Top 10 Best Men’s Shorts Reviewed In 2022

Do you enjoy spending a lot of time poolside? Do you spend many hours on the beach during the weekend? To blend in well and have an enjoyable time, having a pair of shorts is valuable. Unlike the best pants for men that restrict the movements of users, shorts are light and comfortable. They are also non-restricting. You can play in them. You can also engage in most rigorous activities worry free. The style that you choose matters, though. The short that you purchase should be comfortable. It should also complement your body type and or style to create a show outdoors.

Are you having a hard time finding the best trouser in your local mall? Consider taking your research online. In store such as Amazon, you will get a collection of stylish brands that work well for most people. The 10 models that we have reviewed, for instance, have attracted positive attention worldwide. They are comfortable. The materials used to make them are light and durable. Finally, they come in many sizes that fit most people. Here are their reviews:

10. Volcom Frickin Short

Volcom Frickin Short

Featuring a unique Chino theme, Volcom Frickin is a stylish men’s short for indoor and outdoor use. Navy-themed, it has a stylish outlook. Its comfortable design appeals to most men. Finally, because of its affordability, you do not have to spend a lot of money to look your best. You will enjoy wearing short during warm months. The freedom that it offers wearers also enables people to engage in rigorous activities effortlessly.

When shopping for a new short, the material used to make your model of choice should be top notch. The stretch polyester (59%) fabric used to make this short, for instance, has a light and comfortable design. It is also breathable (39% cotton) and has a flexible design that fits most people well. Whether you are slim or plump, you will have a good experience with this short. It is also stylish and has a button and zipper closure system that improves its fit and functionality further.

Outseams are large (21-inches) and comfortable. They do not rub on the skin and irritate people, as some low-grade ones do. You also get large slant pockets for storing personals such as phone, ID cards, and money.


  • Large 21-inch outseams
  • Spacious slant pockets
  • Durable and comfortable fabric
  • Flexible design
  • Unique Chino theme
  • Machine washable


  • None

9. Match Retro Camo Plaid

Match Retro Camo Plaid

All men like to look their best whenever they are exploring the outdoors. During warm summer months, for instance, the demand for shorts is at an all-time high because of their comfortable designs. If you are looking for one, this Camo plaid short from Match is one of the best. Perfect for lounging poolside or on the beach, the 100% cotton used to make it is light and comfortable. It also has a breathable design that keeps wearers cool all day.

Forget about the tight-fitting shorts that make men look more like women. With this one, you get a loose fitting apparel with a comfortable straight-legged design. As you walk around or engage in outdoor activities, you will have a fun time always. Match Retro Camo Plaid is machine-washable. You also get multiple pockets and a drawstring waist tie for customizing its fit on demand. Do not hesitate to add this short to your line of summer wear. It never disappoints.


  • Drawstring waist tie
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Comfortable straight legs
  • Machine washable
  • Loose fitting shorts
  • Many interesting colours
  • Accurate fit


  • Somewhat thick

8. OCHENTA Cotton Cargo Short

OCHENTA Cotton Cargo Short

Manufactured using a quality cotton fabric, OCHENTA Cotton Cargo Short is an excellent day-to-day apparel. It is durable. Unlike some types that tear after one or two washes, this one holds up well over the years. Fit is excellent. Its lose leg design does not chaff and or irritate users as they walk or engage in their preferred outdoor activities. Whether you like playing beach volleyball or lounging on the part, this short will serve you well.

Buttons, zippers, and its hook and eyes closure system are all standard. Whilst wearing and removing this short, thus, you will not struggle as some people often do with some models. Finally, as other premium models, you get a machine washable short that comes in a plethora of interesting colours. Whether you like the vintage look or a modern one, you will have a good time with one. All you have to do is research and buy an original short that is of the correct size.


  • Machine washable design
  • Durable standard fittings
  • Comfortable loose leg design
  • Interesting design and colours


  • Not color fast
  • Low-grade seams

7. Under Armour Raid

Under Armour Raid

Under Armour is a reputable sports brand with comfortable and professional-grade apparel in its arsenal. Under Armour Raid, for instance, is a unique 10-inch short that comes in an array of interesting colours. Made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, it is a durable product. Its flexible waistband fits most body shapes and sizes. Finally, because of its lightweight design, it is an excellent short for training. You can also use it to play most sports with good results.

During summer months, people grapple with elevated temperatures that lower their experience outdoors. UV levels are also at their highest. To have good time, make sure that you have one of the best sunscreens to protect your skin. You should have this Under Armour Raid short too. It has a breathable, quick drying, and moisture-wicking design that keeps the body cool. It also offers UPF 30+ protection outdoors, which is ideal.


  • Breathable design
  • Moisture-wicking weave
  • UPF 30+ protection
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Thick and adjustable waistband
  • Reputable brand
  • 4-way stretch fabrication


  • Frays everywhere over time

6. Unionbay Men’s Cordova Belted Cargo Short Messenger


Unionbay Men's Cordova Belted Cargo Short Messenger

Caro shorts are popular online because of their functional design. Originally developed for the military, it is now one of the most sought-after men’s fashion apparel all over the world. To get a quality one, consider this Unionbay Cordova Belted Cargo Short. Made of lightweight cotton, it is an excellent outdoor accessory. You can go about your day-to-day activities effortlessly and look good doing them.

