Top 10 Best Olympic Weight Benches in 2022 Reviews

When you invest in the right Olympic weight bench, you invest in total body workouts. Olympic weight benches are highly versatile equipment that helps you stay in shape and tone your muscles. The best quality ones are simple to assemble, are easily adjustable, and durable. The following are the top 10 Best Olympic Weight Benches in 2022. Read, on, discover, and buy.

10. Body Champ WB125 Pro-Spirit Weight Bench

This is an amazing Olympic weight bench that is great starter set featuring a leg lift extension that is fitted with wonderful foam rollers, and is able to accommodate any one-inch bar to 6 ft long. It is adjustable to a total of three press positions. Moreover, it comes with a very attractive price tag for its value.

9. Marcy MWB-715N Weight Bench

This weight bench does everything a universal weight bench should. Like most of its high-quality counterparts, it features a fully adjustable build design which allows you to have a wide range of workouts. It particularly features an interchangeable total leg developer, bar catch and preacher curl pad, greatly multiplying the number of possible muscle groups you will get access to. A great buy, sure.

8. Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Weight Bench

This is another great all-in-one unit that helps you achieve the best muscle building out of just a single piece of weight lifting equipment. It is a fully adjustable one-piece bench that accommodates a broad range of workouts. It is also very compact, measuring 41 by 45 by 68 inches. It comes with a 3-year warranty cover for its heavy duty folding frame, as well as a one-year warranty on every part.

7. Bowflex Select-Tech Series 5.1 Weight Bench

Bowflex is a popular name in the industry. This Select-Tech Series 5.1 model does the job right, featuring a 6-position easy to adjust bench—adjustable from 17-degree decline to 90-degree incline—providing total workout versatility to stabilize your positioning and correct your posture perfectly. It is backed by a 30-year warranty—incredible.

6. Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench

Utility Benches are for more advanced trainers. This Marcy Deluxe is a versatile, although bare-bones, Olympic weight bench featuring a 6-position back pad that is easily adjustable, and an attached total leg developer. It will be a wonderful addition to the home gym, and is designed to majority pre-existing standard cages racks, or Smith machine. It also can be the ideal centerpiece for circuit exercises with barbells, dumbbells, and body weight. It is compact but sturdy.

5. Marcy MD-867 Mid Sized Weight Bench

Best Olympic Weight Benches
as the best selling brand, Marcy appears more than once in this list. This MD-867 model is a mid-size bench ideal for generating toning as well as strengthening specific particular muscle groups. For instance, its large diameter Akimbo style crutches offer up to four press positions and two squat positions. The oversize catches accommodate both 6 and 7 ft bars. If you want to take your body from cut to cutter, use this bench.

4. Adidas ADI-700 Powder-Coated Weight Bench

This is an Olympic weight bench that is built to last. In a fixed 1-piece design, this ADI-700 model from Adidas is constructed with large diameter tubing of steel, featuring a powder coating finish. It is over-sized and very adjustable, with it’s 2 1/2 –inch thick high-density foam padding. It is a great bench to put a beat down on.

3. Gold’s Gym’s XR 10.1 Weight Bench

This is an ideal evolutionary Olympic weight bench for those who want to get bigger, stronger muscles. Its easy-to-adjust crutches and six-roll leg developer accommodate you no matter your fitness level, and as you continue to train, wherever you get to. It has an Olympic-width and adjustable bench that can be used for flat, decline, or incline presses, featuring a separate adjustable seat for assured comfort. It further includes weight storage for more weight that you will certainly need.

2. The Body Champ Bench-Best Olympic Weight Benches

this weight bench accommodates Olympic weight sets, with the uprights used as a squat rack, and when combined with the adjustable backrest for incline, decline, flat, as well as military style presses. It’s long lasting dual-action leg developer is great for both presses and lifts. This unit features robust mainframe tubing construction for durability and comes with locking measures as well as non-pinch grips for extra safety.

1. Marcy MD879 Olympic Weight Bench

This is the ultimate deal. If you acquire this bench, you basically will have a gym in the house. This Marcy MD 879 model of Olympic weight bench is a 2-piece set which is sold complete with a multifunctional utility bench, a total leg developer, adjustable barbell crutches, as well as a preacher curl pad plus removable bicep curl bar. Both of these pieces are independent of one another and are adjustable to utilize the barbell crutches like a squat rack. That is all you need.

Any brand in the industry will ever tell you that they are offering the best quality Olympic weight bench(es). However, that is not always the case. But you can trust the above reviewed top 10 best Olympic weight benches in 2022. They deliver to and beyond expectations.

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