Top 10 Best Men’s Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2021

Invented over 125 years ago, athletic supports have grown in popularity among athletes for many reasons. By cradling, lifting, and supporting the penis during gameplay, for instance, they lower this risk of injuries significantly. During active sports, gonadal injuries are common and among the leading causes of fertility problems in men.

For those concerned about muscle and ligament damage, athletic supports are also ideal accessories to use. The sturdy fabrics used to make them contain the repetitive bounce that often tears and or aggravates muscles and ligaments. Take care, though. Athletic supports can be as bad as they are good. With an ill-fitting model, for instance, discomfort and the risk of injuries are high. Hot synthetic fabrics are also irritant and have the propensity to lower the sperm count of wearers by trapping heat around the testis.

To help you capitalize on their advantages while avoiding their cons, this article has done the legwork for you. After a careful and detailed review of some of the most popular athletic supports in stores, we have identified 10 models that work the best. Here is a detailed review of their key features and major benefits:

10. Rawlings Adult Athletic Supporter

Rawlings Adult Athletic Supporter

Do not let physical injuries cripple your performance on the pitch or create long-term injuries that will frustrate you in the future. Even though simple, athletic supports improve the safety and the performance of wearers. This adult-sized black-themed model from Rawlings, for instance, is a comfortable accessory with a thin and supporting profile. It cradles and supports the penis well. It also restricts unnecessary movements that often injure athletes or lower their overall performance on the pitch.

The durability of this accessory is impressive. Unlike several models, the heavy-duty cotton (55%) and polyester (45%) used to make it withstands abuse well. You can tag it and or wash it several times without compromising its structure. Its broad and well-finished pouch, on the other hand, is comfortable and designed to fit penises of various sizes. On the pitch or track, therefore, forget about the irritation some athletic support cause individuals. It is also fun to walk or run in and has an adjustable waistband (85% polyester and 15% rubber) that first most individuals.


  • This rubberized (15%) waistband
  • Comfortable cotton pouch
  • Durable rip-proof design
  • Provides optimal support
  • Perfect for all types of sports


  • Runs small

9. Players Athletic Supporter

Players Athletic Supporter

If you enjoy sports and care about personal safety at the same time, never go out to training with a quality pair of athletic supports on. Even though most individuals depend on underwear to offer the needed support, they have a high risk of muscle and ligament damage. Moreover, athletic supports are not that expensive. Quality athletic supporters such as this white themed model from Players are attainable on a budget in reputable stores such as Amazon. Visit its site and purchase one today.

The fact that you are spending a paltry amount on this supporter does not mean you sacrifice quality. Designed with the player’s comfort in mind, for instance, it works perfectly under clothing. The combed and ring-spun cotton use to make it is also comfortable and delivers exceptional support as you engage in rigorous sports. Finally, for those that play in hot outdoor environments, this product has a cool breathable design that you will enjoy using. It does not trap heat nor irritate wearers as some synthetic brands often do. Expect an enjoyable experience always.

Pre-shrunk, Players Athletic Supporter retains its shape and thus its functionality after several washes. You do not have to worry about it losing its elasticity and or the level of support. Pricing is reasonable, while it thick and comfortable waistband adjusts to fit most individuals.


  • Thick and adjustable waistband
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Does not lose its shape after washing


8. Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter

Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter

Made of a soft and lightweight polyester blend fabric (50/50 cotton/poly); Safe-T-Gard is a comfortable Jock strap for athletes that supports wearers red. Attainable in red, it has an eye-catching design that most individuals appreciate. Its smooth and breathable design maximizes comfort, while its accurate fit (pre-shrunk) makes it an ideal day-to-day athletic support. If you have used several sports grade models with poor results, this one will never disappoint you.

In most top 10 best men’s athletic supporters reviewed in 2021, athletes complain of the poor quality waistbands that some supports have. They are either too thin, run small, or made of non-flexible materials that irritate wearers over time. You will never have a similar experience with this Safe-T-Gard jock strap athletic supporter. It has a wide and rubberized elastic band that fits snug on most body shapes and sizes. Finally, with it flat and reinforced seams, the risk of tearing and or irritation are low.


  • Wide and comfortable elastic band
  • Flat and reinforced seams
  • Comfortable poly-blend fabric
  • Attainable pre-shrunk


  • None

7. McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter

McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter

Many individuals know the McDavid brand for the quality waist trainers it has manufactured for several years now. However, this company has a versatile portfolio with numerous professional-grade accessories for engaging in various sports. If you are an athlete, for instance, and want a jock that will support and protect you well from injuries, this HexMesh model works well. Durable, comfortable, and with an advanced Hydravent technology that wicks sweat and heat well, it is a perfect outdoor apparel.

Forget about the tight underwear that you wear to training. For optimal support, and thus, protection, a quality athletic supporter such as McDavid HexMesh will serve you better. In addition to its high comfort level and breathability, the HexMesh fabric used to make it support users well without impairing motion. Because of its flexibility, it also fits most standard cups, while improves the levels of protection of wearers further. Buy an original to get value for money.

You do not need deep pockets to afford this McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter. In Amazon, it is affordable. It is also durable and has a low maintenance design that you can wash easily.


  • Durable low maintenance design
  • Comfortable HexMesh fabric
  • Sweat-wicking hydravent technology
  • Fits most standard cups


  • Small pocket
  • Flimsy without a cup

6. SafeTGard Adult Athletic Supporter

SafeTGard Adult Athletic Supporter

Now available in youth and adult sizes, SafeTGard is a popular men’s accessory that benefits individuals and athletes alike. Perfect for sports use, it is light and comfortable. Even though it lacks a pocket, the preshrunk fabric used to manufacture it delivers optimal support, which enables individuals to play safely. If you have experimented with shorts, underwear, and all other popular remedies, buy this one to get permanent results.

