Top 10 Best Men’s Belts Reviewed In 2022

Whether you like a formal outlook or a casual one, a quality belt will not only spare you the stress of constantly adjusting your pants but also improve your outlook. Attainable in a plethora of sizes, most contemporary models are aesthetic. The quality leather and synthetic materials used to make most models are durable while their affordability enables users to look their best without breaking the bank. If you are shopping for a replacement for your worn out model, however, do not choose any random model you come across. The 10 models that we have reviewed herein are durable, premium looking, and therefore recommended for work and casual use.

10. Columbia Guatemalan Belt

Columbia Men's 32mm Oil Tan Guatemalan Belt

An experienced manufacturer of clothing and shoes, Columbia has also carved a niche in the men’s belt category with its products offering value. If you tired of your old and faded belt, for instance, this Guatemalan Belt is a recommended day-to-day model made of 100% leather. Oil tanned and laced with a colorful Italian fabric, it deviates from the boring solid belts that individuals have used for years. It buckle (gold toned) is also stylish and easy to use, while its sturdy 32mm design resists occasional tagging and bending without cracking or breaking. This semi-formal belt also has flat and tight stitches that boost its charm and durability further.

9. Columbia Trinity

Columbia Men's Trinity 35 mm Feather Edge Belt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

Attainable in big, tall, and regular sizes, Columbia Trinity is a charming work and casual belt with several admirable features. Measuring 35mm, for instance, the premium material used in its production is durable and has a unique featheredge that boosts its charm. Quality and longevity are admirable, while its unique tonal stitching not only holds it together well but also enhances its charm further. Instead of wasting money on the drab budget belts in stores, order your to improve your overall outlook on route to school or work. Maintenance is also easy (hand-wash) while its nickel belt is durable and fitted with an easy to use single prong fastener.

8. Marino Avenue

Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Linxx Buckle, Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box

A popular ratcheting dress belt for office workers and individuals alike, Marino Avenue is a genuine leather men’s belt that lasts. Fitted with a durable Linxx buckle, wearing and removal are straightforward. The elegant leather used in its production is crack-resistant, while the 38 unique adjustments on its body eliminate the need for holes. To obtain a comfortable fit, all you have to do is lift its buckle, adjust it to your ideal size, and close its buckle. The 1-1/8-inch belt comes with a free attractive gift box and a 100% 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

7. Levi’s Levis

Levi's Men's Levis 40-mm Reversible Belt

Featuring a reversible (black and brown) 40mm design, this two in one Levi’s Levis belt for men is a premium day-to-day accessory. If you do not have money to buy several colored belts, this affordable belt works well. Made of 100% leather, for instance, it is sturdy, aesthetic, and designed to resist tears, scratches, and cracks over time. Its strap is also hand-washable and comes fitted with a clean-looking gunmetal buckle that boosts its charm further. For the best experience, make sure that you choose the correct size.

6. Vbiger Ratchet Belt

Vbiger Men's Leather Belt Sliding Buckle 35mm Ratchet Belt Black

To look good at work and school on a budget, this ratchet belt from Vbiger is one of the best to use. Recommended in top 10 best men’s belts reviewed in 2022, its smooth ratcheting design fits various body shapes and sizes comfortably. The quality leather (in black) used to manufacture its strap is thick and durable, while its rubberized ratchet system is quiet and has an auto-locking buckle. Buyers also appreciate its exquisite double edge stitching, removable buckle, and affordable full-length design that fits waists sizes up to 48-inches.

5. Dickies Leather Belt

Dickies Mens 38mm Leather Belt With Two Row Stitch

Fit, styling, and longevity are essential attributes to consider when choosing a belt. While numerous men’s models have these desirable attributes, Dickies Leather Belt is among the bestselling because of its overall quality. Made of 100% leather, it is durable and has a professional look that office workers and individuals appreciate. Maintenance (by hand or using a damp cloth) is easy, while its unique double row stitching not only improves its overall look but also its longevity. In Amazon, Dickies Leather Belt is attainable cheaply and at various sizes.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Reversible Belt

While this reversible belt from Tommy Hilfiger is slightly expensive, you get a valuable men’s product made of bonded PU leather (55%) and cowhide leather (45%). The material is durable, flexes better than traditional leather, and has a smooth and well-finished outlook that buyers appreciate. Because of its reversible design, you can wear it two ways without compromising looks. Hardware, on the other hand, is durable and polished to boost charm while its single prong buckle system is not only stable but also easy to use. Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt complements both formal and business-casual looks.

3. Marino Dress Belt

Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle, Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box

This dress belt for men is a smooth and sleek ratcheting model made of genuine leather. If you tired of fastening buckles or punching new holes whenever you outgrow your belt, this model works best. First, forget about holes. Its ratcheting buckle (removable) scoots on its strap for a comfortable fit. The 38 unique adjustments offered fit various body sizes, while its fine and fashionable body comes well finished to resist cracking and scratches. As most Marino belts, this dress edition is affordable and has a 45-day money back guarantee.

2. Luxury Stretch Belt

Luxury Divas Braided Elastic Stretch Belt

While this stretch belt is not ideal for formal use, its compatibility with shorts, chinos, slacks, and jeans has attracted it attention globally. If you wear casual clothing often, therefore, an original will not let you down. Made of braided polyester, it is durable and stretchable for a comfortable fit. Sizing is accurate, while its weaved elastic design does not rub against nor irritate users. This timeless belt is affordable and has man-made leather trims that prevent it from fraying or unwinding.

1. Carhartt Anvil

Carhartt Men's Anvil Leather Belt

Measuring 4.3 inches wide and 2.6-inches high, Carhartt Anvil is a stylish leather belt for men with a durable single prong buckle. Unlike some brown belts that are often overlooked, this model is a best-seller because of its full grain construction and comfort levels. The fun looking gunmetal buckle and its scratch and crack resistant finish are other attributes that have earned it a spot among the top 10 best men’s belts reviewed for 2022.

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