Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews

Since they made their appearance, MIDI cables became game changers in the music industry over 3 decades ago and are still relevant to date. For computers and digital music instruments to communicate, it required a MIDI interface, which is how MIDI cables came about. Although USB cables popularity in transmitting MIDI data, you will still come across music gears with MIDI ports or both.

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Things to Consider When Buying A MIDI Cable

The most common use for a MIDI cable is whereby you connect your keyboard or piano to the computer and compose your songs using DAW software. Besides recording, you can use a MIDI cable for synching external equipment to a computer or iPad, or iPhone. Both ends of a MIDI cable have 5-pin 180 degrees DIN connectors. You can use them on any send/receive/thru connector.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Brand: You need to buy your cables from a reputable company if you want quality MIDI cables. Such a manufacturer handles all their operations with professionalism and is ready to stand behind their products by offering warranty or return policy in case they are faulty. Besides, they will offer excellent customer care and more.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Secure Connection: Imagine a scenario whereby you are live recording and or transfer your audio and video signals because it is loose. You need a cable that guarantees firm and secure connection each time you connect it to the port such that chances of failing are slim to none.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Warranty: Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the cables. A good manufacturer will offer a lifetime warranty and will replace the cables no matter what happened. That is a sign that they believe in what they offer. However, it is possible to come across brands that do not provide a warranty but still have quality cables.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Build Quality: You don’t want to incur buying cable every time. While most cables undergo wear and tear, you need to choose cables that are hardy to withstand stress that comes with stumbles and folding. That way they can last you long.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Low Latency: A good MIDI cable is one that has low latency. That implies that it must transmit data or commands fast without lagging. From the moment you connect your MIDI interface, the PC or the music gear should recognize it fast. With a premium MIDI interface, you won’t even note latency as it connects in seconds or less.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 1Compatibility: You should consider a cable that is compatible with most gear and probably computers. You will find some that will only work with older versions of Window OS and Mac and not others. Also, other may not be compatible with particular controllers. Make sure it supports many devices and especially when you want to use it.

It might appear or may be simple to buy the right MIDI cable. However, with the dozens of cables available on the market, it can be scary to pick the right one. We understand all that, and that’s what prompted to conduct some research and made some recommendations that we hope you’ll find useful.

Rocktron 20' 7 Pin MIDI Cable
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

In the music instrument category, Rocktron has a couple of top rated products that include MIDI cables, noise reduction Stompbox, talkbox pedal and more. And now, it offers the high-performance Rocktron MIDI cable of quality you can trust. With a high rating and many positive customers’ reviews, you can be guaranteed that this cable will offer you all that you want in a MIDI cable of its kind.

Unlike in other where the cables have a 5-pin plug, Rocktron comes with 7-pin jack that can only be used with other MIDI supported music equipment. This cable is designed for use in transmitting data from your foot controller to a gear which is compatible with MIDI.

Roctron RMM900 MIDI cable features a 7-pin MIDI out jack on one end and a 7-pin MIDI in jack on the other. To transmit data or commands, you need to have a MIDI controller gear with 7-pin MIDI port. And this is the best part; it is not selective and will work with any gear provided it has 7-pin port.

A long cable is crucial for efficient connectivity. You will find some MIDI cables on the market with short cables on the market that they end up limiting what you can do. Rocktron RMM900 MIDI cable measures 20 feet in length (equivalent to 600 cm). That is sufficient enough to connect your music gear seamlessly.

Rocktron 20' 7 Pin MIDI Cable
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Besides, RMM900 is not the type that wears and tears within a short duration of usage. It is rugged such that even stepping on it or consistent plugging and unplugging is not like to damage it. Also, despite being sturdy, it is not stiff by any chance. It has a soft design that leaves it highly flexible such that it lays flat on the stage. Moreover, upon plugging in, it fits properly and does not disconnect without reason whatsoever.

Most customers who have used this cable say that they have had it for quite a long time and they still work as good as new. The cable is quite soft but still rugged enough to be used in some rough places like a bar. With all these in place and it still comes with a good price, it really is a good deal.

