Top 10 Best Korean Beauty Balm Cream in 2022

Top 10 Best Korean Beauty Balm Cream in 2022

In the last few decades, BB cream has become one of the popular trends in the beauty industry. BB cream (Beauty Balm), were first developed by a Germany dermatologist. Then this formulation became famous in South Korea and later throughout Asia. BB cream is a lighter foundation with a few skin care benefits; for instance, sun protection, anti-aging components, moisturizing, extra hydration, which the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendation for daily use.

Lately, even though DD cream has become the latest trend in the beauty industry, some BB creams are still the favorite make-up products in use. Below are the top 10 best Korean beauty balm cream 2022 you should not miss out.

1. Dr. Jart (Premium Beauty Balm, SPF 45, PA+++)

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Premium BB is Dr. Jart best selling BB cream. This product is transferred from the early formula of BB cream to multi-functional 5 in 1 BB cream. It can moisturizes, anti-aging and SPF 45 to protect the skin from UV. You can apply the BB cream for the last step of your morning skincare routine or wear it as your foundation. It is very light and works well for blemishes coverage, which provides your skintone with a natural look.

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2.Skinfood (Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF50+PA+++)

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Skinfood is the first food cosmetic brand developed in Korea. This BB cream contains aloe vera, which can moisturises the skin. It creates a natural look, protects from UV and gets rid of water, oil and sweat.

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3. Étude House (Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit)

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This product has 3 different numbers depend on your complexion (BB_N02, BB_W13, BB_24 as appear in the photo). It can brighten up the skintone with its mineral pearl ingredients. If you have a dry skin, this product is made just for you. It contains bamboo sap, which can hydrate your skin.

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4. Sulwhasoo (Snowise Whitening Essence BB, SPF 50+, PA+++)

Sulwhasoo Whitening Essence is a decent product contains Whitening Serum, which can brighten up the skintone, minimise the skin pores, protect from UV ray, give a flawless look to the face. However, it cannot perfectly coverage the dark circles around the eyes, so make sure to put on your favorite conceallor.



5. Missha (Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23, SPF 42, PA+++)

This product has two different sizes: the 20 ml and the 50 ml tube. The 20 ml tube is a dark red color whereas the 50 ml is more reddish orange. The Missha M BB Cream does not gives a full coverage over some dark blemishes; however, it could cover those blemishes if you applied multi-layers. By the way, it gives a shiny and flawless look to your skin by using this product.



6. Clio (Clio Water Me PLS BB, SPF 30, PA++)

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Clio BB is perfect match for all skin types. The texture is not really thick and provides moisturized formulation to your skin for hours. It also perfectly cover some acne spot or blemishes on your face with SPF 30 PA++, which can protect from UV exposure.

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7. Tony Moly (Luminous Goodness Aura BB Cream)

The coverage is light to medium, it can brighten the skin and the coverage result is ok. If you want to have a complete coverage, it may depend on how much you use. The texture is very thin that makes it blend out easily. Moreover, it can also works well for oil controlled, which still look fresh in the evening. It best fits for light-medium skintone.


8. Natural Republic (Super Origin Collagen BB Cream, SPF 25, PA++)

With the beige color, it provides a natural look with a light coverage. The texture is powdery and airy. However, it is not recommended for oily skin type since it does not completely controll the oil (probably last for around 3 hours).


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