Even though expensive than some shorts, the value of the product that you get makes it worth buying. Because of its smooth interior, for instance, it does not chaff nor irritate wearers over time. You also get adjustable tabs and cuffs; a tight-sealing fly zipper, and a coordinating belt. Thus, do not waste you money on one of the low-grade shorts that often disappoint people. Buy a new Unionbay Cordova Belted Cargo Short instead.


  • Lightweight cotton
  • Adjustable tabs and cuffs
  • Coordinating belt
  • Tight sealing fly zipper


  • Non-functional leg ties

5. Champion Cotton Jersey Short

Champion Cotton Jersey Short

Judging by the positive reviews this Champion Jersey short has attracted worldwide, it is by far one of the best in 2022. If you are among those shopping for a new pair of shorts, you will enjoy wearing it for the following reasons. Because of its lightweight design (6.1 ounces), for instance, it is an excellent sports apparel. You can walk in it effortlessly. You can also run and do a plethora of complex moves without compromising comfort. The 100% cotton used to make it is also breathable. It will keep you cool and dry in the summer.

Most men like secure shorts. Buying one that will drop to your knees whilst working or playing, thus, is a bad decision. Choose Champion Cotton Jersey Short instead. In addition to its comfortable design, you get a secure closure system for customizing fit. Whenever you are playing basketball or any other rigorous sport, it will never let you down.

Champion Cotton Jersey Short, as most products listed, has flat and non-irritant seams with stable double stitches. It also has an exposed waistband with a wide and comfortable design that cradles the body well. Unfortunately, Champion Cotton Jersey Short lacks pockets.


  • Flat double-stitched seams
  • Thick and comfortable waistband
  • Secure closure system
  • Breathable cotton (100%)
  • Lightweight design (6.1 ounces)


  • Lacks pockets
  • Frays over time

4. Match Twill Cargo Shorts

Match Twill Cargo Shorts

Are you a fun of army or military-themed clothing? If you have answered yes to this question, you will like this Match Twill Cargo Shorts. With one, you get a stylish apparel that blends well in natural environments. It also has a comfortable straight-legged design that does not restrain nor irritate people as they work or play outdoors. To live a healthy life, you do not have to be in trousers always. Give your body a breather buy purchasing this short today. You will look good too.

Are you planning for a warm summer vacation? Are you planning to spend a lot of time on the beach with family or friends? Consider buying this short. Because of its breathable design, you will stay cool as you enjoy your outdoor adventures. Clean up is also easy by hand. You do not have to use a washing machine to remove dirt and debris that cling to clothes outdoors. Finally, you get an adjustable drawstring tie for customizing fit, large belt loops, and multiple pockets.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Hand washable design
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Adjustable drawstring closure
  • Comfortable straight legs
  • Stylish outlook
  • Free belt


  • Sizing runs big

3. Dockers Perfect Short D3

Dockers Perfect Short D3

Known for its quality pants, Dockers also have quality shorts for men in its arsenal. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, for instance, you will like this Dockers Perfect D3 short. Recommended in top 10 best shorts for men reviewed in 2022, it has a comfortable classic fit. It also has a stylish flat front design with a sand dune theme that goes well with most clothing. With one, you will enjoy spend spending time outdoors with your loved one or family.

In terms of durability, Dockers Perfect Short D3 outlasts most comparable shorts. The 100% cotton used to make it, for instance, is one of the best. It is durable. You can machine-wash it occasionally without it tearing or losing its shape. The hand pockets offered, on the other hand, are deep and functional. You can fit phones in them. They also accommodate personals such as cash and cards well.


  • Spacious hand pockets
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish cargo theme
  • Comfortable flat front design


  • Over priced
  • Wrinkle easily

2. Lee Dungarees Cargo Short

Lee Dungarees Cargo Short

Are you looking for a durable and relaxed fit short that will improve your outlook outdoors? Lee Dungarees is a quality cargo short with a vapor themed design that men like. It blends well with most types of clothing. It is also non-fade, which makes it ideal for day-to-day use. Buy one to stay comfortable and look good at the same time.

Made of 100% cotton, this belted short is a light and breathable accessory with a machine washable design. It does not lose its shape over time. Pockets (slanted, button flap, and cargo leg) are large and functional. Finally, the large 11-inch inseams that it has are flat and non-irritant. You can wear it for many hours without getting tired or irritating your skin.


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Functional pockets
  • Flat 11-inch inseams
  • Comfortable straight legs
  • Stylish vapor theme


  • None

1. Champion Long Mesh Short

Champion Long Mesh Short

Perfect for sports personalities and individuals, Champion Long Mesh Short is a comfortable day-to-day apparel. It is also stylish and has a breathable design made of 100% polyester. If you enjoy sports such as basketball during your free time, you will appreciate the value of this short. Beach lovers also appreciate its smooth and fast-drying design. You will do too.

Champion Long Mesh Short is not only about style and comfort. It is a functional product as well. You get a convenient quick-cord closure, for instance. This is unlike some shorts that use frustrating buttons and zippers. The dual-side pockets that you get, on the other hand, are large and functional. You can carry you phone easily. You can also carry cash and most other personals safely.


  • Spacious side pockets
  • Quick cord closure
  • Breathable polyester fabric
  • Quick drying weave


  • Fraying issues


Shorts remain a major part of men’s fashion since their development years ago. They are comfortable. They also come in an array of stylish designs that improve the outlook of most people. To get the best in this niche, choose one of the 10 brands recommended herein. They have durable and functional designs that most people like.

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