Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews 2022

Laptops like many other electrical gadgets are sensitive to heat. When exposed to high temperatures, delicate internal components on the motherboard malfunction. Built-in rechargeable batteries also degrade, lowering the functionality and overall performance of the laptop significantly. To lower this effect and keep you laptop working optimally for many years, one of the most important gadgets that you must own is a cooling pad. A well-built model with powerful fans that deflect heat from your laptop’s core will not only keep its internal components safe, but also maintain its peak working condition. The top 10 best 2022 ones are:

10. Logitech N120 Cooling Pad

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Logitech’s N120 is a USB powered cooling pad engineered for both small and large notebook computers. Its versatile design is functional and has built-in silent-flow fan that distributes air quietly around your computer. As cool air circulates around your computer, it takes away heat leaving it cool and working well. Its USB powered system is easy to use. It is also energy-efficient and works well on both smooth and textured surfaces (including your lap). Finally its nature-inspired design is aesthetic, while is closed build using the best quality materials is highly durable. It also protects its fans for dust, which increases durability further.

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9. Cooler Master NotePal U3 Cooling Pad

This Cooler Master NotePal cooling pad is an innovative three-fan model engineered for frequent gamers. It slanted aluminum body is sturdy, strong, and durable. It is also a good conductor, and dissipates heat efficiently from computers without wasting power. Finally, its design is highly flexible and compatible with notebooks, net-books, ultra-books, and laptop computers with screens up to 17-inches. Apart from its ergonomic design, other attributes that have won it the number 9 spot on our top 10 list are its portability (slim and lightweight)and ease of use. Simply connect its USB connector into a working port on your computer to have a functional cooling pad that will protect your laptop well. Finally, the fans are easy to release. They are also easy to clean and have an adjustable speed system that works well.

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8. CM Storm SF-17 Laptop Cooling Pad

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If you are a gamer and looking for a powerful cooling pad that will keep your computer working well when gaming, this CM SF-17 model by Cooler Master is among the best in 2022. On our list, it ranks eighth best for these reasons: 1) Power – the 180mm fan fitted on this one-of-a-kind cooling pad is powerful and reliable. When in use, it generates a constant flow of cool air around your laptop, which protects and keeps it functional. 2) Height settings – this cooling pad’s four height settings are ergonomic. Once set up, you can work or game comfortably, while keeping your laptop safe at the same time. 3) Retention tabs – the retention tabs fitted on this cooling pad are functional and keep it stable when using both light and heavy laptops up to 17-inches wide. It is also quiet, and has four high-speed USB ports for easier connectivity.

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7. Zalman NC1500-B Laptop Cooling Pad

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Zalman NC1500-B is a premium-quality cooling pad made of pure 2mm thick aluminum material. It is light and portable. It is also durable, large, and can accommodate up to 17-inch laptops well. Finally, its cooling system is functional. It will keep your laptop cool and working well without consuming a lot of power.

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6. CM Storm SF-19 Laptop Cooling Pad

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If your laptop overheats and you experience frequent lags whenever toy are gaming or watching a high definition video, this CM Storm cooling pad might be the solution you have been looking for long. Its built-in 140mm turbine fans (two) are functional. They are also durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly, generate a consistent flow of cool air that prevents heat build-up and ultimately, irreparable damage. Its cold-forged polygonal mesh material is durable and breathable. It dissipates heat well, lasts long, and works well with many netbook, notebook, ultra book, and laptop computer models. This pad has four high-speed USB ports, a sturdy foundation that supports colossal weight, and is among the most energy efficient models.

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5. Logitech N315 Portable Cooling Pad

Logitech’s N315 cooling pad ranks fifth on our list. It is sturdy. Its slim profile is light and portable, while its retractable pad works well for people who like using computers on their laps. You can use it as a mouse pad or storage space for your phone as you use your computer. Other attributes that make it worth buying are: 1) Anti-slip top – this cooling pads anti-slip top protects your laptop from falling when in use. It grips the laptops base well, allowing you to work worry-free. 2) Functionality –another desirable attribute of this one-of-a-kind cooling pad is its functionality. Unlike many low quality models that guarantee you heaven, but fail miserably, this cooling pad will normalize your laptops temperature, and keep it working optimally for long.

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4. Targus Lap Chill Mat

Although simple and cheap, this lap chill mat by Targus works better than many expensive contemporary models. For instance, its high-performance dual fans are effective. They are reliable and disperse laptop heat efficiently when in use. They are also low maintenance and among the most power efficient models around. Its neoprene exterior is comfortable and slip-proof. Finally, this material is heat resistant. If you use your laptop on your thighs often, it will not only protect your laptop from falling, but also protect your thighs from burning. This Targus lap chill mat works well with most laptops and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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3. Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooling Pad

Ranking third on our list, this Cooler pad is a well-built and ergonomic accessory with a special heat dissipation system. Its thermally enhanced mesh and innovative suction system at the bottom maintain a steady flow of cool air around your laptop, preventing heat build-up. Its high-performance 140mm fan is powerful (around 1500RPM), while its sturdy construction using heavy duty steel is durable and optimized for both work and gaming laptops. Other desirable attributes are its built-in fan speed controller, flexibility (supports 15 to 17-inch wide laptops), and height adjustment system.

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2. Cooler Master NotePal X3 Cooling Fan

Cool Master’s heavy-duty NotePal X3 ranks second on our list. Although light and portable, this cooling fan is feature rich, and among the most functional models in 2022. It has a 200MM fan. Its mesh surface wicks heat well, while its sturdy foundation supports netbooks, notebooks, and gaming computers between 15 and 17-inches wide. Its front vents protect your hands when working, while its adjustable height settings guarantee you maximum comfort, whilst keeping your laptop cool and safe.

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1. AVANTEK Chill Mat Cooling Pad

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This Avantek chill mat is, as per our review, the best cooling mat in 2022. Its dual 1000RPM 160mm fans are powerful. Its sturdy build is durable, while its adjustable feet with two-height settings maximize comfort. This USB cooling mat will serve you for long.

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