Top 10 Best Men’s Pants Reviewed In 2022

Pants for men are comfortable casual and formal apparel that you can wear to work and or school. Apart from their affordability, they have remained sought-after for years because of their quality designs. Lighter than jeans and other comparable types of clothes, for instance, they are good for commuting. They are also comfortable, easy to clean, and available in a plethora of stylish designs for casual and formal use.

If you like pants and shopping for a new pair that will flatter your body well, look for a brand made of a quality material such as cotton. The material is durable. It is also easy to maintain and have a breathable weave that keeps users cool and comfortable outdoors. You should also check the size of the product offered before parting with your money. If you wear size 32 pants, for instance, buying size 36 or size 38 is not a good decision.

Finally, check the fit of the pants on offer before making a final decision. For a cool modern look, slim fitting pants work the best. If comfort is a priority, however, a loose-fitting pant will serve you well. We have covered both worlds in this review. The 10 pants we have talked about durable and comfortable men’s apparel with functional designs.

10. Match Slim Fit

Match Men's Slim Fit Straight Leg Casual Pants #8032

The benefits of wearing pants over traditional apparel such as jeans and shorts are diverse. Their clean looking formal and casual looking designs, for instance, appeal to most individuals. They are also cheaper and have low-maintenance designs, which make them ideal for day-to-day use. To get a well-made one that offers these major benefits, Match Slim Fit is one of the best. Perfect for slim individuals, it has a comfortable slim-fitting design that accentuates the look of most wearers. It also has comfortable straight legs that ease wearing and removal.

Made of 78% cotton and 22% polyester, this black-themed pant is light and comfortable. Washing is easy by hand or machine, while its breathable chino pattern keeps users cool in hot weather. If you live in a temperate environment, therefore, and want to look your best always, consider this one of a kind pant. It is affordable and designed to let its wearers work and or commute in peace.

Match Slim Fit has a combination closure system that involves buttons and a tight-sealing zipper. If one fails, the other kicks into action automatically to prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Finally, this pant has detailed stitching. It also comes in an array of sizes and colors that suit most individuals.


  • Combination closure
  • Stylish contrast stitches
  • Breathable Chino pattern
  • Comfortable 78% cotton and 22% polyester fabric
  • Numerous sizes and colors available


  • Strange fit
  • Short lengthwise

9. Lee Total Freedom Relaxed

Lee Men's Total Freedom Relaxed Classic Fit Flat Front Pant

Are you tired of the tight and restricting pants that you have at home? If you have outgrown your pants and looking for a new set for everyday use, start with Lee Total Freedom Relaxed. Lightweight, comfortable, and with the spacious and relaxed design, it will help you regain your freedom without sacrificing style. Pricing is also decent, while the unique classic fit that it delivers has made it a sought-after product by millions of men. Join its group of enthusiasts by purchasing an original today.

Even though common, pleated pants lack the charm that most flat front model such as Lee Total Freedom Relaxed offer. Moreover, because of the quality blended fabric used to make it (75% polyester and 25% cotton); this pant offers value. Its classic khaki theme does not fade after several washes. It is also stain-repellent, machine-washable, and blends well with most shirts.

If you travel a lot and carry a big phone around, you will appreciate the spacious side seam pockets on this pant. Colors are diverse and eye-catching, while the comfortable FLEX2FIT waistband that it comes with improves fit and comfort levels.


  • Comfortable FLEX2FIT waistband
  • Machine-washable design
  • Spacious side seam pockets
  • Roomy and relaxed design
  • Durable 75% polyester and 25% cotton fabric


  • High crotch area
  • Inconsistent sizing

8. Mooncolour Casual Skinny

Mooncolour Men's Casual Skinny Jogging Harem Pants

Originally reserved for the working class, youths considered pants boring office apparel. However, with the growth of the fashion industry, their designs have improved with numerous youth-friendly pants now available on Amazon. Recommended for jogging or engaging in outdoor activities, for instance, this casual skinny MoonColour pant has taken the world by storm. Its stylish harem design appeals to most people. Fit is excellent, while its lightweight and comfortable design is perfect for recreational use.

