Top 10 Best Irrigation Filters Reviewed In 2021

Considered among the best technique for maintain lush lawn and gardens without spending a hefty amount of money, irrigation system are perfect water conservation tools, perfect for residential and office usage. Unfortunately, silt build up and clogs are common challenges that not only lower their performance, but also cost users a lot of money in hefty repairs over time. To avoid such problems and keep an irrigation system working optimally for several years, an irrigation filter is one of the most effective remedies that you should consider. They contain silt and debris well. They also improve water flow and therefore, maintain the pressure needed to water lawns and gardens.

10. Rainbird Disc Filter-130

Rainbird 2 Large Capacity Disc Filter-130 Micron-120 Mesh NPT Thread, 120

Designed for heavy-duty use, Rainbird Filter-130 is a high capacity disk filter with an easy to install NPT thread design. It is durable, has a micron/ 120 mesh that catches both large and fine debris well, and offers around 10 times more filtration area that most standard models in the market. This not only minimizes clogs, but also eases clean up and lowers high maintenance cost that homeowners grapple with from time to time. The disk filtration system offered is perfect for use with dirty water supplies. It also covers large irrigation zones and has a maximum flow of 110 GPM.

9. Orbit 38742

Orbit 38742 50 GPM 32 Mesh Secondary Irrigation Water Filter

A perfect filter for both residential and commercial usage, Orbit 38742 is a high-performance 50 GPM irrigation water filter with an effective 32-mesh design that filters large and small debris well, keeps several types of irrigation system clog-free, and therefore, maintains peak performance over the years. Its clear canister design is not only aesthetic, but also tells you when to clean. Its easy-access design eases clean up, while the 100% stainless steel used to manufacture its mesh does not corrode over time.

8. Action AFI-1.0-50

Action AFI-1-50 1- 50-Mesh Irrigation Filter

Action AFI-1.0-50 is a one-inch 50-mesh irrigation filter with a 100% stainless steel screen that does not corrode over time. It is affordable, has a heavy-duty construction that lasts long, and a well-engineered system with a maximum pressure output of approximately 200 PSI. Installation is a breeze. The simple center flush system offered eases clean up, while its easy access screen does not require special tools and or experience to maintain. Action AFI-1.0-50 is dependable, relatively easy to install, and currently ranks among the best spin down filters for home irrigation.

7. DIG Irrigation 3/4×3/4 GRN Screen Filter

3 per 4x3 per 4 GRN Scr Filter

Best-known for removing dirt and debris in several types of irrigation systems, this 3/4×3/4 GRN screen filter by DIG Irrigation is an innovative 3/4-inch accessory with an efficient 15 GPM design with a max pressure output of 150 PSI. It is durable, has a green-themed 155 mesh polyester screen that prevents clogs and productivity issues, and has threaded nominal Male pipe threads that ease installation. With it, therefore, you do not have to hire a professional to install it and or pay heft amounts of money for routine maintenance. Purchase an original for best results.

6. Irrigation Direct 3/4″ Filter


Irrigation Direct is a 3/4-inch irrigation filter with a threaded hose design that eases installation. The heavy-duty plastic use to make it is durable, while the 150-mesh filter offers is durable and made of quality stainless steel that does not corrode over time. Its female hose swivels to fit several types of pipes. Its high-pressure design keeps irrigation systems working well, while its affordability and easy to maintain design makes it an ideal irrigation filter for heavy-duty applications in both homes and offices.

5. Orbit Drip Irrigation Water Filter

Orbit Drip Irrigation Water Filter - 3 per 4 Pipe Thread

Ranked among the top 10 best irrigation filters in the market, Orbit Drip is a 3/4-inch pipe-thread irrigation filter made of durable plastic. It is affordable, fits and works well with micro-irrigation pipes, and has a removable 150-mesh filter that keeps debris and dirt out of your system to prevent it from clogging over the years. It is also easy to clean, maintains the efficiency of drip irrigation systems well, and has threaded connections that eliminate the need for special tools during installation. An original Orbit Drip filter will serve you exceptionally for several years.

4. Dig 3/4″ “Y” Style Drip Irrigation Filter

3 per 4 Y Style Drip Irrigation Filter with Hose Threads

By choosing this drip irrigation filter by Dig, you get a versatile Y styled accessory with universal 3/4-inch inlets and outlets that work well with several irrigation systems. The large filtration area offers cleans well without frequent maintenance. Its removable filter is easy to maintain, while its molded plastic construction is durable and has a low friction loss technology that keeps it working excellently for several years. The 155 screen it comes with is efficient and made of high-density polyester.

3. Raindrip R605DT “Y” Filter

Raindrip R605DT Y Filter and Fertilizer Applicator, 3 per 4-Inch, 1 Per Box

As the Dig Drip filter reviewed herein, Raindrip R605DT is a well-designed Y-style irrigation filter that doubles as a fertilizer applicator. It has universal 3/4-inch outlets, a powerful 720 GPH system, and a durable 150-mesh stainless steel filter that offers valuable service for years. The poly-screen element offered maximizes its efficiency. Its sturdy plastic housing lasts long, while its threads hose and pipe has swivel coupling that eases installation. It is also affordable, perfect for medium and heavy-duty watering, and is easy to clean when dirty.

2. Rain Bird PRF07530LB

Rain Bird PRF07530LB Drip Irrigation 30 PSI Pressure Regulating Filter, 3 per 4 Male Pipe Thread

Rain Bird PRF07530LB is a 30-PSI filter with a novel pressure-regulating feature. It is durable, has a threaded and easy to install 3/4-inch pipe, and has a well-built Y-shaped system that protects downstream irrigation system for clogging and lowering the effectiveness of irrigation systems. Its single-piece design lasts long, while the 75 micron 200 mesh stainless steel filter that it comes with is efficient and has rust resistant properties. You also get a robust glass-filled polypropylene body and cap that lasts.

1. Pentek 150237

Pentek 150237 #10 Big Blue Filter Housing, 1 Female NPT Inlet Or Outlet

Top on our list, Pentek 150237 is a big blue-themed filter with universal one-inch inlets and outlets (Female NPT) and a semipermeable barrier that removes undesirable particles from water. It is durable, made of densely-packed natural and synthetic materials, and is recommended for both commercial and residential use. It is also easy to install, use, and clean and meets International 9001 and 14001 quality assurance standards.

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