Top 10 Best Irrigation Pumps Reviewed In 2021

Are you planning to install a new irrigation pump in your yard or garden? Once you have done the pipework and improved access to a water source, make sure you have a good water pump. Why is this device important? Because of their high-powered designs, they distribute water to larger areas better than gravity. Most models are also easy to setup and draw water from wells and tanks efficiently. All you have to do is take you time and shop for the best model to have the best experience at home.

The benefits of installing water pumps are diverse. However, because of their diversity, choosing a suitable one is a challenging endeavor for most people. If you are among this group, fear not. Read this article to learn about the 10 best irrigation pumps in 2021 that offer value for money. The products we have chosen are durable. They also have high-powered designs that work well with most plumbing in homes and even offices. Finally, coupled with the best irrigation equipment, they work well on different-sized lawns and gardens.

10. Goulds Pumps Gt15 Irri-Gator

Goulds Pumps Gt15 Irri-Gator

Do you have a large yard with grass and or plants that you water every day? Are you shopping for a new water pump that distributes water well over vast areas? Goulds Pumps Gt15 Irri-Gator is one of the best products to use. Even though cheap, for instance, you get a self-priming single-phase irrigation pump with a powerful 1.5HP motor. This centrifugal pump is effective and does not require skill to set up.

Are you tired of the low-grade water pumps in stores that break down often? With Goulds Pumps Gt15 Irri-Gator, you get a durable outdoor accessory with a fade proof blue theme. Its pull-out design is easy to install. It also maintenance-free and has a long lasting motor that never disappoints over the years. Its cast iron body is also durable, while its unique bold down diffuser secures it well on most surfaces.

Goulds Pumps Gt15 Irri-Gator is an FDA-approved device. It is also affordable and has a heavy-duty design that withstands day-to-day abuse well.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • FDA approved pump
  • Rustproof cast iron body
  • 1.5HP motor
  • Efficient centrifugal design
  • Self-priming design
  • Fully serviceable


  • Jams occasionally

9. Lifegard Aquatics 5300 PG


Lifegard Aquatics 5300 PG

Lifegard Aquatics 5300 PG is an advanced irrigation water pump, recommended for both dry and wet applications. If you own one that consumes a lot of power and want a suitable replacement, consider this model. It has a powerful yet energy efficient design. Maintenance costs are also low because of its quality design and premium components.

If you are shopping for a durable irrigation pump, on the other hand, do not hesitate to buy this model. Its durable case withstands abuse well. It also has a low-maintenance system (oil-free) and a pre-filter that traps large particles efficiently. Devoid of your water source, you do not have to worry about clogging and other issues that plague most irrigation pumps.

Lifegard Aquatics 5300 PG is easy to handle. Because of its rotatable design, for instance, you can easily attach the best irrigation tubes and hoses on it. It also has a sturdy handle for easier transportation and a versatile design that offers value. You can use it to maintain a fountain or a pond. You can also use it to distribute water to your lawn or garden efficiently.


  • Versatile rotatable design
  • Built-in handle
  • Multi-functional system
  • Oil-free system
  • Built in pre-filter
  • Power efficient
  • Moves a lot of water


  • None

8. Simer 3415P

Simer 3415P

The best sprinklers are perfect for irrigating lawns and gardens. They are efficient and have self-sufficient designs that do a good job in most environments. If you have one and want to maximize its performance, pair it with this Simer 3415P irrigation pump. A renowned workhorse, it has a powerful 1.5HP motor that moves a lot of water. The motor is oil-free and has a low-maintenance design that works well for years.

If you are shopping for a durable day-to-day irrigation pump, Simer 3415P will not let you down. Apart from its premium motor, you get a tough thermoplastic housing that resists corrosion and rust over the years. It is also fade-proof and resists physical abuse well. Attainable pre-set at 230 volts, this pump is power efficient. Its quiet dual voltage system, on the other hand, is perfect for use around homes and offices.

