Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews

Impressions speak volumes, and one of the things you will not miss in front of almost every private residence or business is a mailbox or letter box. That is where all incoming mails, postcards, bills and more are dropped. Even before anything else, a mailbox is usually the first thing your visitor will see. However, while you should have the design of your mailbox at the initial stages of your property design, most people tend to overlook it.

You may skeptical about the need to put a mailbox on the exterior of your home with the existing post offices and emails. One thing you’ll discover is that not all letters are sent via email. Besides, a letterbox can also house notifications and even lost things. With a mailbox, it will be easy to know you’ve received a letter without having to leave your home for the post office.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting When Selecting Your Mailbox

Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 1Post Office Requirements: Even before you search for a mailbox, you need to confirm the standards for a mailbox from your post office. After that, you need to ascertain the location of the mailbox. This way, it becomes easier to get the right letterbox.

Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 1Weatherproof: It can be annoying to find your mail and other important documents soggy after a downfall. That is why you need to rule out any unit that is not sturdy enough. Also, make sure the mailbox is rust-free. Otherwise, it would bring a bad taste to your already beautiful home.

Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 1Size: While size may not be a big issue, if you tend to receive large-sized packages, the size of your box will be a top consideration. If design elements are your primary focus, a small mailbox will work better.

Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 1Color: A mailbox has to enhance the look of your home. You can decide to go with the color that matches that of your home and other accessories in the front yard to give it an elegant appearance. The black color is a perfect choice for adding contrast. Getting a different color of a mailbox, for instance, a white home with a blue box will speak more of style. Also, you can decide to break away from the obvious and have your mailbox resemble a certain wild or domestic animal.

Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 1Material: The most reliable mailboxes tend to be plastic made. Asides from being adorable, they are waterproof and have negligible maintenance costs. Cast aluminum mailboxes are also ideal considering they are robust and are not susceptible to rusting. Also, you will find others made of wood and still waterproof and durable.

It can be confusing and even intimidating to shop for a mailbox going by the huge number seeking your attention on the market. Because we care, we had to spare a few days researching on the best mailboxes to make your shopping easy. The customers’ reviews and the features of every mailbox informed our reviews

Step2 533800 MailMaster Trimline Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Step2 is a US company mostly dedicated to offering products that allow the family to share light moments. By partnering with various retailers, they offer unique toys such as kids’ playhouses, climbers, sand and water and more. We have reviewed kids’ magnetic toys for you. Aside from the kids’ items, they also have home products and tools including outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and mailboxes. In this article, our focus is on mailboxes. Step2 MailMaster Trimline Mailbox finds it way in the list of the top 10 mailboxes as it exhibits noteworthy features.

This mailbox has heavy duty poly construction that makes it with sturdy enough to withstand any vandalism. With the screws and lag bolts, you can be sure it will be solid on the posts. The best thing about plastic mailboxes like MailMaster Trimline is that they need very minimal maintenance if at all. You should forget about dealing with rust problems. You can be sure it will remain in good shape regardless of the weather.

Trimline Mailbox is pretty is easy to install. You need to get a 4 × 4 post for you to mount and you should note that it is not included. So the all-in-one thing should not put you into thinking that it comes with one. Your work will be pretty easy if you are replacing an old mailbox. That is because you’ll only need to cut the size of the post to the recommended 2 feet.

The base of the mailbox is hollow but not entirely so you can push it on the top of the post. It comes with all the mounting hardware including the 4 screws that allow you to reinforce it to the post. We would advise against tightening the screws too much, or the top of the plastic will get deformed.

Step2 MailMaster Trimline Mailbox is has interior compartments positioned in the back and front. You gain access to the trays through the 2 magnetic latch doors that you’ll find easy to open. One thing you’ll love is that you don’t have to go to the street or even near it to retrieve the mail from the mailbox. That is because you can reach the back door while still away from the road. That way, you’ll never risk your life, especially on a busy street.

Step2 533800 MailMaster Trimline Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

A major concern we noted among the customers is the lag bolts and the rears screws are silver and look very obvious. We think that can be a little bit risky in that it can attract curiosity and in the process, an intruder gets tempted to access the compartments. A nice trick is to paint the screws, so they are discrete.

Also, there is a bonus for you. It comes with address numbers which are super easy to fix. You will get 3 numbers each from 0-9 which are incredibly cute to give your mailbox a wonderful look. Rarely will you find other mailboxes offering them. They will only supply you the mailbox and you have to get an address on your own. So we consider that an advantage.

