Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases Reviewed In 2022

The iPhone 7 is a reputable smartphone that appeals to the youth and adults alike. Unfortunately, because of its large size, transportation is a chore. Because of its high value, it is also a major target of thieves and robbers. However, as in most sectors, people have come up with a good solution to such problems – the best iPhone 7 wallet cases. Made of luxurious materials such as leather, they are eye-catching accessories. They are also durable and have portable designs with accurate pockets or ID cards and or credit card.

Installing an iPhone 7 case is one of the best strategies for retaining its value longer. However, with the diversity of iPhone 7 cases increasing by the day, which one is the best? Even though most people go for the most stylish models, the functionality of your iPhone is key. A model that hides its screen or buttons is not worth your time. The material used to make your wallet case of choice is also key. Will its scratch or lower the value of your phone over time? Is it durable? Finally, look out for add-ons such as clasps and slit pockets for IDs and cards. Wallets with these attributes function better. Here are the 1o best models that are currently trending online.

10. Silk iPhone 7 Wallet Case


Silk iPhone 7 Wallet Case

The iPhone, as some of the best digital cameras, is a portable accessory. To protect it well from the elements, this folio wallet case from Silk is one of the best products to use. Featuring a stylish onyx black theme, it is a suitable outdoor accessory. The soft-touch synthetic leather used to make it is also comfortable and does not fade over time. Unlike some random models that lower the value of the iPhone 7, this one never disappoints.

Cutouts are accurate. Whenever you are fitting and removing your iPhone, you do not have to worry about scratches and other cosmetic issues. The level of protection that this wallet case offers is also desirable. For instance, because it has a fully framed body (360 degrees), it absorbs stress well when dropped. The material used to make it is also durable and protective.

The add-ons that this Silk iPhone 7 Wallet Case comes with have made it a sought-after product worldwide. If you like watching movies, for instance, the easy fold kickstand that it comes with is convenient. It orients phones well for easier viewing. It also has stash pockets that fit and secure up to three cards. Finally, you get a wrist strap and a scratch resistant screen that protects your iPhone.


  • Soft synthetic leather material
  • Scratch-resistant screen
  • Three stash pockets
  • Foldable kickstand
  • Fully framed body (360 degrees)
  • Stylish Onyx black theme


  • Low-quality wrist strap

9. CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case

CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case

If you treasure your iPhone 7, as most people do, installing this wallet case from CM4 is one of the best decisions. Featuring a stylish gunmetal gray theme, it complements the style of the iPhone 7 well. It also has a low-profile design that you can carry around effortlessly. Forget about the bulky and or heavy model that you are planning to waste your money on.

Do not confuse this wallet’s ultra-slim design for a weakness. If you are conscious about the safety of your phone, it will never let you down. The textured material used to make it grips tight. Even if you have sweaty hands, the risk of slipping and dropping your phone is very low. It also has reinforced edges that absorb shock well.

Do you enjoy watching movies on your phone? Do you have IDs and credit cards that you travel with often? CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case has a credit card kickstand that orients its screen naturally. This enabled you to watch movies hands-free indoors and outdoors. You also get three accurate slots that fit up to three cards.


  • Full-frame protection
  • Credit card kickstand
  • Non-slip surface
  • Low profile design
  • Screen protection
  • Three card slots


  • None

8. AMOVO iPhone 7 Case

AMOVO iPhone 7 Case

Wallet cases come in a plethora of shapes and design. However, only a few are as eye-catching as AMOVO. It has a charming rose gold theme that does not fade over time. It is also one of the most functional products in this niche. With an original one, for instance, you get an accurate cover that fits the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. You can install your phone easily. Whenever you are removing it, you do not have to worry about scratches and or damage. Generally, you get a well-made all-around product.

Even though its beauty is a major draw, many people also appreciate its durability. Handcrafted using premium leather, for instance, it does not tear nor lose its shape over time. It also has beautiful stitches that do not tear over time and a luxurious feel that most people appreciate. Whenever you look at this 2-in-1 wallet cover for iPhone 7, you will never regret buying one.

Do you have a set of IDs or credit cards that you travel it often? To secure them without using one of the best wallets for men, this case works well. It has accurate slots that you can use to store your cards and or money. It even has a strong magnetic strap that secures your personals well (including phone) outdoors.


  • Credit card and money slots
  • Strong magnetic strap
  • Beautiful rose gold theme
  • Durable two in one design
  • Reinforced stitches
  • Accurate cutouts
  • Sturdy horizontal stand


  • None

7. Flidm Flipcase Elgant

Flidm Flipcase Elgant

Even though most men find this FlipCase iPhone 7 Case somewhat girlish, most women like it to bits. It has a stunning foldable design made of high-grade leather (PU). The material is durable. It also has a smooth and soft surface that stays comfortable outdoors. Instead of buying the low-grade models that lower the value of phones, thus, choose this one. It is affordable. You also get full access ports for charging and your phone’s speaker.

With FlipCase iPhone 7 Case, you do not have to buy a different bag for your IDs and or credit cards. In addition to its accurate phone slot, you get card slots for your debit card, IDs, and credit cards. The slots are accurate. They are also secure. This makes FlipCase iPhone 7 Case ideal for day-to-day use. You can carry it to a party or a business trip with good results.


  • High-grade PU leather
  • Classy outlook
  • Accurate access ports
  • ID and credit card slots
  • Secure magnetic clasp
  • Sturdy hand strap
  • Light grab and go design


  • None

6. CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case – Q Card Case

CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case - Q Card Case

With this Q Card iPhone 7 wallet case from CM4, you get a top-rated outdoor accessory with a stunning rose gold theme. If you are tired of the heavy foldable models that some people have, this one will work well for you. It is lightweight. It also has an ultra-slim design with a tight grip. In your office or outdoors, a new one will serve you well without putting your phone at risk.

