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Top 10 Best Mini Cribs Reviewed In 2022

Are you planning for your soon to be born baby? Apart from buying the best diapers, baby clothing, and the baby wipes, buy a mini crib too. Do not consider it an unnecessary expense as most parents do. An original model will benefit you in many ways. First, like adults, kids love their personal space. They love to toss and turn without bumping into other people during their early stages of development. Second, unlike the kind and queen-sized beds that we have at home, mini cribs are kid safe. They are also comfortable and designed to satisfy the unique needs of kids every day.

What makes a good crib? Before you buy one, evaluate its safety. Does it have protective rails, for instance? You do not want to kid rolling and falling on the floor as he or she plays or sleeps. Materials should also be kid-safe and designed to better the experience of users. Finally, make sure that your crib of choice is comfortable and or the correct size. Kids grow fast. Buying a professional model that is a tad larger is thus a good decision. On Amazon, most mini cribs meet this threshold. However, the 10 we have talked of in this list are currently the best of the bunch.

10. Orbelle Tina

Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Portable Crib

Are you shopping for a comfortable mini bed that you child will enjoy using daily? Orbelle Tina is a stylish 40.25L x 25.25W x 41.25H inch model with a convenient three-level design. You can use it as a portable crib, for instance. You can also use it as a changing station or as a playpen as your child grows older. Setup is simple. Its durable and space efficient design also works well in homes.

The material used to make your crib of choice mirrors the experience that you will get. Made of lightweight wood, for instance, this model is portable. It is also warm and has a comfortable design with an adjustable mattress (three positions). Depending on your baby’s sleeping style, thus, you can customize its design to meet his or her needs.

With Orbelle Tina, you get a safe JPMA-certified kids accessory that your baby will enjoy using. All parts are non-irritant. Finishes, on the other hand, are non-toxic. If you baby chews on it unattended, you do not have to worry about him or her falling sick because of heavy metals such as lead.


  • JPMA safety certified
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Adjustable mattress
  • Three-in-one design
  • Portable design
  • Quality wood
  • Rolling casters


  • None

9. Dream On Me Casco

Dream On Me Casco 4 in 1 Mini Crib and Dressing Table Combo, Espresso

The Dream On Me brand is popular for its elaborate and functional products. This 4-in-1 mini crib, for instance, is a versatile household accessory that doubles as a dresser. Measuring 39 x 28 x 37 inches (L x W x H), this bed fits small and large babies comfortable. It also has a classic espresso theme that complements the look of most décor in homes.

Even though cheap, the quality of this crib is outstanding. The solid pine wood used to make it, for instance, its durable. Its smooth surface is non-irritant, while its lightweight design (64 pounds) has its share of pros. While cleaning, you can move it within a room or between rooms easily. Because of its solid frame, you baby can also jump or play in it without breaking.

Unlike most standard cribs, this one has a convertible design that will grow with your baby. Set up is not a chore, those. You can easily transform it from one stage to another with one hand. With one of the cheap table conversion kits attainable online, you can also customize its design further to enjoy more benefits.


  • Convertible 4-in-1 design
  • Durable pine wood frame
  • Lightweight (64 pounds)
  • CPSC and ASTM approved
  • Three position mattress
  • Onboard storage


  • Uneven drawers

8. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib, Grey

Featuring a stylish gray theme and collapsible design, Babyletto Origami is a perfect mini crib for homes. It blends well in most bedrooms. Its light and portable design is ideal, while the onboard storage offered appeals to most parents. You can use it to store the best diapers in your possession. You can also use it to store apparel such a clothes and socks without cluttering personal space.

Made of sustainable New Zealand pinewood, Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is an Eco-friendly mini crib. Its MDF and Carb II compliant design, on the other hand, meets both CPSC and ASTM safety standards. The risk of your baby falling over whilst sleeping, for instance, is very slim. Because of its safe finish, you do not have to worry about phthalates and lead affecting the health of your baby.

Most parents sleep comfortably at home. To offer your baby a similar experience, consider buying this crib. It is wobble-free. You also get a solid mattress support with adjustable levels that you can customize on demand. On Amazon, you get free replacement parts for this mini crib.


  • Free replacement parts
  • Adjustable level mattress support
  • Wobble-free design
  • CPSC and ASTM standards compliant
  • MDF and Carb II compliant
  • Onboard storage
  • Sustainable New Zealand pine wood
  • Rolling casters


  • Looks small

7. Dream On Me Addison

Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib, White

Addison from Dream on Me is a white-themed mini crib for kids with a convertible 4-in-1 design. Even though small, it blends well in homes. It is also durable and converts into a twin sized bed easily to accommodate larger kids. This saves you the money you would have otherwise spent on a new bed as your baby grows.

In terms of comfort, this crib is among the best. The four-position mattress support system it comes with, for instance, is invaluable. You can adjust it on demand to customize the support and thus comfort levels of your bundle of joy. Many parents also appreciate its lightweight design (40 pounds), decent pricing, and its solid and sturdy feet. You can move it from room to room easily without straining your back.

Made of sustainable New Zealand wood, this convertible bed is also eco-friendly. Set up and maintenance are easy. Finally, its design and all finished used do not harm babies in any way. Buy one to get the best for your baby.


