Top 10 Best Lose-Weight Workout DVDs For Women in 2022 Reviews

Have you ever asked yourself whether you can have that super sexy and supple slim body shape of the actresses you see on movies? The answer is a certain yes, as long as you will stick to a regular workout regimen. To help you understand how and ultimately succeed.

Checkout this: Top 10 Best Lose-Weight Workout DVDs for Women

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10. Your Shape Fitness Evolved

This Your Shape Fitness Evolved featuring Xbox 360 makes your day quite enjoyable while transforming you into a super model. It is a fitness game that is programmed with unique exercises to a tune of hundreds, among them yoga, dancing, Tai Chi or martial arts. Making thing lovelier, you are allowed to select your virtual trainer for guiding you through every workout. And if you get bored using it solo, you always can go online and share your progress or challenge your pals with the Xbox Live multiplayer. A great one, isn’t it?

9. Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout

For those with a flat or skinny butt, this is a very productive workout DVD. Produced by Leandro Carvalho, a fitness trainer to popular supermodels, it will exactly guide you on how to build a lifted and firm behind. He illustrates his TriAngle training technique that lifts all the three main muscles of the butt from all angles, at the same time reducing the thighs and hips. The DVs have seven hot workouts with various durations for you to select at your liking and convenience. Moreover, extra workout techniques and tools are offered to quicken the best results.

8. Yoga for Weight Loss-Best Lose-Weight Workout DVDs

Taking a departure from most other workout techniques, this collection leads you in the arena of yoga. It is a series of 35 routines which allow you to select your own choices. Moreover, with its articulate instructions, it is quite suitable for beginners as well as those already are familiar with the yoga. This collection has 3 effective programs of yoga—power yoga for everybody, yoga for weight loss, and flow yoga for flexibility and strength. Opt for the one you prefer, exercise regularly, and you will achieve a great body shape.

7. Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

Contrary to Jillian Michaels, Shaun T shows how to have 6-pack through fun workouts, specifically dancing. This Hip Hop Ab is a great one-month workout regimen with different dancing techniques which you can perform at home. The techniques are meant particularly to burn belly fat without even undertaking tedious sit-ups or crunches. In the DVDs are 5 hot dance workouts—Fat burning Cardio (30 minutes0, Total Body Burn (45 minutes), Ab Sculpt (25 minutes), Hips, Burns and Thighs (25 minutes), last Minute Burns (5 minutes), and Last Minute Abs (5 minutes). Moreover, there are contained other exercise techniques as bonuses. As such, choose one according to your convenience and dance with Shaun T for a slim waist as well as 6-pack abdomen.

6. Fé Fit Women’s 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program

If you are looking for the workout DVD which targets different parts of your body, this is it. The DVDs in this set focus on flattening Abs, firming and tightening glutes. It has 28 very effective workout videos having seven genres to select—core, cardio circuit, body toning, lower and upper body, bare and stretches flow. Moreover, you will get essential exercises for helping you get a firm butt, legs, shoulders, arms, back, and core. With such various workout experiences, what is required from you is an only commitment, and you will ever be of good shape.

5. Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body DVD Workout

This workout DVD illustrates five hot dancing workout moves/programs namely Mark, Move and Groove (a quarter an hour), Rock It Out (45 minutes), Party Express (25 minutes), Shaun T’s Dance Party (45 minutes) and Disco Groove (35 minutes). You also get four free gifts in the package—Hardcore Abs (10 minutes), 3-day SlimDown, Booty Time (30 minutes), and Party Guide. You just choose the technique which is most suitable for you. Dancing with Shaun T is great fun that gives you a good shape.

4. Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

Also from Jillian Michaels, this DVD offers effective techniques to achieve 6 pack abdomen in six weeks. It guarantees you to get exactly that if you religiously follow her instructions. This DVD contains 2 main features which require you to exercise 5 days a week for 3 weeks. You will undergo vigorous exercises like muscle to cardio training. Again, these exercises will be serious and you will get only a few rests. However, at the end of it, the sight of your gorgeous abdomen will obliterate it all, making you smile.

3. Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights

If you are a fanatic of Jillian Michaels, a fitness trainer, then you have an idea of the quality of her work. In these lose-weight exercise DVDs, Jillian concentrates on her ‘Shred-It with Weights workout, a so efficient technique that if you repeat it regularly, you will notice a change in a week. She concentrates on muscle and cardio exercises, too. She recommends Kettlebell as the ideal workout companion in this version. She offers different options from novice to advance to make it accessible to all. Therefore, if you desire a sexy body within a short time, this DVD is yours.

2. Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party

If you hate performing sit-ups or crutches for a 6 pack Abs, this instructional DVD will guide you how. Jennifer Galardi launches a regimen using 3 different techniques of hip hop dancing, helping you reshape your unappealing stomach. With a range of great dancing techniques, you get your unwanted calories burnt to tone and tighten the abdomen. Additionally, you will see an extra motion for helping you have your ripped Abs even quicker.

1. Slim in 6 DVD Workout

This workout DVD helps you achieve a slim and supple body in about 6 weeks with even less intense workouts. The collection in the DVD targets low-impact cardio moves as well as light resistance to achieve maximum fat burning area. It is a series providing three simple steps to have fat burned faster and more effectively. Moreover, there is a workout calendar for assisting you in progress tracking. A slim training resistance band is also included to help you in exercising to the fullest.

With the clear instructions and videos these top 10 best lose weight workout DVDs for women in 2022 offer, you are bound to get that shape you have always envied the supermodels you see on TV for, for as long as you are ready to religiously follow the instructions with commitment. Most of the techniques provided are fun to perform, yet delivering best results in giving you the fittest body shape and good health.

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