Top 10 Best Microphone Suspension Booms Review For 2021

Designed for stabilizing microphones during performances and presentations, microphones suspension booms are vital accessories that are also perfect for customizing the orientation of microphones for an optimal and or custom voice-projection experience. Even though many models are available in stores, buying the best remains a challenge for millions, particularly novices. If you are part of this group and want the best, the model you choose should be durable, made of a stable material, and have an ergonomic boom and clamp that fits and works with several types of microphones. The 10 best models that meet this threshold include:

10. Yaheetech Microphone Suspension Boom

Yaheetech Black Microphone Suspension Boom Studio Broadcast Scissor Arm Stand Holder

Sought-after worldwide, Yaheetech is a well-built studio-grade suspension boom for microphones with a stable scissor arm design that works well in studios, home, and broadcasting stations. It is affordable, has a light and compact design perfect for everyday travel, and a double-braced arm design made of durable plastic and metal. Its clump accommodates various microphone types and sizes. Its flexibility is innovative, while its integrated dual suspension system works efficiently.

9. DuaFire Microphone Suspension Boom

DuaFire Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand (Blue)

Manufactured using a heavy-duty and rust resistant metal, DuaFire is a unique blue-themed suspension boom with an innovative folding-type scissor arm that boosts its performance significantly. It has an adjustable plastic clip that works well with several brands of microphones. Its compact heavy-duty build is travel-worthy, while its legs adjust to various height and angles to support individuals of various heights and stature. With an original model, you will be able to perform, broadcast, and even stream your everyday podcast worry-free.

8. TMS Adjustable Desktop Microphone Suspension Boom

Adjustable Desktop Microphone MIC Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder Black

Affordable, durable, and with a compact tabletop design, TMS is a professional-grade tabletop microphone suspension boom with an innovative scissor arm that works well. The heavy-duty plastic and metallic material used to manufacture it is durable. It also has an ergonomic clip holder that delivers professional recording results and a convenient foldable design that eases storage and transportation. If cash is a limitation, this boom is cheap. It is also easy to maintain, lacks marring components, and has adjustable legs for customizing its height and performance.

7. Wild-us Professional Metal Suspension Boom

Wild-us Professional Adjustable Metal Suspension Scissor Arm Microphone Stand Holder for Mounting on Desk or Table Top

Measuring 16-inches to 32-inches, Wild-us is an adjustable professional-grade suspension boom for microphones that works well on desks and on table tops. It is black-themed, has scissor arms with dual suspension beams that protect microphones from dropping, and has a durable steel construction that outlasts most plastic and aluminum models that retail cheap in stores. This suspension boom is easy to use and comes with a universal and adjustable microphone clip.

6. Etubby Professional Microphone Suspension Boom

Etubby Professional Adjustable Desktop Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder for Broadcast, Studio, TV Station, Program Record and More

Are you shopping for a new microphone boom for everyday usage? By choosing this professional model by Etubby, you get a valuable scissor arm accessory with a sturdy and durable design, perfect for broadcasting in homes and commercial environments. This stand is easy to setup and use. Its ABS plastic clip is sturdy, while its safe, dual-suspension stabilized arm is not only protects microphones from falling, but also boosts its functionality significantly. Many people also appreciate its affordability and 270-degree adjustable (16-inchs to 32-inches) and foldable design that works well for individuals of all cadres.

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5. Broadcasting Studio Microphone Boom

Broadcasting Studio Microphone Boom Scissor Arm Suspension Stand Desk Table Universal Mic Mount DJ Radio Griffin

This Broadcasting studio microphone boom by Griffin Stands is a well-designed universal accessory that outperforms its competition in several ways. Its light, foldable, and portable design, for instance, benefits individuals who travel often. Its scissor arm has responsive suspensions, while its double-braced arms are durable and supports handheld microphones weighing up to four pounds. You also get an adjustable crank-style mount clamp, a braided 64-strand cable with shielding that reduces electrostatic ham, and a durable steel adapter with a with a cloth-lined interior that protects microphones for scratches, dents, and damage.

4. Ohuhu Microphone Suspension Boom

Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

Recommended in top 10 best microphone suspension booms review for 2021, Ohuhu microphone suspension boom is a durable folding type musical accessory with a durable plastic holder that adjusts to accommodate several types of microphones. It has a stable scissor arm, a compact and travel-worthy frame, and adjustable legs that benefit individuals of all cadres. Out of the box, it measures 18.9 x 16.14 x 4.72-inches, weighs only 581 grams, and has 2Kg load capacity.

3. Pyle PMKSH04 Suspension Boom

Pyle PMKSH04 Suspension Boom Scissor Microphone Stand/Studio Radio Shock Mount Mic Holder, Adjustable/Extendable

By choosing Pyle PMKSH04, you get a studio-grade shock-mount suspension boom with a durable and adjustable design that extends to 2.9-feet. This boom has stable triple metal support arms that last long. It also has a durable double-braced construction that offers value for years, and a universal mounting clamp that works well on counters, shelves, desks, and tables to name a few.

2. Tonor Microphone Suspension Boom

Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

By choosing this advanced microphone suspension boom by Tonor, you get a portable and durable accessory with an easy-to-adjust maneuverable arm that boosts its functionality significantly. Each arm measures 14.2 inches. They also have dual suspension springs that boost stability, and work in synergy to support up 2.2 pounds without losing their shape. Tonor retails cheap in Web-stores.

1. NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom

NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This compact and heavy-duty microphone suspension boom by NEEWER tops our list of the best in this niche. It is durable, has an adjustable 1.26/32mm plastic clip, and an adjustable scissor arm stand made of steel. This stand is affordable; folds flat for easier storage, and is ideal for personal and professional use.

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