The fact that you are spending money on a jogging pant does not mean that you should sacrifice style. To stay mobile whilst looking good at the same time, Mooncolour Casual Skinny is the product for you. It has an aesthetic black theme that does not fade after several washes. The premium cotton-blend fabric used to make it is durable and has a smooth and non-irritant interior that maximize the comfort of users. Finally, for those that live in temperate areas, this pant stay cool, even in blistering heat.

Mooncolour Casual Skinny, as most jogging pants has an elastic closure system. Without depending on belts, you can adjust it on demand to customize fit. Pockets, on the other hand, are big sports-style ones that accommodate keys, phones, and money.


  • Comfortable elastic closure
  • Big sports-style pockets
  • Durable and breathable fabric
  • Excellent fit
  • Fade proof black theme


  • None

7. Match Slim-Tapered

Match Mens Slim-Tapered Flat-Front Casual Pants

With this premium pant for men, you get a comfortable apparel with a light and comfortable design. Featuring a unique slim tapered design, it fits comfortably from the hip to the feet. Its stylish dark brown theme blends well with both casual and formal clothing, while the 100% cotton fabric used to make it is ideal. Unlike comparable synthetic fabrics, for instance, it is smooth and comfortable. It is also breathable and has a non-bulky design that you can maintain easily by hand or using a machine.

Even though professional-grade, this pant for men comes cheap on Amazon. If you are among those operating on a budget, therefore, you get a valuable day-to-day product without spending outrageous amounts. As some reviewed pants, Match Slim-Tapered has a stylish flat front that accentuates the overall look of wearers. It also has a broad and comfortable waist and well-finished flat seams that do not dig into the skin nor irritate users. Finally, with an original, expect five functional pockets including two slash, two jetted (rear) pockets and one watch pocket.


  • Five functional pockets
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Comfortable and stylish tapered design


  • Run small

6. Levi’s 511 Slim-Fit

Levi's Men's 511 Slim-Fit Hybrid Trouser Pant

With most individuals preferring the slim and trim looks, slim fit pants for men are currently in high demand globally. If you have the correct figure form and sufficient amount for a new slim-fit pant, Levi’s 511 Slim-Fit is a good option. It has a clean and casual look that most individuals appreciate. Cut is accurate, while the premium (100%) cotton fabric used to make it has its share of pros. The fabric is durable. Its breathability, ease of maintenance, and its aesthetic value are also desirable.

If you have a fetish for well-made and clean looking pants, Levi’s 511 Slim-Fit will never let you down. Apart from its comfort, durability, and overall quality of construction, you get a snug-fitting tapered leg apparel that does not impair motion. You also get a tight-sealing zippered closure system that comes in handy whenever you are visiting the toilet. Purchase your own today.

Finally, for those that travel with phones and keys on a day-to-day basis, this pant is ideal. Its main pockets (rear spade and slash) are large and functional. It also has a hidden phone pocket and a clean and refined look, suitable for casual and formal use.


  • Clean and well-refined look
  • Suitable for casual and formal use
  • Spacious and functional pockets
  • Quality cotton (100%) fabric
  • Slim-fitting cut


  • Feels cheap

5. Dickies Work Pant

Dickies Men's Skinny Straight-Fit Work Pant

Which is the best work pant for men of all age groups? Even though styles are diverse and designed to suit different tastes, Dickies Work Pant is ideal for most individuals. Retailing in black and a myriad of other refined colors, for instance, it suits numerous tastes. The cotton blend fabric (cotton (81%), polyester (18%), and spandex (1%) used to make it is light yet durable. whether style, durability, and or functionality tops your list of wants, an original Dickies men’s pant will never let you down.

