Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Heavy Duty Cases Reviewed In 2022

Everything worth having is worth protecting. IPhone 7 plus gives you quality services, and as such, it is prudent to offer it as much protection as possible to increase its longevity. You want it to remain clean and sleek without scratches and cracks; as such the heavy duty cases give you the ultimate protection. Most heavy duty cases are bulk and dull thereby reducing the aesthetic value of your highly valued iPhone. We do not want that, do we? We want a heavy duty case that will be both pleasing to the eyes as well as offering quality phone protection. Regarding that, the following review will bring to your attention; the top ten best iPhone 7+ heavy duty cases with the aim of helping you protect your iPhone 7 Plus from damage.

10. Ballistic iPhone 7 Case [Tough Jacket Maxx Series]

iPhone 7 Case, Ballistic [Tough Jacket Maxx Series] Heavy Duty Protection Black Case for Apple iPhone 7 Drop Test Certified 7ft Impact Drop Protection Rugged Rotating Holster Clip & Screen Protector

The ballistic heavy duty is designed to offer your iPhone military-grade protection against any drops, bumps, and scrapes. The case comes with a holster belt clip which, unlike others can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking. Its corners are rugged and raised to give more protection by ensuring that the screen of your iPhone never touches the surface. With a ballistic case, your screen remains clean and free from any form of scratches just as you want it. This design fits perfectly to your iPhone 7 plus.

9. Maxboost SnapPro iPhone 7 Plus case

iPhone 7 Plus case, Maxboost SnapPro Heavy Duty Cases [GXD Impact Gel] EXTREME Shock-Absorption Thinnest Hard PC Covers Soft Touch Finish For Apple iPhone 7 Plus 2022 & iPhone 6s-6s Plus- Jet Black

The maxboost snapPro heavy duty case gives you a combination of Stylish, sleek and sturdy qualities that you will find it hard resisting. On beauty, the SnapPro is the slimmest protective case in the world. This elegant case is easy to install has straightforward and sleek features that will make your iPhone look cute. The case also has smooth shock absorbent material to protect your iPhone from bumps and shocks. Finally, this design is expertly designed to fit perfectly on your iPhone 7 Plus.

8. Maxboost HyperPro iPhone 7 plus case

iPhone 7 case , Maxboost HyperPro HEAVY DUTY iPhone 7 Cases w-[GXD Impact Gel] EXTREME Shock-Absorption Hybrid Covers Protective TPU Bumper Hard PC Anti-Scratch Back Work Apple iPhone 7-6-6s 2022

The Maxboost Hyperpro case is made from high-quality materials making it super in style, super thin, light in weight with excellent quality. The Hyperpro has a double soft and hard casing for maximum protection of your iPhone 7. It also comes with the shockproof technology to protect your iPhone from shocks and bumps. The case gives your iPhone a stylish appeal since it has translucent framing with somehow reveals the natural feel of the iPhone within.

7. X-Doria iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 PLUS Case, X-Doria Defense Gear Series - Heavy Duty Protection with Drop Shield, Military Grade Drop Tested Case for Apple iPhone 7 PLUS, [Space Gray]

The X-Doria heavy duty case offers military grade protection as it’s built to withstand a drop from 6 feet and 6 inches high. The case is made of durable material which hardens on impact ensuring that your precious iPhone will always be protected. In addition to that, its corners are reinforced with a dual layer for enhanced protection. The case is slim enough for easy pocketing. With this case protecting your phone you can relax knowing that your iPhone will be protected from any scratch or damage in the event of any accidents.

6., Caseology iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Titan Series] Heavy Duty Protection Defense Shield [Matte Black] [Elite Armor] for Apple iPhone 7 (2022)

The Caseology is a definition of style and elegance. It fits perfectly to the iPhone 7 plus giving it a comfortable shape. It has an incredible grip to help you hold your gadget firmly in your arms without sliding. The case is smooth and shiny making it safe in your hands and pretty elegant to the onlookers. This case will increase your confidence in the safety of your phone since the quality of the material will protect the iPhone from any scratches, bumps or cracks.

5. iPhone 7 Case, LUOLNH

iPhone 7 Case,LUOLNH [2in1] Heavy Duty Hybrid Hard Case for Apple iPhone 7[4.7inch], Blue Mint Teal and Coral Pink Split Chevron Design Cover (Gold)

The LUOLNH is a statement of quality and pure elegance. Its striking appearance makes your gadget stand out and compliments your look. It is light in weight hence easy to carry. For easy and quick access, it has ports and button openings. The LUOLNH case is made from high-quality materials making it protect more against any drops or scratches. With LUOLNH case, your iPhone 7 Plus will benefit from an assured cover.

4., Caseology [Titan Series] iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Plus Case, Caseology [Titan Series] Heavy Duty Protection Defense Shield [Rose Gold] [Elite Armor] for Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2022)

The Caseology Titan series is a beautiful case. However, there is more than what meets the eye. Titan Series is smooth and soft, well-polished and colorful appearance brings out the real beauty of your gadget. Its durability and quality are the top notches as it’s made from high standard materials. Among the Caseology design:, this series is the strongest and will give your gadget the desired protection. You will quickly access tactile buttons on your iPhone and the ports as well. This will make your work more efficient when using this case on your iPhone 7 plus.

3. Trianium Protanium iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Case, Trianium Protanium Series HEAVY DUTY Cases w- [GXD Impact Gel] EXTREME Protection Shock-Absorption Tri-Layer Covers Protective Bumper for Apple iPhone 7 (2022) & iPhone 6-6s - Gunmetal

The Trianium Protanium case offers excellent protection for your phone. It also has this sturdy design which makes it look great. This case will not punish you with bulkiness as it weighs less, an aspect that will enhance comfort while still providing protection. Trianium Protanium has raised edges that protect the screen from damaging when the iPhone screen faces downwards. For enhanced security, it has durable materials that will ensure the iPhone is kept safe from shocks and scratches.

2. AOFU[Slim Armor] iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Case,AOFU[Slim Armor] Heavy Duty [Shock-Absorption] Dual Layer Protection Cover Case for Apple iPhone 7-Gold

The AOFU iPhone case is very stylish and will give your phone that trendy look. The case is engineered with the high-quality material to protect the phone all round. Its edges are raised to make sure that the screen always stays clean and free from any scratches. The case is sturdy and fits perfectly to the iPhone. If you want a high quality, fashionable and lightweight case that will help you make a statement, the AOFU will do you justice. It comes with good and affordable prices allowing you to keep your iPhone 7 plus protected.

1. LUVVITT iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Plus Case, LUVVITT [Ultra Armor] Shock Absorbing Case Best Heavy Duty Dual Layer Tough Cover for Apple iPhone 7 PLUS - Red

The LUVVITT case comes in a sleek model and in a range of all colors giving you the freedom to choose the color that you like. The case is so stylish and will catch you by surprise. Its quality is on top since it has a dual layer, a soft plastic layer that wraps around your phone and the other hard outer shell to make sure that your phone stays protected in case of any accidents. It also has a shock absorbing mechanism to protect your iPhone 7 Plus. The case also has four small guards which protect the back of the iPhone from scratches.

In conclusion, the above reviews have accessed the hidden features and finer details that bring about the best cases. These features are geared towards helping you make a wise decision by acquiring one cover to promote the protection of your iPhone 7 Plus from extreme damages and enhancing its beautiful looks.

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