Most customers have also confessed that this cable is just what they were looking in terms of functionality, length and durability. Its length is exactly what they were looking for; the cable is soft enough to lie flat on the surface and it can be used for a long time before it needs replacement. It transfer data well, it can usedon guitars as well as other appliances so long as it is working with a 7-pin port

You can be sure that this cable is highly dependable. It, certainly, should be at the top of your list, so you transform your experience with your foot controller pedal and your music gear. When performing on stage or even enjoying your music as a hobby at home, this cable won’t disappoint.


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Supports all 7-pin music gear
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Durable
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Long cable


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 12It’s 20’ and not 30’ as in the description

HOSA DUAL MIDI CABLE, 4m (13.2 ft.)
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

When it comes to electronics, Hosa Technology Inc. is a force to reckon with. They offer a variety of top rated items including cables, audio, adapters, and video accessories. One of their products, Hosa Dual MIDI cable ranks among the top in its category. And that is not by mistake but because solely from the quality it offers.

The primary objective of the cables is to help you to interconnect MIDI devices together for the transfer of data with a quality cable without necessary incurring a lot. Although sometimes you don’t need to focus on price, if it offers the quality you need, then there is no sufficient reason why you should not take it. Hosa MIDI dual cable offers you value for your money.

Hosa Dual MIDI Cable comes in a set of two each with a different color. The color-coding is ideal for ease of identification of each so you can track the signals easily. As such, this is the best cable for those who may not be experts on matters to do with connecting cables.

To the end of each cable is a wired 5-pin DIN that plugs into each of the ports of the interconnected devices. The 5-pin makes it an ideal choice for connecting almost any device providing they are MIDI compatible. The plugs have a Nickel plating that renders the cables highly durable and for efficient signal transfer.

HOSA DUAL MIDI CABLE, 4m (13.2 ft.)
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

You need cables that will not fail you. It can be annoying, disheartening even when you are a DJ on stage, and your MIDI cables fail you. Hosa cables feature oxygen-free copper conductors (OFC) that keep the signal as clear as possible. Due to the copper cables Electromagnetic interference (EMI) challenge which may interfere with the transfer of data, the spiral OFC shield comes in handy as ensuring that EMI is no longer an issue when using this cable.

Whether you are a DJ or a studio operator, you need cables that will not disappoint. Even for home use like for connecting your electronic drums, you will find them indispensable. The cable measures 13.2 feet (equivalent to 4 m), which is sufficient for all your needs. And Hosa MIDI dual cables are what you need for the durability and best performance.

This cable is more than anyone is looking for. It is long enough, it is durable enough and you don’t need to keep fiddling with wires or joining them with tapes or something. The fact that the inlet and the outlet come in one package i.e. the wire is a two in one kind of cable makes it easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the cable on stage or in studio, you will have no problems working with this cable. One client who loves taking his music to concerts says he found it too easy too easy to use because he’s looking to have a good time and not obstacles. It is also pocket friendly meaning.

Most customers are happy with this cable because, it is all they needed in terms of cable configuration, length and durability. It is also pocket friendly. The fact that the cable is neatly ‘made’ makes it all attractive because one doesn’t need to use cable Velcro to hold them together. It is also easier to use since the need to keep on fiddling with two wires has been eliminated. To say this cable is reliable would be an understatement. It is good quality, readily available and comes in a good price.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Radio Shack is an America based company operating a chain of wireless and electronic stores dealing amplifiers, cables, solar panels and more. And now, Radio Shack presents you their highly rated and top quality Shield MIDI cable set that has attracted a very high rating on Amazon.

If you are looking for short cables to hook your machines together, then this cable set is an ideal option. Provided your MIDI compatible music instruments like keyboard and any other controllers, this cable will help you connect them to your PC. All of them measure 3 feet, and they will work perfectly for a DJ table or a Studio.

Not only will these cables help you connect your MIDI compatible devices to your PC, but they are also the veterans in hooking European audio devices to a PC as long the computer has it has a MIDI interface.

On each end of the cable length are a 5-pin DIN that is compatible with most of the standard MIDI devices. They are complete with molding making them strong such that there can be no inadvertent disconnections when at work. You will agree that can be really annoying.

upon purchasing, you-will get a set of three cables. They come in tri=colors, blue, green and red, which is obviously ideal for tracking the in/outs/thru. As such, at no given time will you face. As such, you will never lose track of your signal path.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Besides, this is not the kind of flimsy cables you will find on the market being offered at exorbitant prices only to get disappointed. These are thick and have durable construction ideal for all applications. Thus, even if you happen to stumble on them or even are the kind that will keep plugging and unplugging, these are not the type that will get worn out within a few days.