  • Sustainable New Zealand wood
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Safe design and finishes
  • Light 40-pound design
  • Convertible to a twin-size bed
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM standards


  • None

6. DaVinci Annabelle

DaVinci Annabelle 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed, Espresso

Ranked among the best in its class, DaVinci Anabelle offers the stability, comfort, and performance that most parents and kids like. Featuring a convertible 2-in-1 design, its versatility is impressive. Its stained and finished frame (multi-step), on the other hand, is not only charming but also baby-safe. You do not have to worry about heavy metals such as lead or chemicals such as phthalates.

As they grow, kids like to jump and play in their cribs during their free time. The low-grade models available in some stores often break or cost parents tens of dollars in repairs. You will have a different experience with DaVinci Annabelle. The sustainable New Zealand wood used to make it is durable. You also get a higher slat strength of around 149 pounds.


  • Sustainable New Zealand wood
  • High slat strength (149 pounds)
  • Carb II compliant design
  • Baby safe finishes
  • Convertible 2-in-1 frame
  • Stylish espresso theme


  • Missing parts (bolts)

5. DaVinci Kalani

DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed In White Finish

With an original Kalani from DaVinci, you get a two in one convertible mini crib with an aesthetic white finish. Perfect for boys and girls, its unisex design blends well in homes. It also has a durable multi-painted finish that lacks irritants such as lead or phthalates. Even without your supervision, you baby will have a safe and comfortable experience in this mini crib.

Do you have a deep crib that you have problems using at home? This model will serve you better. Because of its low profile design, for instance, you can access your baby easily. Edges are smooth and non-irritant, while the four-level mattress support it comes with is novel. You can customize it to maximize the support and comfort levels of your baby in real time.

Designed to meet CPSC US and ASTM international standards, this is one of the best cribs to have at home. It is safe. Buyers also get a free waterproof changing pad (one-inch) that you will enjoy using.


  • Free changing pad
  • Meets CPSC US and ASTM standards
  • Four level mattress support
  • Low reach design
  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Converts to a bed


  • No mattress

4. Graco Travel Lite

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages, Manor

Perfect for home use, Graco Travel Lite is a well-made baby crib with a light and portable design. It is easy to setup. Unlike some models that need specialized equipment to setup, this one comes together effortlessly. It also has a space-efficient design with a charming manor theme that blends well in homes. If you like quality furniture, but do not have a lot of free space at home, this mini crib is one of the best for 2022.

For those with shallow pockets, shopping for products such as the best baby bottles or cribs is a challenge. In their frustration, most people choose the cheapest of the bunch. Others compromise quality or style for price. With Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages, you do not have to make such sacrifices. This mini crib is affordable. It is also easy to maintain and has a portable design that you can travel with effortlessly.


  • Portable mini crib
  • Cost effective
  • Charming manor theme
  • Space-efficient design
  • Well-designed stages


  • None

3. Delta Children Mini Crib

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib, White

Most parents like functional products. If you are among this group and looking for a new crib for your baby, Delta Children Portable Mini Crib is for you. Featuring a light white-themed design, it is both stylish and portable. It also has a durable multipurpose design that guarantees babies a relaxing and restful sleep in all environments.

Made of high-quality wood, this bed is durable. It does not warp, wobble, or lose its shape over time. Breakage is also rear. Finally, because you can easily adjust the slats that this bed comes with, you can position it better to improve the experience of your child. This is unlike some cheap models with uncomfortable and non-customizable designs.

Safety is a desirable attribute of this mini crib for kids. Buy one from a reputable store, for instance, to get an ASTM and CPSC certified product for your kids. Edges are smooth while its non-toxic finish lacks lead and phthalates.


  • ASTM and CPSC certified
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Adjustable slats
  • Stylish outlook
  • Space efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Rolling casters


  • None

2. DaVinci Emily

DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed in White Finish

Purchase DaVinci Emily to get a safety-certified white-themed kids crib with a versatile two-in-one design. As your kid ages, you can convert it into a spacious twin bed without compromising safety or comfort. Paint and all other finishes are non-toxic.

DaVinci Emily has a two-level mattress support that you can use to adjust its height and comfort levels. It also has a low-profile easy reach design that eases loading or accessing of babies baby and solid feet. As most DaVinci products, this product meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards. You also get a free waterproof pad that is around one-inch thick.


  • Waterproof changing pad
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Easy-reach design
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Two-in-one design (convertible)
  • Durable wooden frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • Scratches/chips easily

1. Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden

Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, Black

Light (40 pounds), sturdy, and with an aesthetic look that blends well in homes, Dream On Me Aden tops our list. Its comfortable design makes sleeping fun. It is also convertible to large twin-size bed and has a sturdy three-position mattress support system with a 50-pound weight capacity.

For those conscious about the environment, this crib is Eco-friendly. The solid wood used to make it is durable and has quality and non-toxic finishing.


  • Non-toxic finishing
  • Eco-friendly design
  • 50-pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable mattress slats
  • Convertible 2-in-1 design
  • Stylish outlook


  • None


Are you shopping for a new crib for your baby? You have many products to choose online. However, for best results, the 10 we have listed work the best. They are comfortable, durable, and meet ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

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