Even though athletic supports are underwear, having a good-looking model is a confidence booster. SafeTGard meets this threshold. With a new one, you get a valuable gray and white themed accessory that goes well with most types of clothing. Its fabric is fade proof. Seams, on the other hand, are flat and non-irritant, while its decent pricing appeals to people of all cadres.

For optimal support, this accessory has an ultra-wide waistband that cradles the waist and hips well. It does not bunch as other models. It also has a comfortable and non-irritant design that stretches to fit most individuals. You will enjoy using it.


  • Stretches to fit most individuals
  • Thick and supportive waistband
  • Stylish white theme
  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Very easy to clean


  • Lacks a cup

5. Bike Performance Swim/Jog Supporter

Bike Performance Swim/Jog Supporter

Do you swim or jog for fun or as a profession? Do you enjoy cycling for hours during your free time or during the weekend? To minimize irritation and the risk of injuries, purchase this Swim/Jog Supporter from Bike Performance. Featuring a comfortable professional-grade design that fits most men, it is fun to use. Stretch is minimal, while its wide and rubberized pouch fits most men.

The cotton blend fabric (50% nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton) used to make it has a smooth and luxurious feel that most individuals like. Unlike the rough and hard synthetic ones that scratch individuals occasionally, expect memorable results with this one. This support also easy to clean and has a supportive fit with flat and reinforced seams that do not burst under pressure.

As most products listed herein, Bike Performance has a thick (1-1/4-inches) and rubberized waistband that lays comfortably on the skin. Straps are sturdy and non-irritant, while its light and flexible design does not impair motion whilst exercising.


  • Thick and comfortable waistband
  • Quality poly-blend fabric
  • Flexible rubberized pouch
  • Sturdy/supportive side straps


  • Loses shape over time

4. McDavid Classic Athletic Supporter

McDavid Classic Athletic Supporter

To get a quality professional-grade athletic supporter without paying premium amounts, McDavid should be your brand of choice. As stated earlier, it is home to numerous valuable product that benefits professionals and individuals like. With this classic athletic supporter, for instance, you get a package of two sports apparel, each with a comfortable and supportive design. Perfect for adults, it is among the bestsellers in 2021 because of its affordability. The quality materials used to make it also hold up well over the years devoid of the sporting event that you enjoy.

In terms of style, it has a manly yet eye-catching black theme that most individuals appreciate. The high level of support it offers lowers the incidence of sports-related injuries, while its customizable fit (flexible) benefits most individuals.

Do not purchase the bulky athletic supporters in stores that often impair motion and compromise the experience of wearers. With this one, you get a streamlined day-to-day accessory with a light design that users like. It is affordable, washable, and has a wide and comfortable waistband that betters the experience of users further.


  • Wide and comfortable waistband
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Optimizes support and protection
  • Aesthetic black theme


  • High-rise waistband

3. Shock Doctor Power Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Shock Doctor Power Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Maximize personal comfort and safety outdoors with an original version of Power Supporter from Shock Doctor. Popular among boxers and football players, the lever of protection it delivers is admirable. This, in part, is because of the quality polyester blend fabric (51% polyester, 44% spandex, and 5% nylon) used to make it. You also get tough and well-finished seams and side straps for additional support.

The plethora of sizes and colors available in Amazon benefit individuals of all cadres. Whether you like your jock overly tight or flexible, for instance, you can easy get an ideal product online. You can also experiment with numerous colors until you get one that works best for you. This support has a breathable mesh panel and a free BioFlex cup that you can use on demand.


  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Free BioFlex cup
  • Comfortable poly-blend fabric
  • Thick and comfortable waistband
  • Breathable mesh panel


  • Frays easily

2. Duke Athletic Supporter

Duke Athletic Supporter

Featuring a comfortable 3-inch waistband and a soft open-knit pouch, Duke Athletic Supporter is one of the best products in this niche. In top 10 best athletic supporters for men in 2021, for instance, many people appreciate its ability to withstand several washes. Used every day, therefore, you can maintain it easily without worrying about it fraying and or losing its shape.

Comfort is another major attracts. Unlike some brands that pinch users and compromise their overall experience, this model never disappoints. It cradles privates comfortably. It also supports them well and minimizes unnecessary motion that might lead to muscle and or ligament injury whilst playing. Finally, the comfortable preshrunk fabric used to make its pouch, rubberized waistband, and thick one-inch leg bands better its performance further.


  • Thick waistband and leg bands
  • Preshrunk pouch
  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Very easy to clean


  • Tight fitting (runs small)

1. Papi Cotton Jock Strap

Papi Cotton Jock Strap

Talking about the best athletic supports in 2021, this pack of three cotton jockstraps from Papi tops our list. The bold colors offered (blue, black, and red) are aesthetic. The 100% cotton used to make them is machine washable and has a breathable weave that keeps users cool and comfortable.

For optimal support, buyers get a thick yet comfortable waistband and side straps that secure it well on the body. Seams are non-irritant, while its contoured pouch cradles the gonads well to maximize support.


  • Comfortable padded waistband
  • Sturdy leg bands
  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Machine-washable 100% cotton fabric
  • Contoured pouch
  • Pack of three multi-colored supports


  • Shoddy sewing


Recommended for individuals playing active sports, jock straps are comfortable accessories that protect individuals from strain and injuries. They are also supportive and have lightweight day-to-day designs that work better than boxers do. For those planning to buy one, our top 10 selections are ideal. Perfect for all sports, they perform flawlessly in all environments.


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