The iPhone 7 is an expensive smartphone. If you drop yours on a hard surface, the resulting damage may lower its value or render it useless. This is another major reason why you should install this wallet case. It is protective. The full frame protection offered, for instance, absorbs shock well to protect your phone from damage.

CM4 iPhone 7 Wallet Case – Q Card Case is perfect for movie watching. The innovative credit card kickstand that it comes with works well on the go. It also has sufficient storage space for up to three bank cards and money.


  • Fits up to three cards
  • Light and ultra-slim design
  • Textured hand grips
  • Credit card kickstand
  • Full frame protection
  • Protective screen


  • A few glued parts

5. LAMEEKU Protective leather cover shockproof wallet case

LAMEEKU Protective leather cover shockproof wallet case

If you have spare money to spend on iPhone accessories, LAMEEKU is a good option. Perfect for the iPhone 7 (4.7-inches), its high craftsmanship has earned it a spot on our list. If you have used a few cases that have either ripped or failed to meet your needs, this is a good option. Handmade using quality leather, for instance, you get a durable and shock proof accessory that protects the iPhone well. Stitches are flat and durable. Finally, the three card lots offered accommodate most IDs, debit cards, and credit cards that people have.

Identity theft is a growing threat all over the world. Many people have lost their bank and credit card details to thieves who end up looting them. To protect you from such problems, LAMEEKU has a military grade RFID blocking technology that works well. The aluminum-infused into its leather prevents the transfer of signals to the RFID scanners that most thieves use.

Because of its structurally sound design, LAMEEKU protects phones from impact and the elements. The TPU lip offered, for instance, protects screens from scratches when placed on tables. You also get full frame protection and accurate cutouts that retain the functionality of phones. Buy yours on Amazon to get a 180-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • RFID blocking technology
  • Durable leather fabric
  • 180-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Raised TPU lip
  • Full frame protection
  • Sleeve for cards and IDs


  • Hard to remove card sleeve

4. Speck Products Presidio Wallet Case

Speck Products Presidio Wallet Case

Single piece wallet cases are popular because of their functional low profile designs. This black and black model from Speck, for instance, is a durable model for iPhone 7 with a backward compatible design. If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, for instance, you can use it daily without sacrificing quality. It also has a spacious side-loading slot that secures up to three cards or IDs well.

One of the major reasons why people buy iPhone 7 wallets is to protect their phones from damage. Speck Products Presidio Wallet Case excels at this job. Drop tested to 10 feet, for instance, you do not have to worry about your phone denting when dropped. The dual layered material used to make it is also durable. With one, thus, defects such as dents and scratches will be non-issues.

Do you enjoy listening to loud music from your phone? Do you watch movies often? You like this wallet case. Apart from protecting phones, it improves sound quality as well. The sound channel that it comes with improves the functionality of both its microphone and loudspeaker.


  • Innovative sound channel
  • Durable material (dual layered)
  • Drop tested to 10 feet
  • Side loading slot for cards
  • Backward compatible design


  • Slippery surface

3. iPhone 7 Wallet Case, Vena [vCommute]

iPhone 7 Wallet Case, Vena [vCommute]

With Vena, you get a gold-themed iPhone 7 wallet case that fits the 4.7-inch model like a glove. Made of a dual-layered polycarbonate material, it has a durable military-grade design that lasts long. Drop tested from four feet, it also protects phones from damage when dropped accidentally. If you are clumsy with your phone and want a stylish case that will protect it well, do not hesitate to buy one.

For added safety, Vena iPhone 7 Wallet Case features and advanced corner guard technology that never disappoints. By deflecting and or dispersing force, it keeps your phone safe during the most challenging of situations.

Apart from its safety, people like the accurate cutouts and the tactile buttons that this wallet case has. You can operate your phone effortlessly even with it on. Finally, the patent-pending hidden card slot that it comes with works well. Outdoors, nobody will know that you have your credit cards around.


  • Dual-layered polycarbonate
  • Hidden card slot
  • Accurate cutouts
  • Responsive tactile buttons
  • Drop tested to four feet
  • Multi-angle stand


  • Magnets come off over time

2. Vault Slim Wallet

Vault Slim Wallet

You can comfortably fit an iPhone 7 smartphone and three cards in this wallet case from Silk. Considering its slim design, this is impressive. Its one-piece design is also durable. Finally, you get textured sides that improve grip.

Silk is a stylish accessory. An original one will not lower the value of your iPhone 7 in any way. It is also low maintenance. All you have to do is wipe it occasionally with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime.


  • Portable ultra-slim design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good drop protection
  • Durable one-piece design
  • Fits up to three cards and cash


  • Low profile edges (do not protect screen well)

1. SHIELDON iPhone 7 Wallet Case

SHIELDON iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Made of genuine leather, SHIELDON is a stylish and durable iPhone 7 case with a secure book design. The magnetic closure that it uses works well. Its flip stand is perfect for watching movies. Finally, because of its multi-functional design, you get secure storage for your bank cards and credit cards.

SHIELDON iPhone 7 Wallet is an affordable product. Even with your tight budget, you get a functional black themed product that offers full protection to phones. Cutouts for screen, speakers, and ports are accurate. Finally, the lifetime warranty offered for it covers all defects.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stylish black theme
  • Full phone protection
  • Sturdy flip stand
  • Magnetic closure


  • Somewhat heavy


Are you shopping for a new iPhone 7 case? The 10 models that we listed will protect you phone well. They are also stylish and have functional designs with space for up to three cards. All are available on Amazon.


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