Top 10 Best MacBook Pro Cases, Covers and Sleeves in 2022

Many do not see beyond the price when it comes to Apple products. The MacBook Pro is still one of the best-selling products in their lineup for several valid reasons. It ‘s hard to find a laptop running Microsoft Windows that is just as stable. Also, the build quality, design and attention to detail make the MacBooks look and feel premium. They almost feel like jewelry as there is a sense of pride to owning a MacBook.

One of the biggest problems all MacBook Pro owners have is the fear of physical damage. Even a small dent can void the warranty and repairs can be extremely expensive. In some cases, it might even be better to just get a new laptop. These beautiful machines are quite sensitive when it comes to shocks and water damage which is why everyone takes this issue very seriously. The only way to avoid being forced to get a new MacBook pay for expensive repairs is to get a case or a sleeve. There is no doubt that the MacBook Pro is one of the finest laptops ever made, but it becomes almost worthless when damaged.

While Apple does not offer a lot of variations when it comes to MacBooks, the case and sleeve market it only cluttered with products. There are thousands of models available and some offer better protection than others. Also, some cases might tend to make the laptop just a bit too bulky.

Things to Keep in Mind

Most of the cases available work with the MacBook Pro with Retina display which means that they are compatible with the latest generation. An important aspect to look out for is the size of the case or sleeve. Some work with 13-inch laptops while others work with older 15 inch MacBooks. Also, it is important to decide between a case or a sleeve. The sleeve is usually used only for transportation but when in use the MacBook can be exposed to physical damage. Cases are typically always on the laptop which offers an added sense of security. There are thousands of cases available, but the one you choose needs to fit your style. Whatever the choice might be the case or sleeve must also offer a functional purpose and protect the precious MacBook Pro and prevent unpleasant situations.

Before Anything…

Before rushing to a store or even continuing to go through our selection it is important to set a budget. Case and Sleeve prices can fluctuate a lot depending on the materials they are made of. For example, a leather sleeve is much more expensive than a model made out of a textile material. Now let’s get into our selection of the best cases and sleeves for the Apple MacBook Pro.

Best MacBook Pro Cases, Covers and Sleeves in 2022

10. Mosiso PU Leather Case For MacBook Pro 13


Mosiso’s leather case for the MacBook Pro 13 might not appeal to everyone. It has a conservative style with a PU leather construction that gives is a classic look. It might be a great pick for someone that works in an office environment, but a regular user might be tempted to get something else maybe a regular sleeve.

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The ones that do enjoy a leather case will surely appreciate the design of the Mosiso. It has a back cover for the screen that comes with a soft padding inside. This enables it to prevent impact damage to the screen. The bottom side is also padded to provide even more protection. To secure it in place the case has a cover over the arm rest, but it has a cutout for the touchpad. Also, the case does not have a cutout for the optical drive.

  • Durable PU leather construction
  • Padding for the screen and bottom covers
  • Secure locking clip
  • Stylish classic design


  • No cutout for the optical drive
  • Significantly increases the thickness of the laptop


9. HDE MacBook Pro 13 Inch Retina Case Hard Shell Cover


The HDE MacBook Pro hard shell cover is a stylish option for the ones that are concerned about physical damage of their laptop. It is available in several different colors and can even be found in the 15 inch version for the larger MacBook Pro. Along with the various regular colors the case is made available the manufacturers also offer several that come with patterns such as the US or British flag.

Getting down to its actual construction and the protection it offers the model is quite simple. It is a simple snap on cover made out of three individual pieces. It has a cover for the back of the display, one for the bottom side and a keyboard skin. The model has a cutout for the ports, and it is very easy to install. According to the manufacturers, the cover will work with MacBooks released in 2022, 2022 and 2022 that do not have an optical drive.


  • Does not add thickness to the device
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple colors and patterns available


  • Keyboard skin will make it a bit harder to type
  • No support for models with optical drives


8. Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 Retina Case


Mosiso MacBook Pro case is a great pick regarding value for money. It is inexpensive easy to snap on and quite resilient. The model offers a basic level of protection which should be enough for regular home and office usage. It might not offer the same level of protection as a regular sleeve, but it is much slimmer.

What makes the case so appealing is the fact that it does not add a lot of thickness. It is slim, has a snap on the system, and it offers complete coverage for the back of the display and the bottom of the laptop. The bottom cover has cutouts for the vents, but it does not support models with optical drives. The case works with most MacBooks released after 2022 including the latest model from Apple. Regarding choices, the case can be purchased in various colors and patterns including a clear version.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple snap on install system
  • Works with the latest MacBook Pro model
  • Very slim profile


  • Does not support models with optical drives
  • Can trap extra dirt in the vents


7. Runetz – 13-inch Hot Teal Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Pro


Runetz Hot Teal neoprene sleeve case for MacBook Pro has been selling well mostly because of its stylish design. Along with its great design, the sleeve also offers some extra storage space for small items with its zippered side pocket. The main compartment is also zippered which helps a lot when having to take out the MacBook Pro from the sleeve.

Being a sleeve means that the MacBook Pro is protected only when it is not in use. It serves more of a travel purpose as it will keep the laptop safe when not needed. Its walls have a soft interior padding that protects the laptop against shocks while the zippered enclosure ensures it stays secure. The exterior of the sleeve is made out of synthetic leather and surprisingly the sleeve itself is fairly slim. For the sake of diversity, the manufacturers sell it in five different colors including black, grey and blue.

