Top 10 Best Office Presentation Remotes

What is Presentation Remote?

A presentation remote is a device that should be compatible with a system used to present informational content to individuals. It directs the conversation and alerts the audience to specific focus points.

How to Use a Presentation Remote?

The remote itself should be used to guide the audience to important information. If the audience is taking notes, you may point to a specific topic they should consider writing. It works as a finger, pointing to things of relevance and high priority.

How Does a Presentation Remote Work?

The presentation remote can come equipped with the ability to control slideshow presentations or other actions with the click of a button. It also comes equipped with the laser pointer, usually a red color but can be green. It is meant to add convenience by providing easy control for the presenter and easy comprehension from the audience.

What are the Advantages of Presentation Remote?

This type of remote control can help viewers understand and follow the topic better. The presenter can also have more freedom to move and interact with the audience while pointing out key notes. It makes for a much more successful session.

What Are The Different Types of Presentation Remote?

Presentation remotes typically have the same purpose, but can come equipped with different technologies and have extras that people may need for a quality presentation.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Presentation Remote

When purchasing any product, you should look for features that have quality. A good presentation remote will usually have a comfortable design that will fit easily in your hand and an intense laser suitable for most backgrounds.

Guide to Choosing the Best Presentation Remotes

Choosing the best remote for you means to be sure it is compatible with your operating system. If this is not intact, then the remote will be useless. Always look at the features and come to a conclusion about the price you are willing to pay for purchase.

What Are the Best Presentation Remotes on the Market Today?

Some of the best presentation remotes on the market today are BEBONCOOL, Logitech, and some others. Though the best controller for you depends on the features, it offers you, but as far as quality, these brands offer a lot.

10. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

10. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

This wireless presenter has a lot to present to the buyer. With a 50 foot range, it demonstrates excellent quality on its own. It has a built-in docking bay that stores the receiver, an excellent source of portability. It has an Intuitive touch key technology for natural control for the user, giving you the confidence you need to present.

09. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

9. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

This is a unique laser pointer thanks to the green light it has. The laser technology allows for it to be easily seen in a bright room, making it excellent for a presenter to lead the audience without losing control. The range is simply good at 100 feet. His remote can be used for bigger audiences thanks to the wireless range alone and the LCD display with timer only helps the presenter. There are also vibrating alerts to help the presenter manage time.

08. DinoFire Wireless Presenter

8. DinoFire Wireless Presenter

This presenter brings a lot to the table with a 98-foot range of wireless controls at your fingertips. It sports versatility with it compatible nature. Works in harmony with Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Vista, 7, and 8. It leads a crowd with a bright red laser and has much more compatible programs it works with.

07. LNKOO Laser Flip Pen Wireless RF PPT Control

7. LNKOO Laser Flip Pen Wireless RF PPT Control

With over 49 feet of range and a simple control system, this can be a presenter’s best friend. The laser pointer is clear, so it won’t leave you wondering where the laser is pointing at from that far range it lets you work with. It has a thin USB wireless receiver for easy storage.

06. Clever Wireless Presenter C748

6. Clever Wireless Presenter C748

Control the show with this high tech controller. It is compatible with Windows 8.1, Mac, and Andriod. The 50-foot range makes it easy to communicate to your audience and has excellent control. The built-in docking bay can store the receiver and has a simple to use control system.

05. LANMU Wireless USB PowerPoint Presenter Remote Control

5. LANMU Wireless USB PowerPoint Presenter Remote Control

It compatibility is excellent, being able to work with Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista. It also can collaborate with Mac and Linux. It has a quality beam light and simple to use controls for easier convenience. The AAA battery it requires is not included.

04. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter

4. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter

If you need range then this maybe the match you have been waiting for. 150 feet of range enough? It also has two separate modes for whatever you need, those are presenter mode and cursor control mode. It controls Keynote and PowerPoint, widely used presenting programs. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and other programs.

03. Targus Wireless Presenter (AMP16US-52)

3. Targus Wireless Presenter (AMP16US-52)

This presenter has a cool design but also has the comfort of a soft-touch surface for the presenter. It is PC Netbook compatible and has a usable 30 feet range, more than enough to come into the room while you discuss the topic. It has an ease of use feature with its fingertip controls.

02. Satechi SP400 Smart-Pointer

2. Satechi SP400 Smart-Pointer

This lightweight controller was designed with you in mind because of its comfortable fit into most people hand. The USB receiver is compatible with Mac or PC. It can work with Windows 7,8,8.1, and Vista. It also is compatible with Mac OS and other programs. With up to 100 feet of range, it can quickly become your much-needed tool for presenting.

01. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

1. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter

Another sleek designed controller, it is environmentally friendly because of the ABS plastic its made of. It has a plug-and-play wireless receiver for convenience and works with Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, and more. It does not come with the AAAbatter.


You can get the best controller for you by considering the features. If you need range, there are many that have wireless controls that can span over 50 feet. Wireless presentation controllers have come a long way and allow the user to have comfortable control.

Some of the best options may be the ones that are compatible with the system you have, so be sure to make sure the remote qualifies with that feature for your convenience.

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