Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022

With the iPhone 7+ officially out, many enthusiasts are currently on the lookout for aesthetic, protective, and fun cases for everyday use. While the array of cases and covers that collaborators have produced have satisfied this demand, pay keen attention to the product that you are purchasing to increase your chances of finding the best. Which is the material used to manufacture it, for instance? While most individuals go for the hardest available cases in their attempt to protect their phone, the material used to make your product of choice should also be easy to install and comfortable to handle. Cutouts should also be accurate and its interior smoothed to protect your iPhone from scratches and other physical damages individuals predispose their smartphones to when installing and removing such third party accessories. To help you to find the best, we have highlighted the 10 most recommended iPhone 7 cases worth buying in 2022.

10. Tirnga Holster Belt Clip Cover


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Since their inception years ago, belt clip covers have attracted positive attention among smartphone enthusiasts mainly because of their portability. Most models are also aesthetic and have functional designs that not only fit various smartphone types but also personal accessories such as ID and credit cards. To get a valuable model that will accommodate your iPhone 7 smartphone well and better your experience over the years, Tirnga Holster Belt Clip Cover is one of the best. Featuring a black-themed hybrid hard shell that absorbs shock excellently, the level of protection that it offers is admirable. The heavy duty kickstand built onto it comes in handy when browsing or watching movies, while its unique quadruple design benefits individuals with large 5.5-inch iPhone 7 smartphones. You also get a revolving (360 degrees) belt clip that eases access to phones, a free tempered glass protector, and the 12-month warranty offered.

9. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

For years, Supcase has manufactured dependable and fun to use cases for iPhone enthusiasts. While several iPhone 7 plus cases are currently available in stores, its Unicorn Beetle Series case, for instance, remains one of the most sought-after in stores mainly because of its premium hybrid construction using premium PC and TPU materials. It is easy to install, has smooth and well-defined edges that fit and accentuate the overall outlook of iPhone 7 smartphones, and has a slim and form-fitting construction that does not bulk up pockets nor lower the experience of users in any way. You also get an elevated bezel that protects screens from scratching and shattering, accurate cutouts that grant users easy access to buttons and phone features, and a stain resistant transparent back that enables you to flaunt the beauty of your iPhone 7 plus outdoors.

8. Matone Apple


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Designed to help individuals protect the iPhone 7 plus without impairing their outlook, Matone Apple is a stylish clear case made of a soft TPU fabric. Its flexible design is very easy to install on 5.5-inch phones. Shock absorption is superior courtesy of the premium bumpers built into its body while its raised bezel and off-flat camera surface protect its screen and camera respectively from damage whenever you place your phone on a hard flat surface. Whenever you are socializing with friends outdoors, you no longer have to hold your phone the entire time to protect it from scratches and other physical damages. Apart from its unique naked outlook and its ability to protect phones from both physical and environmental damage, many individuals appreciate its accurate cutouts (camera, speaker, ports, and buttons, for instance) and the limited warranty offered for an original model.

7. Spigen Liquid Armor


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Featuring a flexible easy grip design that does not require a lot of effort and or skill to install and remove, Spigen Liquid Armor is a functional case with an aesthetic black theme that complements the beauty of the iPhone 7 plus. Made of premium matte TPU, the level of protection that it offered is admirable. Grip, on their have, is non-slip and comfortable, while the military-grade air cushion technology that it employs dampens shock well whenever you drop your phone. As such, unlike some comparable models with weak corners, you get a stable high-performance accessory that offers mil-grade protection. Most individuals also appreciate its non-bulky slim profile, on point cutouts, and the affordable amounts charged in reputable web stores such as Amazon.

6. Maxboost Hybrid Cover


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

For those shopping for durable hybrid covers that can withstand heavy duty use well, this GXD impact gel model from Maxboost rank among the most recommended in stores. Featuring an anti-scratch hybrid body made of hard PC and a TPU bumper, the extreme shock absorption that it delivers protects phones from physical damage over the years. Cutouts are accurate and designed to ease phone operation, while its translucent jet-black finish accentuated the overall look of the iPhone 7 plus. This is unlike some opaque solid models that take over rather than complement the look of phones. You also get a soft double injected interior that protects phones from scratches during installation and removal and a lifetime case warranty from Maxboost that covers all production defects.

5. Caseology Wavelength Series


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Perfect for individuals that like dramatic iPhone 7 plus cases, this Wavelength Series case from Caseology, has attracted positive attention among iPhone lovers globally. Like its iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 cases, this model has a slim, ergonomic, and accurate design that fits the iPhone 7 plus smartphone like a glove. You do not have to worry about it moving around and or bulking up your hands when operating your phone. Cutouts (for speaker, screen, camera, and buttons) are true to size, while its ripped burgundy theme has a stylish and modern flair that most individuals appreciate. At work, school, or a social party, therefore, you will attract positive attention with your well-pimped phone and has an enjoyable time, therefore. Caseology Wavelength Series has a polycarbonate bumper for protection, a flexible TPU sleeve that eases installation, and a smooth and non-slip texture (three-dimensional) that feels good in hands.

4. Trianium Protective Cover


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Specially designed for protecting the iPhone 7 plus from physical and mechanical damage, Trianium is also aesthetic and designed to ease operation of smartphones indoors and outdoors. Featuring a natural gunmetal them, you do not have to worry about its scratching, fading, and or losing its aesthetic appeal over time. The tri-layered materials used to make it offer superior protection from dents, scratches, and damage in general while its covered and reinforced corners offer all-round protection in the event of an accident. Even with its plethora of innovative features, this polycarbonate case has a light and slim design that will never weigh you down in transit. Installation and removal are also easy while the lifetime warranty offered for it covers all production defects.

3. Sahara Case Preventive Bundle


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

An acclaimed all in one bundle for the iPhone 7 smartphone, Sahara Case is a valuable kit with a stylish slim fitting design that works well. Featuring a well-place shockproof bumper, the superior shock absorption that it offered protects smartphones from bumps, dents, and dings well. Its clear rose gold theme complements the outlook of the iPhone 7 plus well while the rugged anti-slip grip offered secures it well in the hand to minimize the risk of slipping and damage. In addition to this premium case, you get a ZeroDamage screen protector (tempered glass) that protect screens from scratches and cracks and a camera hood (built in) that protects lenses from damage.

2. Caseology Parallax Series


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Caseology Parallax Series is a modern-style case for the iPhone 7 plus with a sleek geometric design (in deep blue and black) that users appreciate. Textured for easy transportation, it is an excellent travel accessory. Its trendy theme appeals to both men and women while the soft coating and molded three-dimensional construction grips snug in the hand whether you have dry or wet skin. Buy one today to protect and improve the overall value of your iPhone 7 plus phone on a budget.

1. Zizo Bolt Cover


Top 10 Best iPhone 7+ Cases and Covers Reviewed In 2022 1

Ranked among the top 10 best iPhone 7+ cases and covers in 2022 reviews, this black/black Zizo bolt cover combines both style and functionality is a unique and affordable package. Featuring a sturdy built in holster clip, transportation options are diverse. The kickstand offered is stable and perfect for entertaining, while the heavy duty and military-grade material used to manufacture it withstands abuse well without breaking or losing its aesthetic value over time. Buyers of this drop tested (810-G) iPhone 7 plus case also get a free tempered glass (0.33mm) 9H screen protector that works well.

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