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  • Slim design
  • Interior padding for extra protection
  • Exterior zippered side pocket
  • Affordable


  • The leather does not feel as if it is of high quality


6. ProCase Sleeve Cover For Macbook Pro


ProCase sleeve cover is a popular pick for the ones that need something simple and inexpensive. It is made out of premium materials and practical design. It was made to fit a functional purpose in the sense that it has a handle similar to a suitcase. This makes it very easy to carry when traveling. At the same time, it provides a decent level of protection for the MacBook, and it has a lightweight and slim design.

Looking at its construction the sleeve has a textile exterior made out of a durable material. Its interior is padded with a thin layer of foam in order to provide protection while the zippered enclosure makes it easy to take the MacBook out. ProCase made the sleeve in 3 different colors and multiple sizes for the 13 inch and the 15 inch MacBook Pro.


  • Can be found in a 13 or 15-inch format
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Does not feel cheap
  • Inexpensive


  • Not enough space for the charger


5. iBenzer Macbook Pro with CD-ROM Plastic Hard Case


iBenzer MacBook Pro case is a very simple product that has been selling well mainly because it is inexpensive and well made. The model comes with everything needed to provide protection for the outer side of the display and the bottom side as well as the keyboard. The manufacturers included a keyboard skin which will prove to be useful, but it makes a bit more difficult to type. However, it is difficult to deny that the keyboard skin does have a functional purpose.

The case itself is made out of a flexible plastic material. It fits perfectly on the latest models of the MacBook Pro 13 and has a simple snap on system. The case comes with a cutout for the optical drive and the air vents. It has covers for the side buttons and works with the latest version of the MacBook Pro.


  • Inexpensive
  • Slim design
  • Snap on installation


  • Keyboard skin makes it more difficult to type


4. Case Logic LAPS-113 MacBook Pro Sleeve


Case Logic is a brand that many are familiar with. They have a lot of products and most of them are selling very well. The LAPS-113 is a great pick in the sense that it is simple, well built and quite inexpensive. It does not have any additional pockets but it serves its purpose quite well which is to protect the laptop from physical damage.

The case itself is made out of a synthetic textile material that is tear proof and provides decent protection against dust. On the inside it has a soft padding to protect the laptop from physical damage and has a zipper to keep it safe. The model has a clean design and can be purchased in several different colors.


  • Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Soft interior padding for protection against physical damage



3. Kuzy BLACK Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Pro – BEST PROTECTION


When it comes to protection there is nothing better than a hard shell case. The Kuzy rubberized hard case for the MacBook Pro is a great option for the ones that are concerned about physical damage. It works in the same way as a smartphone case works. It will stay on the laptop all the time even when using the MacBook Pro.

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Being a snap on case means that it is made out of a flexible plastic material. It has cutouts for the ports for the bottom cover and the Apple logo on the logo for the display cover. The model works with MacBooks that have an optical drive. Also it can be found in several different colors but it is a bit more expensive than other similar hard shell cases.


  • Slim
  • Great color diversity
  • Very resilient
  • Excellent protection


  • Expensive when compared with other cases


2. AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve – BEST VALUE


The AmazonBasics 13 laptop sleeve is being sold as a generic model but it fits perfectly with the MacBook Pro 13. It is basically an oversized wallet that is meant to protect the laptop from physical damage. What makes the model so great is its very low price tag which explains why it has been selling so well.

The sleeve is made out of a textile material with a soft padding on the inside. It does not have any additional pockets as it was meant to be as simple as possible yet it still provides excellent protection against physical damage. Being so inexpensive and simple makes it a great choice for the ones that are looking for a product with a great value.


  • Simple design
  • Zippered enclosure
  • Good protection against dust and physical damage



1. TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro – EDITORS CHOICE


It is difficult to find a case for the MacBook Pro that does not take away its beauty. Most of them add a lot of thickness and change its shape to a certain degree. The TopCase is a bit different in the sense that the case is made to be very thin. It barely adds any thickness to the laptop. This is one of the reasons why we considered the best buy out of all the models that made it to our list.

The case itself comes as a kit that includes a top cover for the back of the display, a bottom cover and a keyboard skin. Unlike other models the keyboard skin does not make it more difficult to type. The case is very easy to install as it has a snap on design. Also the manufacturers sell the case in multiple different colors and for a very modest price tag. It works with the latest model of the MacBook Pro 13, and it even supports older models with optical drives.


  • Slim design
  • Great keyboard skin
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive



Final thought

While the cases and sleeves in our list are presented as being compatible with the 13 inch MacBook Pro, most of these models also have a version that works with the 15-inch laptop from Apple. Also, before deciding which model to get it is important to check if it supports MacBooks with or without an optical drive. It can be quite inconvenient to get a case that blocks the optical drive. It might not even be worth the time and effort to return it since cases and sleeves than to be quite inexpensive.

A thing that should be scraped off the list when looking for a case is the concern of having enough money to get a decent one. They are all inexpensive and decently constructed. The major differences between them is how well they protect the laptop against damage. Also some will be more concerned about the design of the case more than just how well it keeps the MacBook Pro safe.

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