Shield cables are recommended for studio or even homes use as they are easy to connect, thanks to the tricolor features and that are hardy rendering them ideal for rugged use. According to most customers who have used them, these cables are their saving grace. Some of them have ordered them a couple of times because they are just perfect. The best thing is that they come in different colors thus allowing the user to track their signal path. They are of good quality and one client confesses that he took the cables to help update his software and the software update perfectly well.


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Sturdy
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Tricolors for signal tracking
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Inexpensive


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 12High quality

Monoprice MIDI Cable Plugs, 3-Feet
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Monoprice has a reputation for offering top rated consumer products and accessories including batteries, cables, and backpacks. You don’t need to rob a bank to own a MIDI Cable. With less than 5 bucks, you can own a cheap yet high-quality cable that will help connect your music instruments. Monoprice MIDI cable is worth the little money it requires to own them.

Not all cables are suitable for use. You need to watch out whatever cables you buy as some of the contain health hazards such as leaded cables. The cables are in compliance with the RoHS meaning that they have been made of a material that will pose no health risks.

While you can purchase a single unit of Monoprice MIDI cable, you can also save some cash by buying a pack with more than one piece. They come in 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 10 PSC packs. And the best part; apart from the 3 feet length, which will serve it purpose, you can choose from a variety of other available lengths if the 3 feet is not sufficient.

On each end of the cable features a standard keyed 5-pin DIN connector. The ends are molded nicely and professionally rendering them very strong. With that, you can connect almost any MIDI devices so you can attend to all your MIDI tasks.

Monoprice MIDI Cable Plugs, 3-Feet
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

The building material is a key consideration when it comes to cables. You want cables that you can step on and even plug and unplug and they won’t get damaged easily. Flimsy cables will be a total disappointment as they will last only a few days after purchase. Monoprice MIDI cable shielding is sturdy but soft for flexibility. As such, you should consider this a lifetime cable.

Do you have to spend a lot on expensive cables that will still serve the same purpose? These are perfect pieces for your synthesizers and music gear either at home and Studio use as they are extremely durable and also reliable.

The many customers who have bought these cables work with even older guitars and they still function perfectly well. All you need to make sure is in place are the right converter boxes and other game consoles. This cable has been said to be reliable and it is also pocket friendly. It transfers data perfectly well. Also, the cable jacket is made from a flexible smooth rubber such that it lays well and flat on the floor; coils without difficulties and boasts of a good shielding. These cables are also durable and you are bound to last with them for a long time to come; they are built solid.


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Super quality
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Safe material
  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 9Robust


  • Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 12Everything is a snap

Hosa MID-510 5-Pin DIN Pro MIDI Cable

Hosa Technology Inc. offers top quality cables, adaptors, audio and video accessories. Hosa MID-510 MIDI cable appears among the top choices in this category. It is rated highly on Amazon with numerous encouraging reviews from satisfied customers. And there are sufficient reasons why it ranks among the best.

Not all MIDI interface work with all standard MIDIs. For example, it is common to find Yamaha keyboards are not compatible. MID-510 cable features a 5-pin which is compatible with almost all controllers provided they are MIDI devices. Besides, it is also possible to connect your keyboard and other controllers to the Mac through SysEx. In that case, Mac communicates with the MIDI devices through system exclusive messages popularly known as SysEx.

One of the features to look for in a cable is the durability. When a cable is not sturdy, there is a possibility data transfer will be an issue. And the last thing you want to go through is a failure in the cable just when recording. Hosa MIDI cable is robust with rubber construction and does not wear and tear easily. That allows you to use them even in the rugged environments.

Hosa MID-510 5-Pin DIN Pro MIDI Cable

Besides, with the metal plugs, it’s possible to repair them whenever you note any wear and tears, and you are good to go. As such, you will not have to throw them away and incur more in buying another cable.