When shopping, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to buy a low-performance irrigation pump that will let you down. With Simer 3415P, however, you get a top-rated pump with many notable attributes that boosts its performance. Its large discharge pipe (1.5 inches), for instance, boosts water pressure tenfold. It also has a reliable clog-proof design and powerful system that draws water from depths of up to 20 meters.


  • Large 1.5-inch discharge pipe
  • Clog-proof design
  • Powerful dual voltage system
  • Tough thermoplastic housing
  • Powerful 1.5HP motor
  • Relatively quiet


  • Not self-priming

7. Neiko 50639

Neiko 50639

Recommended for maintaining ponds, pools, and irrigation systems, Neiko 50639 is a versatile pump. Driven by a reliable 1HP electric motor, you also get a powerful accessory that handles the toughest of watering job well. The next time you are shopping for an original pump, you will never regret buying an original one.

Do not buy a cheaply made irrigation pump that will break down after two or more session. To get value for money, choose a durable model such as Neiko 50639 instead. Its heavy cast iron housing does not corrode nor rust over time. Its brass impeller and stainless steel mechanical seal last long. Finally, its centrifugal design has durable peripheral blades that move up to 30 gallons of water per minute. This is desirable.

Unlike the Simer 3415P irrigation pump listed, Neiko 50639 has a self-priming design. It works well in all settings. It is also reliable and has a single-phase two-pole motor (induction) that improves its performance significantly. You will appreciate having one at home.


  • Versatile design
  • Heavy-duty cast iron case
  • Self-priming system
  • Single-phase two-pole motor (1HP)
  • Thermal protected system
  • Pass through filter system


  • Poor suction

6. Red Lion RLSP-200

Red Lion RLSP-200

With Red Lion RLSP-200, you get a high-performance irrigation pump for heavy-duty watering jobs. The 2HP motor that it comes with, for instance, is a class-leading model that never disappoints. It supports both continuous and intermittent watering. It is also ideal for sprinkling and irrigation and has a powerful system that moves up to 79 gallons of water per minute.

Red Lion RLSP-200, as most of the best pool pumps on Amazon, is durable. With an original, for instance, you get a durable cast iron housing that resists dents and scratches. It also resists corrosion and rust and has a chip-proof red pain that boosts its aesthetic value significantly. You will manage many watering applications well with this one of a kind pump.

Dated irrigation pumps require tedious setup (including wiring) to work well. This is not the case with Red Lion RLSP-200. It has a compact design that fits in most space. Its plug and use design is super-convenient, while its voltage selector works with most electric outlets.


  • Space saving design
  • Advanced voltage selector
  • Heavy-duty cast iron case
  • Aesthetic red theme
  • Easy to install
  • 2HP electric motor
  • 79 GPM system


  • Leaks at high temperature



Considered among the top 10 best irrigation pumps in 2021, WAYNE WLS150 never disappoints. If you want a high-powered high flow pump, for instance, an original model will serve you well. Its 1.5HP electric motor, for instance, moves up to 2320 gallons of water per hour at 30 psi. Whether you are maintaining a set of sprinklers or an outdoor fountain at home, expect good results. WAYNE WLS150 has a dual-voltage system that works well with both 115 and 230-volt electrical outlets.

Do not spend the hefty amounts that some brands charge for the best irrigation systems. Even though top-grade, WAYNE WLS150 is an affordable accessory that works maintenance-free for years. It also has quality fittings that boost its performance further. For instance, you get a universal 2-inch npt suction and 1.5-inch npt discharge systems that work well. You also get a reinforced thermoplastic impeller that lasts long.


  • Reinforced thermoplastic impeller
  • 1.5-inch npt discharge system
  • Dual-voltage system
  • 1.5HP electric motor
  • Decently priced


  • Low-powered (39GPM)

4. Simer 3420P

Simer 3420P

As the best water hoses, irrigation pumps are sought-after household accessories for yard maintenance. If you are shopping for one, only a few models rival Simer 3420P. This top-of-the-line accessory is durable and among the most recommended for managing fountains. It is also perfect for irrigation systems and for fresh water applications in homes.

