Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Fashion Cases Reviewed In 2022

If you love your iPhone very much, you will realize that every time it falls, you feel chills in your body. The iPhone is very expensive when it comes to repair. Mostly, iPhones get damaged by careless handling or accidental bumps and drops. To assist you relax and enhance the beauty of your iPhone as you protect it, we shall review the top ten best current iPhone 7 cases in 2022 reviewed. This review will help you protect your best gadget from scratches and drops and give it the touch you love.

10. i-Blason Venom iPhone 7 fashion case

iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason Venom [Dual Layer] Apple iPhone 7 Case 4.7 Inch Cover [Ultra Slim] Hybrid TPU Cover - Hard Outter Shell (Blue)

Are you a person who values fashion and beauty of your iPhone? If yes, then i-Blason Venom iPhone 7 style case is here to make that a reality. It comes with a duo-layer and a hard outer layer to give your iPhone the best protection ever. This case slimness is attractive as you will love the way it fits on your iPhone 7 making it look less bulky. This case offers easy access to all the functional features on your phone. The additional bumper points provide extra protection from scratches and bumps.



OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case is an excellent quality case designed for your iPhone 7. This case fits firmly on your iPhone making it look cute and original. You will be able to access all your buttons and ports with ease as long as this case is on your iPhone. You will love its outer gold appearance that makes it more stylish. Its lightweight is quite fantastic, and you will enjoy carrying it in your arms stress-free. OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case has graphics that bring out the fashion you need. Make your iPhone look excellent by trying this style.

8. Speck Products Presidio Inked Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7

Speck Products Presidio Inked Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7 - Darkmoon Black Metallic-Black

If you are looking for a case branded with lovely flowers, then Speck Products Presidio will give you the beauty you need. This design will make your iPhone 7 look classic and sleek. Its slimness makes it the thinnest iPhone 7 case with a duo-layer for maximum protection. Carrying it around feels great as it’s less bulky; this is a feature you will like very much. It has a screen protector that will guard your iPhone from damages. Lastly, the well-designed new finishes offer the best protection against scratches.

7. kate spade New York Protective Hardshell Case for iPhone 7

kate spade new york Protective Hardshell Case for iPhone 7 - Candy Stripe Black

If you love hard case fashion cover that will give extra protection to your iPhone 7, then Kate Spade New York case is here for you. Kate Spade is made from high-quality material making it durable and stylish. It is light weight making it easy to carry. Its grip makes your iPhone remain firm in your arms as you walk around. Add elegance to your iPhone with this case that has metallic patterns making it look adorable and sleek. Kate Spade New York allows you to show off your personal style.


OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone 7 (ONLY) - Frustration Free Packaging - ROSSO CORSA (FLAME RED-RACE RED)

ROSSO CORSA comes in a beautiful red flame color. This color adds elegance to your iPhone 7. ROSSO CORSA is slim and fits well to your iPhone. It’s thin and sleek appearance makes your iPhone look stylish with this case on it. You will have an easy time carrying it as it fits in your pocket well. Its lightweight is also an advantage. Shock absorption has been made easier as this case has a duo-material construction. This case is among the cases that are most comfortable to fit, and you will not have trouble fixing it. ROSSO CORSA has excellent quality and will allow you access your buttons with ease.


OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone 7 (ONLY) - Frustration Free Packaging - CLEAR (CLEAR-CLEAR)

If you want to add seamless style to your iPhone, then this clear series case will make your work easier. With this case, you will be able to access your iPhone ports with ease. The slimness of this case makes it fit well into your iPhone giving it an excellent appearance.It fits well in your pocket, and you will not strain while carrying it in your arms. This case with a clear series allows you to reveal the contents of your iPhone. It’s very easy to install it and achieve your style as you protect your gadget. Enjoy the high quality that comes with this case as you protect your iPhone as well.

4. Showyfeather case for iPhone 7

Speck Products Presidio Clear + Print Case for iPhone 7 - Showyfeather Gold-Clear

Showyfeather is a gold and clear vase designed to give your iPhone sleek look. You will always love walking with your iPhone in your arms because you can’t hide the beauty. Showyfeather is one of the slimmest cases that weigh less making it less bulky. You will always enjoy carrying your gadget in your hands. When you phone lies flat on a surface, you don’t have to panic as this case is designed with a raised bezel to offer the necessary protection. This means that you will always have a scratch-free iPhone. This case will also shield your iPhone 7 from damages by drops since it has an anti-drop shock absorber.

3. Caseology [Parallax Series]

iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim Geometric Design [Coral Pink] [Textured Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 (2022)

Caseology [Parallax Series] is among the best-ranked fashion cases on the market. Its coral pink color gives it a classy look enhancing its beauty. Its slim design makes it look cute. With a textured grip, your iPhone will stay firm in your arms, and you will not have the stresses of constant monitoring of your gadget. With this case, you will always enjoy reliable protection since it has a bumper protecting your iPhone from an impact. This case will fit your phone perfectly and bring out its awesome looks.

2. Caseology [Envoy Series]

iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Envoy Series] Classic Rich Texture PU Leather [Leather Cherry Oak] [Luxury Slim] for Apple iPhone 7 (2022)

If the parallax series didn’t fit you, don’t worry as the Envoy Series case comes with amazing features that will leave your iPhone 7 beautiful. It has a leather texture giving it quality to protect your iPhone well. The size is also incredible. It’s slim and lightweight meaning; you will enjoy carrying it around. Envoy Series fits perfectly to your phone giving, you the best appearance in addition to excellent protection.

1. Caseology [Wavelength Series]

iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Coral Pink] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 (2022)

Caseology Wavelength Series case is among the top ranked cases for your iPhone. It’s slim, making it look cute and beautiful. This case fits firmly to your iPhone 7 making it look original. You will be offered reliable protection by this case that comes from high-quality materials. This makes Caseology durable and extra protective. This is the only case that will erase the constant fear that grips you every time your iPhone falls. Having this case is a sure way to protecting your iPhone in the best way possible.

In conclusion, the above cases with a fashionable design will always bring out life on your iPhone. With the best quality materials, you are guaranteed the best protection. Grab one before the stock ends and make your iPhone look stylish

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