Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeves In 2021 Reviews

Do you own a laptop or notebook computer? To protect it from scratches and accelerated damage, one of the best accessories to use is a well-made laptop sleeve. Even though light and cheap, they are durable, create a waterproof layer that keeps the working for long, and have stylish and appealing designs that liven their otherwise drub surfaces without costing you a fortune. They are also easy to install and remove, attainable in an array of sizes, and made using premium-grade components that offer users value for money. To get value for money, the 10 best laptop sleeves to purchase in 2021 include:

10. Kamor Pro Felt & Leather Case

14 inch Apple MacBook Air Macbook Pro Felt & Leather Laptop Case sleeve With Macbook Charger case

Made using high-grade leather, Kamor is a well-designed 14-inch pro felt case sleeve for MacBook Air with an advanced easy to install design. It is 5.0mm thick, has a display size of approximately 13.3 inches, and a durable water resistant construction that protects laptops and notebooks from scratches, scraps, spills, shocks, and even bumps. For safe storage, it has a well-designed magnetic button system that secures your laptop well when not in use. This laptop case is stylish, attainable cheaply in most online stores, and has several cut-out pockets for storing USB cables, business cards, and other accessories.

9. Lacdo Waterproof Neoprene Sleeve

 Inch Waterproof Neoprene Sleeve Case Bag / Notebook Computer Case

As its name suggests, Lacdo is a flexible 13-13.3-inch waterproof sleeve for laptops made of a heavy-duty neoprene material. It is durable, has a form fitting design that protects compatible laptops or notebooks from spills, scratches, and accelerated physical damage, and a stylish attention-grabbing design that will attract you complements at work and at school. Apart from a large internal compartment for storing laptops and notebooks, this enveloped-styled neoprene sleeve has secured side pockets for storing valuables such as charges, USB cables and drives, memory drives, and other computer accessories.

8. Kamor Pro Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve

14 inch Apple MacBook Air MacBook Pro Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve with Macbook Charger Case Bohemian Style Animal World

Kamor Pro Canvas is a professional-grade fabric laptop sleeve that fits laptops and notebooks with screen sizes between 13 and 14-inches. The elephant-themes Bohemian-style fabric used to manufacture it is durable. It is also fashionable, has a fluffy fabric lining that protects laptops from scratches and a waterproof barrier that protect it from spill and environmental elements whilst traveling outdoors. As most high end models, this sleeve is easy to fit and remove. Its dual zipper design is light and highly portable, while the bonus zippered pockets it comes with are ideal for storing personals such as mobile phones and computer accessories.

7. iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve

Deluxe Laptop Sleeve Bag Cover Case For all 13-inch laptop computers - Macbook Pro

Light, universal, and made using a durable neoprene material, iBenzer is a deluxe laptop sleeve that fits all 13-inch laptops and notebooks. It measures 14x10x1-inches, stylish, and has excellent stitching and workmanship that improve its functionality and durability. If you have a tight budget, this laptop case is affordable. It has a padded inner lining that protects against scratches and a premium-grade water resistant body that protects against spills, UV damage, dust, and all other harmful environmental elements.

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6. Dachee Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric Sleeve

Dachee 2021 New Bohemian Style Canvas Fabric 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Macbook

Since its release in 2021, this bohemian-style canvas laptop sleeve by Dachee remains one of the most sought-after models worldwide for several reasons. Its quality build using a 4mm thick neoprene, for instance, is light and durable. It universal design fits most 13-13.3-inch matchbooks and laptops, while its affordability and low maintenance build is ideal for those with a low budget. This canvas sleeve is durable, very easy to install and remove, and offers superior protection against spills, dust, scratches, and even dents.

5. Mosiso Chevron Hot Blue Canvas Fabric Sleeve

Mosiso - Chevron Hot Blue Canvas Fabric 15-15.6 Inch Laptop / Notebook Computer / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Acer / Asus / Fujitsu / Lenovo / HP / Samsung / Toshiba / Sony Sleeve Case Bag Cover, Chevron Hot Blue

Recommended for use with 15-15.6-inch notebooks and laptops, Mosiso is a stylish chevron hot blue canvas fabric sleeve with a unique and sleek design. It is durable, has a fluffy fleece lining that protects laptops from scratches, and a padded foam lining that prevents it from bumps and dents during transportation. Its slim and lightweight design is ideal for regular travel, while is top-loading zipper design eases access to computers.

4. Kinmac New Bohemian Canvas Fabric Sleeve

Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeves In 2021 Reviews 1

A favored product in top 10 best laptop sleeves in 2021 reviews, new bohemian canvas laptop sleeve by Kinmac is a novel laptop and notebook sleeve that offers superior protection against dust, scratches, dents, and even liquid spills. It is affordable, has a stylish design, and a roomy interior that fits 13-13.3-inch laptops and notebooks. It is affordable, made of quality neoprene, and is ideal for everyday use.

3. Inateck Pro Retina Sleeve Cover

Inateck 13.3 Inch Macbook Air/ Pro Retina Sleeve Cover Carrying Case Laptop Bag for Apple Macbook Pro Retina/ Macbook Air, Compatible with Most 11-Inch Ultrabook Netbook, Grey

Inateck Pro Retina is a practical sleeve cover carrying case that fits all 13-inch laptops and notebooks. It is light, durable, and has a powerful Velcro closure that secures your laptop in place during storage and transportation. Its soft flannel inside protects computers against scratches. Its synthetic leather outer is dust, water, and shock resistant, while its affordability and mold-resistant construction is invaluable. It is also stylish, has a novel dual compartment design, and a biodegradable and environmentally friendly build.

2. Kamor Water-resistant Neoprene Sleeve


Designed for protecting 15.5-inch laptops and notebooks, Kamor is a water resistant neoprene laptop sleeve with a stylish slim design that fits snugly for better protection. It is lightweight, has a comfortable texture, and a neutral black theme that works well for students and business executives.

1. AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeves In 2021 Reviews 2

A precise fit for ultrabooks and laptops up to 13.3-inches, AmazonBasics laptop sleeve is a form-fitting top-loading sleeve that protects against scratches, bumps, and water damage. It is affordable, portable, and made of a stylish long lasting fabric.

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