Top 10 Best Men’s Sweaters Reviewed In 2022

Originally designed to keep people warm during cold months, sweaters for men have outgrown this niche to become sought-after fashion accessories by those that want to look sharp as they go to work or school. Designs are currently varied with most available models guaranteeing a comfortable and form fit. Colors and prints are also eye-catching while the smooth and or breathable materials used to manufacture them keep users comfortable and well protected from the elements as they go about their daily activities. If you live in a cold region and want a stylish and functional sweater that you can use every day, here is a review of the 10 best in 2022:

10. COOFANDY Casual Shawl Collar Sweater

COOFANDY Men's Casual Shawl Collar Sweater Long Sleeve Pullover

For a casual, warm, and comfortable experience when commuting to work and or school, this premium long sleeved COOFANDY shawl collar sweater is a valuable apparel to consider. It has a stylish black body made of a warm and comfortable cotton blend fabric. Its shawl collar design offers better coverage than most comparable low cut ones, while its dual button point allows you to customize fit for the best experience. Even though its sleeves are a little bit on the short side, COOFANDY Casual is a decent sweater overall that you will enjoy wearing during spring and autumn.

9. HARRISON83 Cardigan Sweater

HARRISON83 Mens Slim Fit V-Neck Button Up Cardigan Sweater

Recommended for the working class looking for light and aesthetic button up sweaters that complement formal wear well, HARRISON83 Cardigan Sweater is a well-designed V-neck sweater with an aesthetic charcoal theme that most individuals appreciate. It is super lightweight, made of a breathable polyester fabric (100%) that does not lose its shape after washing, and has a stylish button-up design that also guarantees a comfortable and form fit outdoors. It is also hand and machine washable, has a slim fitting design that you can wear on all occasions, and stretch to fit various body shapes and sizes.

8. Dockers Acrylic Sweater

Dockers Men's Quarter-Zip Long-Sleeve Acrylic Sweater

Available in teak and several other interesting colours, this quarter-zipped long-sleeved sweater by Dockers us a stylish and form-fitting apparel for men with a low standing collars that offers better protection against the cold. The 100% acrylic used to manufacture it is light, breathable, and has a smooth weaver that does not chaff nor irritate the skin. Seams are flat and well sewn while the ribbed detailing on its shoulder not only boost its style but also fit. Its collar, cuffs, and hems have ribbed trims that boost its longevity further while its machine-washable design eases maintenance without losing its shape, stability, and overall charm.

7. Comfortably Collared Sweater

Comfortably Collared Men's Perfect Slim Fit V-Neck Sweater

With Comfortably sweater for men, you get a comfortable collar sweater with a non-irritant V-neck and a fashionable slim fitting body that most individuals find charming. The lightweight fabric (80% cotton and 20% nylon) used to manufacture it soft, breathable and blocks the cold well. Maintenance is easy while its flexible weave stretched to enhance the physique of wearers without losing its original form. If sweaters from a major part of your wardrobe and your current collection are either torn or worn out, this collared sweater is valuable.

6. Axist Long-Sleeve Sweater

Axist Men's Quarter-Zip Long-Sleeve Sweater

Designed to offer better coverage in cold weather without bulking up and or irritating users, Axist is a well-made long sleeved sweater for men made of a comfortable 100% acrylic fabric. Even though lighter than cotton and other fabrics, it is comfortable, durable, and has a neutral charcoal marl theme that blends well with several types of clothing. It is also machine washable without losing its flexibility or shape and has a quarter-zip placed with ribbed hems, cuffs, and a collar that last long.

5. Match Casual Pullover Sweaters

Match Men's Knited Slim Fit Casual Pullover Sweaters #Z1517

Featuring an aesthetic red theme, Match Casual is also durable and has a comfortable knitted slim fit design that works well for individuals of all stature. The cotton blend fabric used to manufacture has an advanced thermal knit design that keeps cold out. Its casual round neck design optimizes comfort further while its well-finished seams boost its longevity significantly. As most high-end models, you also get a ribbed collar and cuffs, a flexible and moderately thick design that smooths movement, and comfortable long sleeves that will protect your hands from the elements on route to work or school.

4. U.S. Polo Assn. Solid V-Neck Sweater

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Solid V-Neck Sweater

Durable, V-necked, and with an aesthetic apply cinnamon theme, this solid U.S. Polo Assn. sweater for men is a notable one that has featured in many top 10 best sweaters for men in 2022 reviews shared online. The 100% acrylic used to manufacture it is comfortable, machine washable, and flexes for a custom fit. Sleeves are long and comfortable while its ribbed collar, hem, and cuffs are sturdy and improve its overall outlook. U.S. Polo Assn. Solid V-neck Sweater is affordable and holds up excellently after several washing sessions.

3. U.S. Polo Assn. Cable-Knit Sweater

U.S. Polo Assn. Men's Quarter-Zip Cable-Knit Sweater

For men that are conscious about their looks but also want to stay warm and comfortable on route to work or school, this cable knit U.S. Polo Assn. sweater works well. The 100% cotton used to make it is lightweight, comfortable, and retains body heat well. The zippered closure offered diversifies your wearing options while its black body is machine washable without losing its elasticity and or fading. Hem, cuffs, and collar are ribbed while the toasty fleece lining that it comes with offers added warmth for those that live in cold areas.

2. Doublju Sweater Pullover

Doublju Mens V-Neck Sweater Pull-over with Tipping

Doublju is a comfortable and machine washable pullover sweater with a unique pull on closure system and comfortable 80% cotton and 20% polyester construction that you will enjoy wearing every day. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the quality of product that individuals get is admirable. Maintenance is easy while its sharp-looking design makes it an excellent all season sweater. With a new one, therefore, you will not only look sharp but also stay warm and comfortable at work or school.

1. Match K|G Series Sweater

Match Men's K or G Series Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater

To get the best of the best product in this niche, this K|G Series sweater from Match tops our list. Featuring a stylish shawl collared design, this back themed sweater is a perfect everyday accessory. Production is professional grade using 100% cotton while its lightweight design is not only fun to wear, but also hand and machine washable without losing it shape or flexibility. Match K|G Series Sweater has a moderately thick body that keeps users warm and a fitting design that users like.

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