Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts Reviewed 2022

Did you know that driving whilst handling a smartphone at the same time is one of the leading causes of accidents and therefore fatalities on the road? If you depend on your phone for work and or business and want to stay safe on the road at the same time, a magnetic car mount is one of the best devices that can help. Even though simple and affordable, their novel designs lower distractions while driving. The also improve communication without sacrificing safe, support GPS usage, and have advanced systems that function as smartphone chargers.

Even though most models work well, our picks of the best to buy in 2022 include:

10. WizGear Universal Stick On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder

WizGear Universal Stick On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-snap Technology

Designed for use with several brands of smartphones and mini tablets, WizGear is a well-built universal car mount, with a powerful magnetic platform that does not disappoint over time. It is durable, features a fast snap-swap technology that eases installation and usage. This model has an ergonomic platform that does not block air vents nor obstruct the vision of drivers whilst in use. In addition to its powerful magnetic platform, users like it for its 36o-degree swivel display that orients phones in both landscape and portrait orientations; a sturdy rubberized base that does not dislodge on bumpy roads; and aesthetic complementary build.

9. Aukey Reinforced Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Car Mount, Aukey Reinforced Magnetic Cradle-less Car Air Vent Mount Smartphone Holder Cradle for iPhone 6, 6S, Samsung S6, Android Cellphones and More

Manufactured using a heavy-duty and reinforced plastic, Aukey is a durable car mount with a powerful magnetic platform that works well with most cell phones and android and iOS smartphones. It mounts conveniently to the air vents of many types of cars. This Aukey car mount has an aesthetic black finish that complements the interior of most types of vehicles. It could generate an innovative closed force field with short-range magnetic forces that optimize safety and lower interference. This phone holder is easy to install. It also has a sturdy and durable design with a rubber holder that protects smart phones from scratches and physical damage. Aukey offers a 24-month worry free replacement warranty for an original model.

8. SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder| Car Cell Phone Mount| Cell Phone Holder For Home, Office, Kitchen| Installs on Any Flat Surface

With superior features to boast, this phone holder by Smart and Easy does what it promises. It features a similar design to Wuteku though if price is anything to go by, then this one is relatively cheaper. It also features a superior construction design with a 720 rotation mechanism that won’t limit your phone’s usability. Smart and Easy phone holder is designed for almost any type of Smartphone. It uses super strong magnet which will hold your phone or tablet like a champ even on the roughest terrain.

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7. SCOSCHE MagicMount Magnetic Holder

SCOSCHE MagicMount- Magnetic Dash Mount for Mobile devices - Car Mounts - Frustration-Free Packaging - Black

SCOSCHE is an advanced yet affordable magnet mount holder with an innovative MagicMount system that works better than most traditional clip holders. It is non-marring, works well with several types and sizes of smartphones. This SCOSCHE is able to generate a convenient viewing angle in vehicles, homes, and even offices. For those that ride on rough terrain, this mount has an automotive-grade 3M adhesive that stays snug in all environmental conditions.

This Scosche Magnetic Dash Mount will provide ultimate safety for your phone will giving you the best bang for your buck. This hands-free phone holder has a unique construction that’ll improve your car’s interior aesthetics. Previous buyers appreciate how easy it is to install and uninstall it. Its compact size allows you to access your device without interfering with any controls. Moreover, Scosche features flexible base flaps that take the shape of your dashboard and a strong magnetic force with a superior hold.

6. Spigen Car Mount

Car Mount, Spigen® [Air Vent Magnetic] Car Mount Holder

Acclaimed in stores and among individuals worldwide, Spigen is a trusted brand with several worthy products in its arsenal. If you are shopping for a magnetic car mount, for instance, and want a dependable product that offers value for money, this model will never disappoint you. It mounts conveniently to all types and sizes of car air vents. It is also durable, has an ergonomic phone holder, and a powerful quad neodymium core that works well with iPhone and a plethora of android smartphones. You also get a scratch-resistant black finish, dual metal plates, and a 360-degree swivel head that orients phones well for optimal viewing.

5. Koomus Magnetos CD Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount

Koomus Magnetos CD Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount

Talking about the top 10 best magnetic car mounts review for 2022; Koomus Magnetos CD is an advanced magnetic smartphone car mount with a universal and well-designed head that works well. It is durable, cradle less, and has an easy-to-use quick-snap system that does not depend on messy residues and suction cups to stay in place. Its super thin steel insert plat generates an extra-strong magnetic attraction, while its swiveling head ranks it among the best for 2022.

4. Mpow Grip Magic Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Mpow Grip Magic Air Vent One Step Mounting Magnetic Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6/6S and Andriod Cellphones

This Mpow Grip Magic car mount features an easy-to-use one-step mounting system and a durable non-marring phone holder. It is a top of the line magnetic car mount holder that works well with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, and a plethora of android smart phones. It is easy to install, has a dual compound mode that secures phones with cases. It generates a powerful magnetic force that attracts and secures both small and big smart phones efficiently. If cost is a factor, this mount is affordable. Its sturdy rubberized base dampens road vibrations well, while its cradle-less design does not dent nor scratch phones as some brackets and clamped ones do.

3. TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Magnetic Car Holder

TechMatte MagGrip Car Mount

Top on our list, TechMatte MagGrip is an advanced CD slot-mounting magnetic car holder that works well with both iOS and android smartphones. It is black-themed, very easy to install and use, and generates a strong magnetic field that secures and maintains the stability of phones even on rough terrain. You also get a swivel head that supports multiple adjustable angles and a cradle-less design that minimizes obstruction and damage (scratches/ dents) to phones whilst in use.

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2. Car Mount, TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder


This hard-to-beat mount holder is amongst the top selling products you’ll find on the market today. The cradle-less mount is an ideal way of securing your mobile device with no risk of scratches. Its powerful magnetic field has seen it top the list besides being easy to install. It effortlessly fits in the air vent and can be trusted with any gadget be it small or big. Additionally, its unbeatable price is a real proof that high price doesn’t promise superior quality.

1. WizGear Universal Car Mount

Car Mount, WizGear™ Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-SnapTM Technology, Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

A best seller in stores, WizGear international is a well-made universal car mount that install conveniently in air vents of cars. It is durable, generates a powerful magnetic field that secures several types and sizes of phones, and has a large swivel platform that orients phones well to ease usage. It is affordable, very easy to use, and lacks marring components that might damage your phone or vehicle.

Having garnered thousands and thousands of positive reviews, you can never go wrong with WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Holder. Amongst other things, you’re bound to love its great bargain and user-friendly nature. This game changer will allow you to take photos or record videos easily and without letting go the wheel. It’s compatible with a broad range of devices, and its super powerful magnets can never be doubted.

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