We recommend Step2 MailMaster Trimline Mailbox for those who are looking for something inexpensive yet solid and quality for the best experience with mails.

Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

For the over 4 decades now, Umbra, a company in Canada, US has been leading in the manufacturer of modern, unique and affordable household products. Umbra offers top quality products that not many competitors can match. If you thought that is meant to flatter you, they’ve sold their products in over 120 countries countrywide. Among the many products that this company has is the top rated Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox. The mailbox managed to feature in the list of the top choices in its category.

By just looking at the front yard of your home, a visitor can tell what to expect one they get inside the house. Apart from that flower vase that you’ve mounted on the wall for decoration purposes, you also need to think about the picture the mailbox positioned in the exterior paints to the visitors. If you don’t just want a mailbox just for the delivery of mails, the look it depicts has to be a top consideration. That is where Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox comes in.

Unlike the traditional ones that were just designed to serve their sole purpose of holding emails, Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox also boosts the appearance of your home. The silver color works with almost every home color. Therefore, your needs for a perfect match for your home décor is Umbra Postino Mailbox.

Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox is a perfect definition of durability. It has a stainless steel construction that renders it hard to destroy. Besides, it features a stainless finish that gives it a bright and vibrant appeal. Also, the finish on the surface ensures that it is weatherproof meaning that it is capable of withstanding the environmental elements. That means your mails never get soaked in water as no water can penetrate into the mailbox. Besides, you can be sure that the stainless finish will prevent the mailbox from rusting. As such, this mailbox will not fade or wear out. Also, you can choose to go with the power coated black option that also has the same protection properties.

Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox has a lid with hinges. It overlaps over the body making sure the contents of the mailbox do not get drenched. Please note that it doesn’t lock, and so you mails are no very secure inside this mailbox. But the proximity to the home implies you’re your mails cannot be stolen easily. Also, magazines and other bigger packages will protrude outside. So if your aim is to accommodate larger items like small boxes, you might need to look for a mailbox with a large capacity.

You don’t need special technical skills to get this mailbox mounted. The mails box is designed to be mounted on the wall. It includes mounting hardware for easy installation

Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox is ideal for those who care about the appeal of their home. This mailbox will bring out the beauty of your home at its best.

Flambeau T-H6003WT Classic Wall Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

When you want storage items made of contractor grade plastic, Flambeau should be top on your list. It doesn’t matter if you are a DIYer, tradesman or a professional, Flambeau, a company in the US will meet all your needs. They offer a wide array of products including part stations, cases, bin systems, mailboxes and more. All those products will help in the storage and delivery of other supplies and material. However, in this review, our focus is on the mailboxes. The company presents you one of their top rated products, Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox.

If you are among those with a busy schedule and have to receive bulk mails, you know how convenient a mailbox can be. That is because it can be hard to make it to the post office all the time. You need to have your mails delivered somewhere you can access without much hassle. As such, you need a mailbox with enough space to accommodate even a week’s mails.

Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox is extra large to offer enough room for mails and even other small packages. You can now order your items online and have them delivered to your mailbox by the mail carrier. It doesn’t have a lock but features a flip top that keeps the content safe from getting soaked by water.

Flambeau T-H6003WT Classic Wall Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Mailboxes need to strong enough to withstand all elements in the environment. This mailbox is robust and will not get damaged easily. Besides, this mailbox has a coating that ensures that it does not rust. As a result, you can be sure it will retain its vibrant and bright color. Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox features is made is made of durable plastic material but features a copolymer wood texture. The copolymer forms a film on the surface of the mailbox that renders this mailbox weatherproof. As a result, you can be sure that it will not fade or sustain abrasions. You will hit winter in style! That makes it highly durable making this a lifetime purchase.

A mailbox does not only offer a platform for delivery of mails. It also contributes to the attractiveness of your exterior. If you still want to make an impression, a bright colored mailbox is ideal. And if it’s weather resistant, it will always retain the original look. The covering on the on the Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox exhibits a vibrant appearance that enhances the appearance of your lawn.

You don’t need professional skills to have Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox mounted. This mailbox is designed to be mounted on the wall. You need to drill holes on the wall, and so you can use the two provided screws for reinforcement. That is a task that should take you a few minutes to finish. With that, you will never again read wet mails.

Flambeau Class Wall Mount Mailbox can work best for those who receive a lot of mails and do not find time to collect them all the time. That is because it has enough space to occupy more and more and even leave room for small packages.

