Top 10 Best Magnetic Therapies >$200 Reviewed In 2022

Considered among the best remedies for soothing body pain, relieving muscle strain, and improving blood circulation in the body, magnetic therapy devices have carved their niche in the global alternative medicine niche. While they are expensive that traditional pain balms that individuals have used for massage and analgesics that most individuals depend on for pain management, their effectiveness is admirable. Safety is top notch, while their ease of use and the plethora of available products in the market have ranked them among the most preferred and recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors alike. The 10 best in 2022 include:

10. Teleshop Adjustable Lumbar Support

 Teleshop Medical Grade Adjustable Magnetic Therapy Lumbar Support, Nude, 7.5 Ounce

This adjustable lumbar support is a lightweight (7.5 ounces) magnetic therapy accessory with an effective medical-grade design (in nude) that works well for women and men. If you grapple with consistent back pains because of your hectic job or lifestyle, this lumbar support will work wonders for you. Specially constructed to fit comfortable on the back, you can use it effortlessly while doing your everyday routines. The 12 400 Gauss magnets it comes with are powerful and strategically placed to maximize the effect of users while the light compression that it delivers not only corrects spinal alignment but also improves body posture to better the health of users. Teleshop Adjustable Lumbar Support is chiropractor-approved and therefore recommended for everyday usage.



To soothe pain and muscle stress effectively at home and outdoors, this Japanese-made RYO ISHIKAWA GGF-V0014 bracelet is one of the best accessories to use. Light, comfortable, and with powerful fixed magnets that generate a deep-penetrating magnetic field, its effectiveness and ease of use are admirable. All you have to do is wear it as any everyday bracelet to enjoy the value it offers. Styling is also admirable, while its unisex free size design works well for both men and women. Buy yours today to enjoy fast and memorable results without outsourcing massage nor breaking the bank.

8. Serenity 2000 King Sleep System

King Sleep System

With the development of efficient and easy to use magnetic therapy systems such as this King Sleep edition from Serenity 2000, whole body massage is no longer the challenge it was in the past. With an original one, you get an ultimate massage therapy tool that will help you to re-balance your body after a challenging day at work and wake up re-energized in the morning. The mattress pad offered is large (74 x 75 inches) fitted with 700 ceramic magnets with deep penetrating abilities and a comfortable padded body (5/8-inch foam) with a non-skid bottom that holds it securely on beds. The 32 magnet pillow pad offered is also large (15 x 19-inches) and functional.

7. Pure Germanium Chip Titanium Bracelet

Pure Germanium Chip Titanium Bracelet by PeakPine Unisex in Classic Designs - Germanium Chip 4mm x 21 pieces - Free Shipping with a Gift Box - Made in JAPAN

Manufactured by PeakPine, this titanium chip bracelet is a comfortable and well-designed magnetic therapy accessory with a comfortable unisex design that benefits women and men alike. Fitted with 21 4mm Pure Germanium magnets, its soothing power is admirable. Sizing (195mm) and thickness (3mm) are comfortable, while the stainless steel fastener it comes with secures it well as you go about your everyday routines. Pure Germanium Chip Titanium Bracelet in anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, and has a simple and cool-looking design that improves the overall outlook of users outdoors.

6. OMI Ring PEMF Therapy System

OMI Ring PEMF Therapy Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy System Similar to Medithera iMRS Bemer QRS

Designed to generate a pulsed electromagnetic field that soothes stressed muscles and aids in pain management, OMI Ring PEMF is a professional-grade therapy system with many other scientifically proven benefits on the body. In terms of design, its compact and ergonomic design is very easy to use. It is also durable and has a premium system with a myriad of interesting features that will improve how you activate your body whenever you have time. The three programs offered, for instance, work well. The built-in timer enables you to customize treatment sessions (1-30 minutes), while the universal AC power adapter it comes with works well with most standard electricity outlets. You get a one-year limited warranty from OMI with each purchase.

5. Therion Magnetics System 5000

Therion Magnetics System 5000 Neodymium Magnetic Mattress Pad (Latex or Mem. Foam) (King)

Perfect for soothing chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and the damaging effects of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, Therion Magnetics System 5000 is a powerful mattress pad that has improved how individuals sleep. King sized, for instance, it is large and padded (foam) for comfort. The neodymium magnets (deep penetrating) it comes with generate a powerful and soothing magnetic field, while its Talalay latex cover is smooth and has a flexible orthopedic design that conforms to the orientation of the body for optimal support. This pad is affordable, very easy to use, and activates pressure points well.

4. OMI PulsePad

OMI PulsePad PEMF Therapy Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy Device Portable Battery Powered PEMF Therapy Similar to Medithera iMRS Bemer QRS

As the OMI Ring PEMF Therapy System listed, OMI PulsePad is an acclaimed electro pulse massager that uses magnetic fields to soothe pain, muscle stress, and other complications. Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack, it is portable. Therapy is fast and long lasting, while its safety-certified design also has a convenient push button control system that eases operation. You do not have to grapple with complicated operation protocols to enjoy its numerous benefits. OMI PulsePad generates healthy magnetic fields, measures approximately 2-3/4 x 6-inches, and comes backed by a one-year warranty.

3. Therion Magnetic Mattress Pad

Magnetic Mattress Pad Neodymium System 1800 - King Size

With this mattress pad from Therion, you get a king sized magnetic therapy pad with powerful 1800 Gauss neodymium magnets that relax sore muscles, relieve discomfort, and soothe away body tension effortlessly. If you have a tight budget, this accessory is affordable. Its luxurious quilted surface is comfortable while the powerful fixed magnets (neodymium) it comes with generate a healthy magnetic field that helps individuals to sleep better at night. You get a 90-day return policy with an original Therion Magnetic Mattress Pad.

2. Biotorus LT-100

Biotorus LT-100, Magnetic Therapy Device

Considered among the top 10 best magnetic therapy $200 & above in 2022 reviews, Biotorus LT-100 is a dependable magnetic therapy device that ranks among the most recommended for relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation, and minimizing inflammation to improve cellular function. It also induces sleep well and has a special ability to boost the immune system if used on a regular basis. Fortunately, even with its advanced design, pricing is decent. Its circular toroid shape is ergonomic and very easy to use, while the harmless copolymer plastic used to make it is not only durable but also safe to use.

1. Breo iDream3 Eye and Head Massager

Breo iDream3 Eye and Head Massager

Featuring a powerful handheld design with six massage elements that you can use as needed, Breo iDream3 Eye and Head Massager tops our list. Mimicking a war helmet straight out of star trek, it is comfortable, charming, and has a battery-powered all-in-one system (heat compression, magnetic field, vibration, and intelligent air pressure) that soothes muscles and relieves pain well. You even get a built-in Mp3 player for listening to your favorite music and a dual power system (AC and Lithium battery).

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