a new entrant in the list of top 10 best international shipping companies in USA in 2022. Limco logistics boasts of being among the latest companies to join the market and bringing with it better turnarounds and efficiency in both air freight service and ocean freight service.

The company’s offices are hosted in the United States, Russia and Ukraine. From these offices, Limco Logistics send and receive cargo from all over the world. Among the service offered by the company, include air transport, railroad, fragile and hazardous items as well as ocean freight.

4. Avenue International

Another of the top 10 great international freight shipping companies in USA in 2022 is the Avenue International. This company boasts of being fully licensed, insured and bonded, meaning that your consignment or cargo is safe from damage and the recent threats of ocean terrorism. The company serves both imports and exports through their air and oceans freight services.

Avenue International has worldwide network of agents and partners that provide them with the ability to provide complete logistical experience to their customers. The company prides in creating a long term relationship with their clients by offering premium services via competitive rates, efficient services and finally commitment to customer satisfaction.

3. ZEN Continental Inc

This international freight company deserves to be included among the top 10 most popular international freight shipping company in USA in 2022. ZEN Continental has been in business for approximately 25 years hand never stopped providing super-standard services to its clients worldwide.

The reasons why they rank top is because of the fact that the company has very professional staff and well developed worldwide agency network to handle any kind of cargo from the point of origin to destination. All these they do in a problem free and consumer friendly manner.

2. Crown International Forwarders

When talking about the topmost international freight companies, Crown International Forwarders occupies a good position because of the length of time it has been successful in the logistics business. The company’s priority is superior customer service and competitive rates. Since their licensing 23 years ago, the company has been offering services to individuals, business and companies.

Crown International Forwarders specializes in overseas shipping of personal effects, household goods and commercial cargoes from the United States to other international destinations. They also offer some special freight services that will make you happy.

1. MAERSK Line

This is a Danish company with strong international presence. According to the Freight Forward Associates, MAERSK is the best shipping company in the world. Having been founded more than a century ago, the company has kept growing steadily. MAERSK is perhaps the one freight company that handles the largest share of the shipping market estimated to be at 15%.

The company operates and owns subsidiaries or offices in more than 135 countries around the world. MAERSK is involved in liner shipping services, operating more than 550 vessels with a capacity of over 2.2 million. It is easy to understand why the company is ranked top among the best International Freight Shipping Companies in USA in 2022.

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