Numerous celebrity endorsed pants come at a hefty price in most stores. To get a day-to-day pant of comparable quality without spending hefty sums of money, choose Dickies Work Pant. It is clean looking. It also has a machine washable design (low-maintenance) and comfortable straight legs that do not lose shape over time. Finally, because of its innovative flex release system, this work pant does not restrain the motion of wearers.

Dickies Work Pant has a belt loop waistband that fits various waist shaped and sizes. The technology also eases wearing and removal whilst preparing for work or when using a toilet. Finally, as most models listed, this work pant has functional welt pockets.


  • Affordable
  • Fitting straight leg design
  • Functional welt pockets
  • Durable cotton blend fabric
  • Comfortable belt loop waistband


  • Attracts hair and dust

4. Dockers Alpha Khaki Pant

Dockers Men's Alpha Khaki Pant

With a pair of Alpha Khaki Pants from Dockers, you get a stylish work apparel that you can also use for recreation. Khaki-themed, it has a stylish and low maintenance outlook that people like. The 100% cotton used to make it, on the other hand, is comfortable, durable, and machine washable without stretching out of shape. If you have a formal dress code at work or want a durable casual pant for making a style statement outdoor, Dockers Alpha is ideal.

In terms of style, you get the best of the best products in this niche. Dark pebbled, for instance, it has a unique modern outlook that appeals to different tastes. It is also slim-fitting and has a charming flat front design with deep-jetted pockets for storing ID cards, cash, and even phones.


  • Spacious deep-jetted pockets
  • Modern-looking dark pebbled theme
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton fabric


  • Somewhat stiff (initially)

3. Match Wild Cargo Pants

Match Men's Wild Cargo Pants

The functionality and aesthetic value of cargo pants are unmatched. Most brands are also durable and recommended for both contractors and industrial workers. Finally, if you enjoy camping, hiking, or exploring the outdoors occasionally, consider buying a quality cargo pant such as Match Wild. Made of 100% cotton, it is durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The fabric is also rip-proof and has a stylish British khaki that does not fade nor lose its charm over time.

In terms of maintenance, you do not need special detergent and or equipment to keep this pant clean. Its lightweight design is easy to clean by hand. It is also machine washable without ripping, shrinking, or stretching out of shape. Finally, with is slanted zippered pockets, you get sufficient storage space for both personal and or work items such as phones and tools.


  • Spacious zippered pockets
  • Hand and machine washable
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Eye-catching British khaki theme


  • Thick and non-breathable

2. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Manufactured using 100% nylon, this silver ridge pant from Columbia is a versatile gravel theme men’s accessory that outlasts its competition. It is straight legged, features an advanced Omni-woick technology that keeps wearers cool and dry.

It also has a unique Omni-shade technology that offers UPF 50 level of protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Pricing is decent. Finally, its convertibility into a comfortable short makes it one of the best for camping and outdoor exploration in general.


  • Aesthetic gravel-themed look
  • UPF 50 protection against UV rays
  • Comfortable straight-legged design


  • Poor quality stitches

1. Haggar Cool 18

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant

Cool 18 from Haggar is a comfortable plain front pant for men with a hidden expandable waist. It has an aesthetic black theme and a 100% polyester fabric that you can clean effortlessly.

This pant is machine washable, for instance. When dirty, simply toss it in your washing machine to remove dust, dirt, and stains. It also has spacious pockets (front slide and back jetted) that not only improve its aesthetic value but also its functionality.


  • Spacious front and back pockets
  • Machine washable design
  • Hidden expandable waist


  • Baggy rear


Pants for men are good-looking casual and formal wear made of light and comfortable materials. Even though cheaper than jeans, they are also durable and attainable in a plethora of functional designs that suit the needs of most individuals. Our 10 picks for 2022 offer users these and numerous other benefits. If you have a fetish for such clothing, visit Amazon and buy yours today.

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