Top 10 Best Motion Sensors Reviewed In 2022

Motion sensors are innovative security accessories that have improved how people monitor and secure their homes significantly. Even though simpler and cheaper than most standard security systems, they are powerful, discriminate threats well, and have sensitive systems that monitor environments in real time and issue warnings early for homeowners to respond. They are also easier to install, work well with most existing security systems such as cameras and alarms, and are readily available in a plethora of shapes and sizes that work well in several types of home. If you live in an unsafe locality and or have a notorious burglar that is causing your thousands in losses from time to time, invest in one of these top 10 motion detectors in 2022 to secure your home well:


BOSCH SECURITY VIDEO ISC-BPR2-WP12 Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detector for Security Systems

Featuring an advanced PIR motion detection system and a camera for detecting and recording threats before their compromise the security of your home, ISC-BPR2-WP12 by Bosch Security Video is a second-generation security system that uses a combination of infrared and passive cameras to secure homes. Its pet-friendly design minimizes false positives as your pet explores indoors and outdoors. Installation is simple while its dynamic design factors temperature changes for better sensitivity in all environments. Unlike most models with long delay times, you get a well-made motion sensor that generates accurate alarms in real time.

9. Ademco Honeywell AURORA

Ademco Honeywell AURORA Pir Motion Sensor

Offering the value that most homeowners like the Honeywell brand for, AURORA by Ademco is a compact PIR motion sensor for homes with a unique split-zone optics technology that helps it monitor large areas at the same time. Set up is straightforward. Its low current design keeps power consumption low while its pet immune design (up to 40 pounds) lowers the risk of false positives. As such, unlike some similar products, this motion sensor will never wake you up at night because of your cat’s nocturnal behavior. It is also durable, works silently in the background, and works better than most available DSC sensors.

8. Signstek E27/E26/B22

Signstek E27/E26/B22 5W PIR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor & Light Sensor LED Light Bulb Warm White

Recommended for household and commercial use, Signstek E27/E26/B22 is an advanced 5-watt motion sensor with a dual bulb design (PIR infrared and a light sensor) that discriminates threats well when in use. It is durable, very easy to install, and has a stylish and compact design that works well in home bedrooms, balconies, corridors, and parking lots. It also has a fully automated design that turns itself on automatically whenever someone enters its detection area, a built in timer that keeps it working for 30-60 second after a threat leaves its vicinity, and has a photosensitive internal switch that regulates light to match your environment (dark or bright). This sensor is affordable and has a 6-month warranty.

7. All-Pro MS180

All-Pro MS180, 180 Motion Sensor, White

Designed to offer 180-degree coverage of home while discriminating false positives generated by pets and other animals, All-Pro MS180 by Cooper Lighting is a commercial-grade white-themed motion sensor with an effective range of up to 75 feet. It is durable, automated (both on and off), and has a novel timer delay feature (4 and 12 minutes) that keeps it on after it detects suspicious motion. With a maximum load of 300 watts, this motion detector is powerful. Its integrated photocell discriminates night and day well while its replaceable floodlight eases maintenance. All Pro offers a two-year warranty for an original.

6. Ecolink Z-Wave PIRZWAVE2-ECO

Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO)

Are you tired of the poorly built motion detector that came built in your home? Are you shopping for a new replacement model that delivers fast and consistent results and can discriminate pet signatures reliably? Ecolink Z-Wave PIRZWAVE2-ECO is a top-rated home security system with an advanced PIR motion detector that delivers consistent and reliable results. It is pet immune, durable, and has a compact and easy to install design that you can use to monitor the indoor and outdoor environment of your home remotely. It also has sensitive internal jumpers that with three discrimination modes that you can use on demand, a universal system that works well with many controllers, and a battery-powered (six-year 3V CR123A) system that eliminates the need for hard wiring.

5. 1byone Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor

1byone Wireless Driveway Alert, Infrared Motion Sensor with 1 Plug in Receiver and 1 Sensor

Designed for monitoring driveways remotely, this wireless driveway motion sensor by 1byone is a novel plug-in accessory that might save your car from the prying eyes that have been drooling over it. The PIR infrared technology that it employs is durable, power efficient, and has a built-in sensor that detects the moving heat of human beings and car engines alike. Whenever it detects a threat, the transmitter that comes built-in sends wireless signals to a receive that then warns you of the impending threat by sounding a powerful 120-decibel alarm. Its plug and use design is convenient. You also get an adjustable volume, 36 alarm melodies to choose, and 300-foot range.

4. Chamberlain CWA2000

Chamberlain CWA2000 Wireless Motion Alert System

Purchase Chamberlain CWA2000 to get a premium-grade black and tan-themed wireless motion alert system with an impressive half-mile detection range. It is durable, beams signals directly to receivers via a wireless interface, and comes with a powerful 55dB buzzer alarm that generates high pitch notifications that will warn you from all areas of your home. The plastic casing it comes with creates a watertight seal that makes it an ideal outdoor accessory. You also an adjustable sensitivity control and sensors that trigger alarms once pedestrians and or vehicles are within a 30-foot radius. You will enjoy using.

3. First Alert PIR725

First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Socket

Disguised as a light socket, First Alert PIR725 is a well-built motion sensor with a durable and fully automated system that turns it on and off whenever you enter and exit a room. Installation is simple. Its ability to sense movement in all directions during the day and night is impressive while its compatibility with both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs makes it an ideal household accessory. First Alert PIR725 is affordable, hands-free, and has a 12-foot radius.

2. Litom Super Bright

Litom Super Bright 8 LED Solar Powered Wireless Security Motion Sensor Light with Three Intelligent Modes,Weatherproof,Wireless Exterior Security Lighting

Durable, solar powered, and with a bright 8 LED system that illuminates well, Litom Super Bright security motion sensor with a convenient wireless technology that most homeowners appreciate. It is durable, has three intelligent modes that you can set to match your needs, and has a waterproof design that you can install outdoors and not worry about the elements destroying. It covers a 26-foot radius and has a simple and easy to install design.

1. Mr. Beams MB360

2 Pack Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof - Battery Operated - 140 Lumens

Topping our list, Mr. Beams MB360 is a package of two motion-sensing spotlights, each with a bright and wireless system that never disappoints. Both spotlights are also waterproof, battery-operated, and have built-in photocells that discriminate night and day. Buy an original to get 350 square foot coverage.

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