River's Edge Mailbox for the Outdoor Enthusiast
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

There is no better way of showing your love for nature than acquiring items that depict that. River’s Edges lets you break from your perception of the exteriors and your way of doing things. At River’s Edge, you’ll get products to decorate all the places you think are worth giving an excellent re-touch. And now, they present you the River’s Edge Mailbox that offers a different approach to the horizontal mailboxes on the market.

The mailbox is designed in such a manner that it will fit on 2’ × 4’and 4’× 4’ post. It is not that large but can accommodate padded envelopes and magazines without the need to fold them so they can fit. What’s more, it will not let water penetrate inside. That means you’ll never have to deal with cases of damaged mail. They’ll remain as clean as delivered in there.

River’s Edge mailbox is made of sturdy plastic materials that render it indestructible. The bright color makes it visibly attracted. You can be sure this is a real boost to the look of the appearance of your yard. Besides, the material is weatherproof meaning that will never leak water inside.

It is common sense that exposing any materials to UV rays for an extended period would lead to the discoloration. A mailbox is one of those objects that welcome visitors to your home and if you’ve neglected it till the colors fades then you would tell much about your home. River’s Edge mailbox is designed to last. It comes with a unique UV protection coating that filters out the rays. As such, the mailbox will maintain its glory for many years to come.

River's Edge Mailbox for the Outdoor Enthusiast
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Most mailboxes will not come with installation accessories. And that means you have to purchase them as standalone units. That is not the case with River’s Edge mailbox. It comes with mounting hardware that can never get compromised.

We all love gifts. If there is somebody you care so much about and they are fishing enthusiasts, River’s Edge mailbox makes a perfect give for that person. It comes with a nice packaging or and it can still fit in the standard parcels. Grab one for them and smile together. Find more Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

If you are a fishing fanatic, River’s Edge mailbox is your perfect. It is designed to look like a fish as a symbol that fishing is your hobby.

Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Mailboxes are not just that simply because they provide room for storage. And while you’ll come across many lockable units, most of them do not offer the ultimate protection to your mail. US Postal Inspection Service Indicates that last year, 9.9 million American were victims of identity theft leading to crimes that cost them a whopping 5 billion dollars. The statistics should show you how glaring the situation is. As such, you need a mailbox that provides maximum security for your mails. Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox by MailBoss should be your perfect choice.

Epoch Mailbox provides top security and has curb appeal. Curb appeal in this context implies that this mailbox will bring out the attractiveness of your residence better when positioned at the entrance of your home. As such, it will be convenient enough for the mail carrier to drop the letter or parcel even without stepping out of the curb. At the same time, it gives your home exterior a nice look when viewing from the nearby street. You might also be interested in the best Christmas home decorations.

You cannot doubt the quality of Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox. It meets the rules and guidelines by the US Postal Service (USPS) regarding design and placement. The Mailbox features a mail slot where the mail carrier will insert it. Your mail remains secure and confidential as intended since you’ll need a key to open the door.

The mailbox features an anti-pry locking system with a top security 12-disc wafer that prevents fishing off the contents of the box. It will require a thief to have one of the three laser-cut keys, (very unlikely) to unlock this mailbox. You can be sure your personal information will not get into the hands of malicious people. Also, there is a concealed outgoing mail tray that allows you to send mail. However, you should note that the outgoing mail is not that secure.

Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Also, Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox is reinforced with stainless steel hinges to ensure that it does not flip open easily even if the intruder comes with a screwdriver. Besides, it has a powder coating finish that ensures that the mailbox does not fade away or wear out. As such, the weather elements are a non-issue with this mailbox.

The weather elements are the primary challenge to mailboxes especially the ones that are mounted in the open. If such a mailbox is not weatherproof, then you are likely to have lots of problems with it. Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox is designed to last. It is made of durable steel with a 12-guage steel mounting plate. That makes sure that even in the event of vandalism, it remains unshakeable.

Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox does not require you to be an expert to have it installed. The mounting plate makes it possible to install on any surface within minutes. The mailbox is accompanied by 4 lag bolts that make attach it to the post for stability. The drill bit will help in creating holes on the surface where you want to mount the mailboxes. What’s more, the mailbox comes with a reflective house number for ease of identification.

Mail theft and identity theft can be catastrophic, and that is why we would recommend this mailbox to homeowners and business owners. If you receive mails containing very sensitive personal information, Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox is your perfect choice.