With one, you get a powerful electric motor (2HP) that does not overheat nor malfunction over time. The motor is also quiet and has a low-maintenance oil-free design that is suitable for fresh water applications. Finally, unlike some models that rust, scratch, or dent over time, Simer 3420P lasts long. It has a durable thermoplastic housing that resists abuse, corrosion, and rust over the years.

Simer 3420P is submersible up to 20 inches. This is ideal for individuals with pools and ponds. It also has a standard 2-inch discharge pipe that handles heavy-duty watering jobs well. Finally, this irrigation pump is affordable, very easy to setup, and has a dual voltage motor factory-set to 230 volts.


  • Dual voltage motor (230 volts)
  • Submersible up to 20 inches
  • Standard 2-inch discharge pipe
  • 2HP electric motor
  • Reasonably priced


  • Poor packaging

3. Flotec FP5172

Flotec FP5172

With a new Flotec FP5172 pump, you get a self-priming 1.5HP sprinkler pump with a high capacity design. If you have a large lawn that you have issues watering, for instance, this pump can support up to 30 sprinklers at a go. It might be the solution for your problems. It is also perfect for maintaining fountains and outdoor installations such as pools.

Flotec FP5172 has a corrosion-resistant design that holds up well under high pressure. The dual voltage (115 and 230 volt) motor it comes with is professional-grade, while its fiberglass-reinforced casing lasts long. Installed outdoors, therefore, you do not have to worry about it weathering as some plastic and metallic models often do. It also has a versatile 6.0 x 8.0 x 9.0-inch design that supports water transfer, dewatering, and auto sprinkling.

Do you have a tight budget? With Flotec FP5172, you do not have to worry about money. It is a cost-effective day-to-day accessory for personal and commercial use. It also has a low maintenance design backed by a one-year return warranty (limited).


  • One-year return warranty
  • Cost effective pump
  • Supports de-watering
  • Supports auto-sprinkling (30 sprinklers)
  • Fiberglass-reinforced case
  • Dual voltage (115 and 230 volts) motor


  • Leaky seams



WAYNE PLS100 by Wayne Anderson is a 1HP sprinkling pump with a portable stainless steel case. Its case is durable, corrosion resistance, and has a charming design that most people like. You also get a built-in debris strainer that prevents clogs over time.

Designed to move up to 720 gallons of water per hour, the performance of WAYNE PLS100 is impressive. You can use it for light watering applications with positive results. You can also use it for heavy-duty watering jobs without compromising its performance.

WAYNE PLS100 is easy to use. Featuring a dedicated on and off switch, for instance, you can power it on and off effortlessly. The carry handle it comes with eases its transportation, while its fan-cooled 115-volt electrical motor handles abuse well. Its continuous duty design, for instance, does not overheat or break down easily.


  • 115-volt continuous duty motor
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Convenient on and off switch
  • 720 gallons of water per hour
  • Built in debris strainer
  • Stainless steel case


  • Short cord
  • Cheap adapters

1. EcoPlus 728490 Eco 66

EcoPlus 728490 Eco 66

For a continuous yard and garden irrigation on a budget, EcoPlus 728490 Eco 66 is our pick of the best pump to use. This submersible pump moves up to 75 gallons per hour. It also has a power-efficient 5.7-watt electrical system with a long 69-inch power cord (120-volts). During installation, therefore, you do not have to struggle to access electrical outlets.

The press on outlet it comes with fits and works well with quality irrigation pipes. Its low maintenance oil-free design, on the other hand, lasts long while its built-in strainer prevents clogs over time. Buy yours to get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • One-year warranty
  • Built-in strainer
  • Oil-free design
  • 69-inch power cord (120-volts)
  • 5.7-watt electrical system


  • Low capacity (75 gallons per hour)
  • Annoyingly loud


To maintain a healthy lawn, installing a good irrigation system is vital. However, whilst sprinklers and hoses are readily available online, most people have a difficult time choosing the best water pumps for day-to-day use. This article has done the legwork for you. The 10 models that we have reviewed are versatile pumps that work well. They are also affordable and ideal for managing fountains and ponds as well.

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