Top 10 Best Men’s Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022

Invented over 125 years ago, athletic supports have grown in popularity to become one of the must-have accessories by sports personalities (and even ordinary Joes for several reasons. By cradling, supporting, and lifting the wearer’s testes and penis, the lower the risk of injuries when engaging in high impact sporting activities. They also lower the risk of muscle and ligament damage due to repetitive bounce, and are made of a soft and premium material that maximizes user comfort when working out in the gym, engaging in a sporting activity, or when traveling to work and or school. If you are tired of the numerous injuries that you have suffered over the years or are just looking for a comfortable athletic supporter for everyday use, the 10 best are:

10. Rawlings Adult Athletic Supporter

Adult Athletic Supporter

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Available in black in reputable stores such as Amazon, Rawlings is a stylish adult-sized athletic supporter for men with a thin yet supportive profile that you will enjoy using every day. Manufactured using a high-quality cotton (55%) and polyester (45%) blend fabric, its pouch is comfortable, breathable, and has a supportive weave that snugs the gonads well to minimize the risk of injuries. Its waistband (85% polyester and 15% rubber) is also comfortable, flexes for a custom fit, and has a stable design that does not bunch nor slip as most comparable men’s products in this category.

9. Players Athletic Supporter

Players Men's Athletic Supporter

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Manufactured with the user’s optimal comfort in mind, this Athletic supporter from Players is a premium white-themed accessory made of a combed and soft ring-spun cotton fabric. The material is comfortable, breathable, and has an exceptional craftsmanship that guarantees a supportive and comfortable fit, no matter the activity that you are engaging in. Attainable pre-shrunk, this supporter retains its shape and its functionality after several washes. Pricing is also decent while the ling lasting quality that buyers get has made it a sought-after accessory by many sports personalities.

8. Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter

Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter - Red

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Manufactured using a soft, lightweight, and highly comfortable polyester blend fabric, this Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap maximizes user safety without compromising comfort and style. Fit is excellent. The wide elastic waistband that it come with guarantee a comfortable and snug fit while its flat seams and the fiery red accessory that individuals get has won it global acclaim. For longevity, optimal fit, and better performance, this athletic supporter comes pre-shrunk and ready to use.

7. McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter

McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

A dominant player in the men’s sports niche, McDavid offers users value without charging premium amounts for its products. If you are shopping for a new athletic supporter, for instance, McDavid HexMesh is a top-rated and sports-grade product that outmatches its competition in several ways. To keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, for instance, the hydravent technology used to manufacture it wicks heat and sweat well. The HexMesh technology used to make its fabric maximizes airflow further while the cup pocket that comes included allows you to fit most standard cups for added protection.

6. SafeTGard Adult Athletic Supporter

SafeTGard Adult Athletic Supporter without Pocket

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Even though this adult-sized SafeTGard athletic supporter lacks the cup pocket found in some high-end products, it remains sought-after in Amazon and other Web stores because of the value that it offers. Its aesthetic grey and white themed body, for instance, is comfortable and made of a pre-shrunk high-performance fabric that does not fade nor lose its shape over time. Its ultra-wide waistband is comfortable, stretches to fit individuals of all cadres, and does not lose its elasticity over time while its thin profile design works well in tights and compression shorts. Sizes are also diverse.

5. Bike Performance Swim/Jog Supporter

Bike Men's Performance Cotton Swim or Jog Supporter Strap - 2 Pack

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Do you swim or jog for fun or as a profession? To minimize irritation and or the risk of injuries, this Bike Performance swim and jog athletic supporter is one of the best products to use. Manufactured using a premium cotton blend (50% nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton) fabric, it is comfortable, non-irritant, and has a supportive fit that most users appreciate. Its rubberized pouch (40-gaige) is comfortable and flexes for a custom fit while its thick 1-1/4-inch waistband and sturdy straps improve its stability, and thus, suitability for use when exercising.

4. McDavid Classic Athletic Supporter

McDavid Classic Two Pack Athletic Supporter

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Attainable as a package of two athletic supporters for men, McDavid Classic has played a significant role in this niche, growing to become one of the bestselling for several reasons. Manufactured using innovative and the highest quality materials, for instance, it holds up well whilst in use. It black theme is manly and eye-catching while its ability to protect users, to lower the incidence of injury, and enhance performance has made it sought-after globally. You also get a custom fit, a lightweight design that does not bulk up shorts or trousers, and a wide and comfortable waistband.

3. Shock Doctor Power Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Shock Doctor Men's Power Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Maximize personal comfort and safety with an original version of this Power Supporter from Shock Doctor. Aesthetic (white), comfortable, and manufactured using a sturdy polyester blend fabric (51% polyester, 44% spandex, and 5% nylon), it is a perfect day-to-day safety accessory. The plethora of sizes and colours available in stores benefit people of all cadres while the free BioFlex cup that it comes with has a comfortable and secure design and a mesh cup panel for optimal ventilation.

2. Duke Athletic Supporter

Duke Athletic Supporter

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Featuring a comfortable 3-inch waistband and a soft and open-knit pouch that maximizes stability and comfort, Duke Athletic Supporter is one of the best products in this niche. In top 10 best athletic supporters for men in 2022, for instance, many people appreciate its ability to withstand several washes without losing its shape or functionality. The comfortable shrink resistant fabric used to manufacture it is another major draw while the one-inch leg bands that buyers get stabilize it well.

1. Papi Cotton Jock Strap

Papi Men's 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap

Top 10 Best Men's Athletic Supporters Reviewed In 2022 1

Talking about the best athletic supports in 2022, this pack of three cotton jockstraps from Papi tops our list. The bold colours offered (blue, black, and red) are aesthetic. The 100% cotton used to make them is machine washable while its breathable weave wicks heat and sweat well to keep you dry and comfortable. You also get a contoured pouch that optimizes support and a wide and cushioned waistband for a custom fit.


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