Top 10 Best Kids Kitchen Playsets in 2022 Reviews

Kid’s kitchen playsets are very popular among parents and preschools because they offer an imaginative role play without having to experience the hazards of a real kitchen. Children use familiar appliances and equipment to pretend to prepare raw foods for meats, fruits, and vegetables. They also enable children to prepare food items such as pizza, sushi, hamburgers and more. These playsets are designed in such a way that they resemble the actual thing to make children have an imaginative pretend play.

The best kitchen playsets should be durable, easy to clean and kids friendly. If you are looking for the best kitchen playsets, you do not need to struggle while looking for the best one’s because we’ve sampled the best. Below are the top 10 Best Kids Kitchen Playsets in 2022 reviews.

10. Little Tikes Chef Kitchen


This is a stylish, compact and modern kitchen playset that makes a very great addition to any kid’s play area. The playset has a cabinet door that opens and closes with ease, working microwave, oven doors and a storage inside. The burner features electric cooking sounds together with the Chrome look towel rail. The Little Tikes Super Chef is the best playset for 3-6 years kids.

9. Small World Toys Living


This is a very great set of cookware for kids. This kitchen playset is made of light materials to enable kids to carry it to any place that they want to have fun. In addition, it has easy to clean plastic that comes in vivid colors. It also has an 11-piece set that includes a very large stockpot with a lid, frying pan with a lid, small stockpot having a lid, large spoon, ladle, spatula, skimmer, and knife.

8. Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen Playset


This kitchen playset has an oven, dishwasher, refrigerator as well as a freezer. The door also opens and closes with a lot of ease. It features the cloth curtains behind its sink, four metal accessories, two spatulas, pot, and pan. It also has a removable sink that’s designed for an easy and quick cleaning. The Grand Gourmet Kitchen playset is large enough that many children can play with it at once. It’s also lightweight, yet sturdy and durable.

7. Pretend and Play Pro Chef Kitchen Set


Let your children get cooking with the top-chef gear that’s designed to look like the actual thing. The set has a lot of pieces to encourage imaginative plays and build finer motor skills. The Pretend and Play Pro Chef Kitchen Set includes a larger deluxe stock pot, saucepan, skillet, two lids, oven mitt, play food and two cooking spoons. It also has a wipe using a damp cloth thus your kids will certainly love everything about this playset.

6. Tikes Cook and Grow Kitchen


The kitchen can be configured for 2-year age grades using this set of cookware. Stage one usually introduces a preschooler to the kitchen play at right heights while stage two provides the growing kids with additional kitchen role play. The kitchen playset features a real working refrigerator, oven and microwave doors. It also has electronic cooking sounds as well as molded-in slots that are designed to hold plates and cups.

5. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Best Kids Kitchen Playsets

This cookware set will let kids pretend they are cooking big meals for the whole family. With the close attention to interactive features and detail, this adorable cookware set will make a good gift for any of the younger chefs that are in your life. The doors open and close with ease and they also have oven knob click, cordless phone and a removable sink for an easy cleanup.

4. KidKraft, Deluxe Kitchen Set


This deluxe kitchen set is ideal for any young chefs in your home. Since the pots and pans are metallic, you know they’ll be around for several years of interactive play. It can also be used with any kid’s play kitchens so as to make the play time even more real than before. KidKraft Deluxe Kitchen Set has one metal pot, two metal pans, one metal ladle and one metal spatula to give the kids more laughter and fun.

3. Tikes Splish Splash Stove and Sink-Best Kids Kitchen Playsets


Playing in your sink will be more fun now with this kitchen playset. The Splish splash stove and sink is a portable, affordable and easy to clean playset that will spark the kids’ imagination to play in the kitchen just like dad and mom. Your kids will certainly love the actual working faucet that usually pumps water. The playset has over 13 accessories and your kids will have fun while learning all the basic functions of an ideal kitchen.

2. Gourmet Kitchen Starters Play Set


Get ready to prepare up a meal with this set. Your children will have everything that they need and much more to start their journey towards being a master chef. From the cookware to utensils and basic food, imagine what may be on your menu tonight. This will encourage your kids to engage more in role-playing while also providing a great place for kids and parents to come together and also learn. It features a solid wood construction and durable child-safe paints finish making this playset durable.

1.KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kids Kitchen Playset


This kids kitchen playset is large enough that several kids can play at the same time. It has a freezer, oven, microwave, and refrigerator, dishwasher doors that can open and close. It also has a chalkboard surface within the freezer for writing daily specials, innovative storage spaces above the sink and it’s sturdy as well. It also features a hip and modern look that the young chefs are assured to love.

If you have kids who need to have enjoyment while in the kitchen, do not hesitate to order the above kitchen sets. These kitchen playsets have functional features that are designed to stimulate imaginative thinking. The kids will certainly love everything in these sets since they look just like the actual thing. They are durable, kids friendly and sturdy. Make your children have years of laughter and fun by ordering these best kids kitchen playset today.

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