Special Lite Products SHH-1006-WH Horizon Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Probably the word special has something to do with the quality of the product Special Lite Products Company Inc. offers. This company offers top ranking products in the tools and home improvement category & patio, lawn, and garden category. Among those, Special Lite Product Horizon Mailbox has found its way into the list of the best choices in its category. That does not happen just for the sake of it but because the customers believe it offers value for money. Here is why you need to have this mailbox in the top of your list.

We, humans love to impress. A beautiful lawn on your yard will, without a doubt transform the look of your home. While most people believe that a mailbox is just meant for the purpose of delivering mails and other packages, it offers more than that. A mailbox can boost the appearance of your landscape. That is why you need to be extra careful when purchasing one. Special Products Mailbox is designed with the residential decorative needs in mind. If you want your home to stand out, this is the perfect mailbox.

Maybe if somebody decided to inquire, you’d confess how you go your letter or even that important parcel that was delivered by the carrier but was too large to fit in your mailbox. But as fit would have it, the carrier had nothing to do but to leave it there only to be soaked by the heavy downfall that evening. That is a mistake you can avoid. With Special Lite mailbox, you have enough space for larger parcels such padded envelopes and small boxes. So if you are a shopper, you have a perfect mailbox with enough room to accommodate most of your packages.

Special Lite Products SHH-1006-WH Horizon Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

You’ll recall that cast aluminum is one of the ideal materials for building mailboxes. Aluminum casting entails a convenient way of forming aluminum into a broad variety of products, a mailbox being one of them. And since you position the mailbox somewhere outside your home, you need something that can withstand the environmental elements. Special Lite mailbox features cast aluminum construction that makes it extremely solid. As a result, it is not simple for it to get destroyed in the event of vandalism. What’s more, cast aluminum is not susceptible to rusting. That means you’ll need little or no maintenance for this mailbox.

As already pointed above, Special Lite Mailbox serves not only for mail delivery but also to add to the outlook of your home. This mailbox features powder coating finish right from the moment you get it from the packaging. The coating is not applied to comply with any rule, but it plays very significant roles. The powder coating finish is there not only for decorative purposes but also for protection. It serves a protective mechanism by preventing the surface from scratching, wearing and fading. That is to say that Special Lite mailbox will stay bright and vibrant for longer.

Installing Special Lite Mailbox does not require any technical skills, and you don’t need to incur inviting a professional for the work. The mailbox is designed in a way such that you can mount it on the wall. It comes with screws and anchors that will come in handy when install. With the two screws near the top, you can have mounted in minutes.

We recommend Special Lite Mailbox those who love to impress. Positioning this unit outside that door, you can be sure it will wow your guests and the mail carrier will be super excited.

Gibraltar Parsons Rust-Proof Plastic Post-Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

A beautiful yard is the dream of every new homeowner. And that means when designing your home, you must put into consideration the landscape design. One of the things that might arise when developing your yard is a mailbox. Gibraltar Parsons mailbox is engineered to boost the look of your landscape while ensuring that you have a better experience with the incoming and outgoing mails. Being a key player in the manufacturer of mailboxes in the US, it is a given that they offer nothing but quality mailboxes. Check some of the features that make this mailbox stand out among a sea full of other brands.

Many a time, you’ll only find mailboxes with space to fit only the envelopes and no room for more. That means that if you happen to have larger and packages that require more room, you’ll be in for inconvenience. For example, the fact that most people have to shop online implies that there needs to be a way of delivering the packages to their doorsteps. And without a mailbox, it will be a problem receiving your goods.

The best thing is that Gibraltar Parsons mailbox comes in to solve that problem. This mailbox offers medium capacity enough to fit larger packages. From now on, you’ll find your small boxes, padded envelopes and magazines secure stored inside the mailbox. So there is no more dealing with soggy items and mails meaning there will never be any damages.

Gibraltar Parsons Rust-Proof Plastic Post-Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

A mailbox needs to be robust enough to withstand harsh weather elements, or it will not last long. It is made of polypropylene material that renders it durable. Polypropylene serves both as plastic and a fiber, and you’ll find it being used in constructing plastic items that last a lifetime. Thanks to the polymer used in building it, Gibraltar Parsons mailbox does not rust. That implies that it will rarely fade. Besides, plastic materials will mostly likely not require any maintenance. The last thing you want to hear as a homeowner is to part with a few bucks to paint your mailbox all the time.

Ultra-violet rays are not only harmful to the humans. One leading challenge that the plastic industries have to deal with is the discoloration of the plastic products following exposure to direct sunlight. The good thing is that there is a way of controlling UV rays. That means using UV inhibitors on the plastics to prevent weathering. Gibraltar Parsons mailbox has UV inhibitors that prevent the white finish from fading away. As such, this mailbox is weatherproof as it can survive any elements.