What’s more, the metal pins have oxygen-free copper conductors (OFC) which help in making the signal clear. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in copper cables is a major problem. That interferes with the natural flow of data between your music instruments e.g. the keyboard or any other controller. As such, this cable features spiral OFC shield to ensure effective EMI and RFI rejection. That further enhances flexibility.

The cable length is 10 feet. We believe that is long enough for to leave sufficient space between your computer and controller. However, if you want a longer cable, there are other lengths for you to choose from. They have shorter cables starting at 3 inches length to 25 feet long. Get the one that will fit your needs.

Since the cable is considerably thin and has a sturdy rubber, it is perfect for those who are used to stepping on cables and those that unplug and plug all the time. They are excellent options for those with studios or even for home use.

Most customers who have used this cable have expressed their satisfaction. Some of them who are not even fans of Hosa products expressed their satisfaction saying the cables surpassed their expectations. These customers agree that this cable is cheap ( in matters price), it fits well in your midi ports and it won’t come out easily. The cable is well protected with the rubber-like shielding thus preventing it from kinking. The best thing is that they can be used in studio or on stage. These cables are also flexible and the connectors are of good quality. The beauty of it is that there will be no memory effect to deal with when using these cables. These customers would happily recommend these cables to anyone looking for them; they are just perfect.

Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Roland offers you top performance consumer products and accessories including power adapters, drums tutor MIDI interface and more. As a result, you can be sure Roland UM-ONE MK2 MIDI interface is a quality product you ought to invest in.

This cable measures approximately 6 feet in length and offers a MIDI 1 in & MIDI 2 out. Besides, on the other end is a USB plug that helps to connect to your computers. Even more, this two MIDI in/out are integrated, and that renders the unit highly compact. That, further, enhances portability letting you carry the cable wherever you want.

Roland UM-ONE features indicators for USB and MIDI input signal and MIDI output indicators. The indicators will act as alerts that you are connected. That makes the cable one of the easiest MIDI interface to use on the market.

Since the cable is USB bus-powered, don’t even think about external charging systems. As such, you don’t need to plug it into the wall for you to use. What’s more, it has an external connection, and so it doesn’t require you to pick your screwdriver open your computer casing to plug in the cable.

Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Also, this is compatible with almost every version of your window and Mac OS. As such, don’t need to worry about it not getting recognized by your system. Besides, you will be required to install the software that comes with the CD contained in the packaging. If you want a new version of the driver, you can download it fast from Roland’s website as it is a short file that won’t take you long.

Even if you are not an expert, you will find Roland UM-ONE is simple to use. That is because the MIDI in and MIDI out cables are clearly marked. As such, you will just connect right away without a second thought.

The cable exhibit Fast Processing Technology which implies advanced processing technology. As a result, this is not the kind of MIDI interface that lags wasting much of your precious time you could have channeled into other activities. No doubt, a low latency in a cable is an essential consideration, and that is what Roland UM-ONE offers.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a MIDI cable for home use or studio or a stage performance if you are a DJ, Roland UM-ONE is dependable. Get your synthesizers, controllers, guitar and more connected to your PC and experience a professional performance.

Customers who have already bought this cable agree that this cable does its job perfectly. One of them says he can only use products that he trusts and this is one of the products he can trust. The best thing is that they are compatible with most Windows version as well as Apple’s Lion OS. Therefore, you don’t have to worry whether they will work with your PC; there are higher chances will be compatible. All you have to do is to read and understand the instructions well and you will be good to go. Also, it is relatively affordable meaning you are getting the value for your money.

iConnectivity mio USB to MIDI Interface
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

As the name suggests, the aim of the iConnectivity is to use the existing technology to connect music peripherals so as to make all music related MIDI tasks easy. iConnectivity is an award winning company regarding designs. They have revolutionized the concept of MIDI and audio interfaces. What resulted from the innovation are quality products like the top rated iConnnectivity Mio USB to MIDI interface. Here is why you can’t miss this high-performance MIDI cable.

iConnectivity MIDI cable is compatible with most computers systems. Feel comfortable to connect to your PC for all your tasks. Use Windows XP SP3- 8 and Mac OS X 10.4 and greater. With this cable, you are not limited to only the older versions of computer systems like in other brands.

This cable interface is simple to use since it is Plug N play. That means you don’t need to install any drivers for you to connect your keyboard or any other controller. As such, one you purchase this cable, you will not find a CD in the package. The installation has never been that simple!

