Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Battery Case

Are you looking for a battery case to boost your phone’s battery power alongside protecting it from damage and normal wear and tear?  Some of the best things you can do to prolong your battery are things such as turn disabling auto brightness, or not stream movies. When you’ve run out of those options, you  need a battery case!

In general you need three four to look for the best battery case:

Here are the best iPhone 10 battery cases you need to try.


The battery case comes in Black and white colors. You can charge your iPhone 7 and the battery case concurrently to increase you phones power. Therefore, the battery case saves you from the hassle of charging your phone every time, increased talk time and internet use, and extended time to listen to audios and videos. Besides extending your battery life, this battery case protects your iPhone from normal wear and tear. The cover gives you a soft, comfortable grip while using your phone. The downside of this battery case is that it feels slippery, and your phone can fall off your hands.

Adding a whole new piece of hardware to another piece of hardware can be problematic. This case was designed by Apple for the iPhone. Probably the safest bet out of all of the cases you have here. If you take heed of the advice from before about things like auto brightness, then you can expect this case to give you a good long day’s charge. It’s also one of the more affordable options at $99

Trianium iPhone 7 battery case comes in black, black signature, gray and turquoise colors. The color variation gives you the freedom to choose a favorite color match for your phone. The battery case extends your battery life to 100%. As such, it gives you the ability to talk more and browse more.

The battery case’s design, allows you to sync your phone to a computer while your battery case remains attached. It protects your phone from damage resulting from falls and increases the aesthetics of your phone. The hitch with this battery case is that it is not compatible with direct connect headphones.

This PowerBear iPhone 7 battery case comes in black, gray and pink colors. The back- up extends your battery power by more than 160%. You can sync you iPhone to your computer without the necessity to remove your phone’s battery case and you can charge your phone and the battery case concurrently.

The battery case has a power on and off button that gives you control on battery usage. The battery case is also designed to protect your phone from damage, scratches and overcharging. The battery case’s charging code is short, and therefore you may need to find one that is long for your convenience.

The Grang iPhone 7 battery case is black or pink-golden colored. Its design protects your smartphone from short circuiting and overcharging, factors that can reduce your phone’s lifespan. It’s light and slim design helps make carrying easy and maintains the aesthetics of your phone. The wrong side of this battery case is that it does not provide maximum protection to your phone since the phone’s screen is exposed hence vulnerable to damage in the event of falls.

Stoon iPhone 7 battery case is a silver- colored light power back- up for your phone that extends your battery power by 75%. You can, therefore, enjoy more talk time, browsing and listening to your audios and videos. Its design is compatible with Bluetooth headphones, lightning headphones, and other wireless phones. Its 0.2 inches super-slim design is light, fits comfortably in your hand and your pocket, and maintains your phone’s original looks.
The downside of this battery case is that it offers little protection to your phone. So, your phone can still get damaged if subjected to falls.

Sgrice iPhone 7 Battery case extends your phone’s power by 100%. As such you are guaranteed of extended talk time and browsing. The battery case borders around your phone, protecting it from scratches, and other wear and tear resulting from normal use. You can sync and charge both the phone and the battery case. Its 3.5mm slim design saves your phone from a bulky look associated with oversized battery cases.
The major snag with this battery case is that you will not be able to use your Apple ear pods while the case is attached. The case’s texture may also feel slippery and can make your phone vulnerable to falls.

NERO 7 iPhone battery cases come in black, gold, silver, rose gold and jet black colors. Apple approves its charger and hence won’t destroy your phone’s battery. It extends your battery power by 120%, and it has a battery indicator to help you monitor your battery usage.

The battery case protects your phone against damage resulting from falls, scratches and normal wear and tear. You can sync and charge your phone while the battery case remains attached. The case does not support the use of a plug in headphones and you, therefore, need to use Bluetooth enabled or other wireless headphones. At first, the case may be challenging to open.

RUNSY battery case is found in Black, Gold, white and rose gold. It is designed to offer additional power to your phone alongside protecting it from scratches, dust, overcharging, and short-circuiting. It has a switch that helps you control your usage, and you can charge or sync your phone while the case remains attached.
The battery cover is bulky and hence adds more weight to your phone. You need a screen protector to safeguard your screen since the cover leaves your screen exposed.

Liam iPhone battery case increases your phone’s power by 100%. Its design protects your phone against short circuiting, overcharging, scratches, bumps and normal wear and tear. The battery case is keenly cut to allow you to use the camera and other keys on your phone.

The case also has a built-in magnet that helps drivers to attach their phone to a mount holder while driving. You can sync and charge your phone while the battery case remains mounted. The battery case adds weight to your phone.

Meritcase battery case extends the power of your phone by 170%. Besides boosting your phone’s power, the battery case protects your phone against over- charging, discharge, short circuiting, and normal wear and tear that results while using your phone.
The material used to make the battery case is non-slip, soft on your hands and resistant to sun rays. It is fitted with a magnet, hence suitable for magnetic car holders. The battery case leaves your phone’s screen exposed. Hence you need a screen guard for additional protection.