The ease of installation of mailboxes is a major consideration. You need not struggle to mount your mailbox. Among other tasks, this should be one of the ‘Do it yourself’ things that you should manage without the necessity of a professional. To make your work simple, Gibraltar Parsons mailbox comes already assembled. You’ll find it a breeze to install this mailbox using the screws that come one of the several Gibraltar posts they offer. The mounting posts include BPW000W01 and WP000W01.

Gibraltar Parsons mailbox meets postal regulations regarding construction and placement. It is recommended for those who receive medium packages particularly the shoppers online. Besides, those who receive a lot of mails will find it a blessing as you don’t need to empty it every day.

Architectural Mailboxes Locking Post Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Architectural Mailboxes is a manufacturer of mailboxes and other accessories. Located in Canada, the goal of the company is to improve the feel of your home with elegant mailboxes, home identification numbers and more. Architectural Mount Mailbox is among top mailboxes in this category exhibits features that will get you impressed.

You are aware that for every mailbox to be released to the market for consumers, it must get the approval of the Postmaster General. That means that it has to meet the specifications of the regulator before it gets a node. Architectural Mount Mailbox features a patented design that has received approval from the Postmaster General. That implies it meets the design requirements and complies with the standards of the secure mailboxes.

This mailbox is not like the flimsy units that you’ll find on the market. It is designed to withstand all the environmental elements. Architectural Mailbox body is sturdy metal that renders the unit extremely durable and long life. Its body is made of heavy duty 16 and 18 gauge galvanized steel In the case of vandalism on your street, this mailbox is robust enough and will be left in one shape. The weather doesn’t matter as the mailbox is weatherproof. Galvanization helps to prevent rusting in steel. As a result, against all the odds, your mailbox will remain as clean as you bought it.

Architectural mailbox has doors that feature rubber seals that ensure the mails and other parcels remain clean. Besides, the seals ensure that no water penetrates into the interior where your documents and other packages are. You can be guaranteed that you’ll find everything the same way it was delivered. As a result, you will never deal with issues pertaining damages that may arise when a parcel containing an electronic or other sensitive items gets drenched.

Architectural Mailboxes Locking Post Mount Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

What’s more, the theft of mail and identity theft will no longer be an issue with this mailbox. It features a cam lock that keeps all your mails and parcels secure from intruders. Once the mail carrier has delivered the mail, only the owner can access them. It has two compartments, and the mail carrier drops the mail on the upper one. It is designed in such a way that the mail automatically goes to the lower locked compartment where the owner has to use the key provided to retrieve it. Architectural mailbox promises security, reliability, and convenience.

Where the appearance is a primary consideration, it comes with unique colors and finishes to choose from. What’s more, you can select between the traditional and the new design. As such, this mailbox will not only offer security and convenience in mail delivery but also improve the appearance of your home.

The mailbox works well when mounted on a rectangular column protruding from the wall. However, you can still mount it away from the house as it has an outer covering that protects against moisture and other environmental conditions.

Architectural mailbox is ideal for those who receive a lot of mails and for those who shop online. Your mails and parcels are secure in this mailbox. It occupies parcels measuring 10x8x2 and 10x4x3 inches.

Mail Boss Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Mails are usually confidential, and if they happen to get into the hands of malicious individuals, your security is at risks. Mail and identity theft is a common challenge that homeowners with mailboxes face. Mails contain very sensitive information that needs to be handled with much care. Not every mailbox preserves that, secrecy, and that is why you need to be extra careful when selecting one. You need a mailbox that will guarantee safety for your mails and other packages. MailBoss Mail Manager Mailbox is all about security, safety, and reliability.

Mail Boss has been engineered to meet and surpass the standards of the US Postal Service (USPS) for the construction and the placement of mailboxes. That ensures that you mail will never land in wrong hands. As such, you’ll not face case of identity theft as you will always meet your mail and other documents in your mailbox.

What’s more, MaiBoss mailbox features electro galvanized welded steel construction that renders the mailbox extremely stable. As a result, this mailbox is not susceptible to destruction or vandalism. Besides, the material makes it weatherproof. Thus, you will never again have to read soggy mails. Besides, the steel construction ensures that the mailbox is rustproof and maintains its original color. On top of that, you will no longer require much time and money on maintenance of Mail Boss mailbox. You can be sure this is a lifetime investment.