While most cables will not hook computers to Yamaha MIDI controller, iController works like a charm. Besides, the installation will not take eternity making it highly user-friendly.

iConnectivity mio USB to MIDI Interface
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

iConnectivity cable features low latency MIDI input and MIDI output. That implies that it takes milliseconds from the time of connection for the cable to get recognized. That helps to avoid the lag popular with most cables on the market. A MIDI cable should work or fail. Keeping waiting eats into your time which you could have directed to other important tasks.

Even more, the cable is 5feet long which should be fit your purpose succinctly. The cable has a USB pin on one end that extends to MIDI 1 in and MIDI 1out cable.

Also, the MIDI interface is USB bus-powered. That implies that you don’t need to have an external charging system with you. The result is a highly portable cable that you can carry with you anywhere you want. If you are a musician or run a studio, iConnectivity mio USB MIDI interface was designed for you. With this MIDI interface, you have an excellent companion for your synthesizers and keyboard and drum machine.

M-Audio Midisport Portable Interface Connection
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

M-Audio has its place in offering top quality products in computer & accessories, and music instruments categories. Rated at 4.2 and having attracted numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon, M-Audio Midisport had to feature in the list of the top choices. It does not appear in the list of the top ten best products in this category by mistake but because it exhibits features worth noting.

This is a simple yet highly functional cable that will let you connect your keyboard or controller to your computer. M-Audio features built-in USB cable and MIDI extension cables that will allow you to hook up to your computer within minutes.

Some cables on the market will require you to invest in an external power source so you can power your MIDI cable. That is not the case with M-Audio; the cable powers through the same cord that is used to transfer data.

Being bus-powered, you can be sure that this is a high compact cable that will not demand much storage space. Besides, you can carry anywhere you want to use it without worrying about carrying powering devices that you need to plug to the wall for you to carry out your various MIDI tasks. That can be a huge time saver as you don’t need to make many connections.

Besides, featuring is an upward mobility function. This works in such a manner that if you have many USB ports on your computer, you can connect as many USB Midisport cables as you would like.

To install, you don’t need to open the computer casing as in some cables which is definitely irritating and time wasting. Simply locate the USB port on your computer and connect the USB cable. After that, locate the MIDI ports on your keyboard or controller, and you are all set to transfer whatever data you want.

M-Audio Midisport Portable Interface Connection
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

M-Audio Uno offers your computer 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output. Also, each of them supports 16 channels providing a superfast MIDI response. That makes one of the fastest MIDI interfaces on the market as it does not require installing any software to get recognized by the computer or controller gear and to transfer data.

What’s more, no need to worry about connecting wrongly as the in and out plugs are clearly labeled using molded letters. Besides, to make it even more simple to connect your controller to your computer, it features three green LEDs. Once your USB cable begins to power, the light will indicate that. The remaining two are for MIDI in and MIDI out signals.

The cable measures 116 inches, which offers enough length for all your connectivity. That eliminates the need disconnect your cable every time you want to use it on a different gear, which might eat into your recording time.

This cable interface works perfectly with windows. However, to make it compatible with the Mac OS X, you will need to install the driver software included with the CD-ROM provided. You can also decide to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

M-Audio Uno is recommended for GarageBand users and those who connect using a single MIDI keyboard at home. That is; where you don’t step on it and don’t plug and unplug all the time.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Closely following is the Creative EMU XMIDI Interface. Creative has a reputation for its top quality products and accessories including speakers, cables, headsets, sealers and more. Have you used other MIDI cables only to end up utterly disappointed? Worry no more, as this cable will offer just what you want and probably more. It is the gateway to connecting to your computer with no hassles. It will enable you to add MIDI compatibility to your production computer.

Some MIDI cables lag like hell, and it can be an annoying moment staring into the blank space waiting for it to get recognized. It is even worse when you want to record live only for it to take an eternity. At an amazing price, you will get a cable that will offer you the speed you want. With this cable, your computer will gain ultra-fast MIDI response, 16 channels in/out.