Even more, Mail Manager Mailbox comes with a specially engineered door that allows the mail carrier to fit the small packages without using a key. However, the door of the mailbox requires a key to retrieve the mails and other packages. It means, your security is guaranteed with this Mail Boss Mailbox. That is because no criminal can access the contents of the mailbox without the key. There can be no better way of curbing the mail and identity theft than with this kind of mailbox.

Mail Boss Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Mail theft is one of the main problems in the US. And that mostly happens in cases where the mailboxes do not provide enough security for the mail. To deter that, you need a mailbox that is lockable. However, is important to bear in mind that not all mailboxes allow you to lock are secure, and that is where mail manager comes in.

The mail manager mailbox exhibits a patented locking system that guards your mailbox against and organized forceful entry. With the commercial grade 12-wafer lock, the security of your mailbox is in no doubt. The 3 laser case that accompanies the mailbox cannot be duplicated. Neither it is possible for a thief to use master keys on the lock. If you want to secure your home from intruders, here are the best home security systems.

Accompanying the mail manager mailbox are 4 lag screws or bolts that are used to fasten the mailbox on the mounting post. There is also a drill bit that is used in creating holes where the lag screws will fit when mounting.

Installation is simple and requires no expertise. With all the accessories you can do it without seeking professional services. Simply create drill the holes on your mounting post and use the lag screw to reinforce. And with an installation guide that comes with the mailbox, it will not take you a long time to mount it.

Mail Boss aims to ascertain that you are contented with your purchase. And that is why they back Mail Manager Mailbox with a lifetime warranty against any defects resulting from the manufacture of the unit.

Mail Boss mailbox is recommended for those who receive sensitive emails and packages that are confidential. If you stay in a place where mail theft is a big issue, you will find Mail Manager Mailbox a perfect choice.

Gibraltar Stanley Extra-Large Galvanized Steel Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

Gibraltar is a company in the US that has a reputation for the manufacturer of top rated products including drum hardware, drum pedals, practice pads, percussion stands and their accessories. Those who know Gibraltar well can attest that their hardware products are of the highest quality. Although they offer a wide array of products, this post will focus the mailbox. Gibraltar Extra-Large Mailbox features making it rank top in its category. That will transform the manner in which you receive your mail and while at the same time boosting your home’s exterior.

Most mailboxes are small in size and have room for small envelopes only. While it may be sufficient for your mails, you may need room other packages that demand extra room. Besides, if you are among those who receive bulk mails, a tiny mailbox will be full after a few mails if you don’t check daily.

Gibraltar Extra-Large Mailbox is large enough to impress your mailman. It now comes in a new design from the old one that you’ll find very functional. From now on, there is no more leaving envelopes containing brochures and other magazines in the open. Also, Gibraltar mailbox will even fit the small boxes normally left outside to avoid drenching.

A mailbox is one of those equipment need are place in the open. That means that a mailbox has to be weatherproof. Gibraltar Extra-Large mailbox has galvanized steel construction that renders it sturdy and durable. Besides, Galvanizing steel gives it an attractive finish that is guaranteed to boost the appearance of your home exterior. A galvanized mailbox will require less maintenance, and that makes your works easier. That means you will not to recoat the metal for many years to come.
Gibraltar Stanley Extra-Large Galvanized Steel Mailbox
Top 10 Best Mailboxes In 2022 Reviews 6

What’s more, apart from being galvanized, Gibraltar Mailbox features a black powder coating that prevents rust and other environmental elements. That means that however humid or rainy it gets, this mailbox will retain its glory. It doesn’t feature a plague on the top meaning that at no given time will water leak in.

Gibraltar Extra-Large Mailbox is simple to install and doesn’t require any special expertise. You only need some screws to the bottom if you want to mount it on the already existing mailbox post. If this is your first mailbox, there are many Gibraltar posts availablethat that you can use to mount the mailbox easily. The posts are very robust and include BP000B01 and DPKX0000.

Gibraltar Extra-Large Mailbox is ideal for those who would like to position their mailboxes a few yards from the house but in the compound. Also, if you have a hectic work schedule, this mailbox, you will never get folded packages.


Mailboxes are not becoming obsolete any time soon. In fact, they just got more use with the need to deliver packages for those who shop online. Those with busy schedules got a way of access their mails without having to run up and down. And with some coming with a locking mechanism, it would not be fair to conclude that all mailboxes are not secure. Durability, weatherproof, appearance, and security are the major facets upon which to base your shopping decision. Go through the reviews and grab one for yourself.

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