Besides, it is highly portable and doesn’t occupy much storage space. As such, you can carry it anywhere you want for use. There is 1MIDI in, I MIDI out and I USB all connected to give a single unit. And the fact that it is bus-powered, you don’t need another external source of power as it will charge using the same connection used for data transfer. That further enhances portability since you will not need to carry other gadgets apart from your cable.

This EMU XMIDI is Plug N Play meaning that you don’t need to install any software for it to get recognized by the controller. That feature renders the cable as one of the fastest and easy to use on the market. EMU XMIDI is compatible with MS Windows XP/Vista and Mac Os. Some have tried on windows 7 and it worked perfectly although the manufacturer states it does not work. Besides, you can use it for your iPad.

Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

What’s more, EMU XMIDI has indicators for input/output/power signals so you can know when it is connected and transmits data inside or outside. Besides, you can control the virtual instruments with MIDI controllers. Also, this cable triggers external sound modules with your computer sequencers.

Also, if you want to control any MIDI-capable studio gear like effects like processors, you will not go wrong with EMU XMIDI.

Even more, this cable can suppress active sensing messages that keep on informing the sound modules connected that it is still connected but the user it not active. If you have ever experienced such, you will agree that it can be annoying.

That is not all; it has support for DirectMusic capabilities that allow you to compose and controlled how sound effects get played. Besides, the cable supports CoreMIDI meaning that you connect it physically and acts as hardware interface as well as a software interface.

Used with XMIDI driver, this cable can allow you to connect multiple clients to a single unit such that you can transfer data without breaks. That lets you gain total control over all your tasks. This cable is a crucial interface that you cannot afford to miss. It doesn’t matter if it is in a studio or at home, the cable will come in handy for all you everyday MIDI tasks.

VicTsing USB IN-OUT MIDI Cable
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

VicTsing offers top-rated consumer accessories with the aim to transform your way of doing things. There can be no doubt the quality of their products. They are a perfection definition of simplicity and usability.

Would you love to turn your computer into a music studio? Then you have VicTsing MIDI cable at your convenience. Several features make this MIDI cable stand out and carry the title of the #1 bestseller in its category.

VicTsing MIDI cable offers a simple interface that allows you to connect your electronic music gear to the computer via the USB MIDI cable that comes with the unit. In minutes, you will be enjoying your music as it is recorded on your computer.

This MIDI cable has a 1 in and 1 out MIDI interface that allows you to transfer data between your music instrument or any other gear and your computer. With the 16 MIDI input channels and 16 MIDI output channels, you can be sure that this cable will not lag at that crucial recording time.

Even if you are not an expert, you are not likely to experience any difficulties using this cable. Featuring is a LED indicator power that lets you know when you power in. Besides, with the MIDI in signal and MIDI out signal, you will when your controller (computer) and music gear are connected.

VicTsing USB IN-OUT MIDI Cable
Top 10 Best MIDI Cables In 2022 Reviews 7

Also, you don’t need an external power source for your cable thanks to the USB-powered function. That makes the MIDI a compact and a highly portable unit that you can transport anywhere you want.

What’s more, you can also integrate additional sound to your recording if you get the necessary software. After that, you are set to edit and mix it to your satisfaction. Besides, if you want, you can easily print a music sheet of your composed music.

Even more, VicTsing MIDI cable is a Plug N Play which renders your work simpler. Being the latest model with inbuilt drivers, you don’t need to install any drivers to your computer to use this cable.

The cable measures 2 meters, which is equivalent to 6 ft in length. It must be sufficient to connect your gear without the need to disconnect all the time. This MIDI cable is compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/iMac. Unfortunately, you cannot use it with Windows 7 and above, Yamaha or any Apple device. VicTsing MIDI cable is recommended for mainly for those who record music. It will work with your guitar converter, keyboard or any other music gear that supports MIDI interfaces.


The role that MIDI cables continue to play cannot be underestimated. Despite the advent of USB cables in the transmission of data and commands, MIDI cables have remained relevant years down the line. MIDI cables are veterans and will continue to be to be so particularly in the music industry. Our comprehensive reviews for the top choices were informed on the customers’ reviews and ratings. So you can be sure what we have here are quality products and nothing else. It is our hope the review will help you make informed decisions as opposed to just trial and error shopping. Take your time, go through each of the reviews and pick MIDI cable you think has the features you need.

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