Top 10 Best Panini Presses Reviewed In 2022

Every day, millions of people all over the world eat a hot grilled sandwich or two for breakfast, as a snack, or for lunch. Even though delicious, they can be expensive, particularly if you depend on a local restaurant to meet your daily demand. To cut costs without compromising flavors and or the quality of sandwiches that you eat daily, buying one of the top 10 Panini makers listed herein is among the best decisions you can make. They are durable, cook delicious sandwiches and Panini well, and are attainable cheap online.

10. ZZ S677

ZZ S677

Perfect for grilling stakes, burgers, and sandwiches of various thicknesses, ZZ S677 Gourmet is a top-grade grill Panini and sandwich press with a large and non-stick surface that makes cooking fun. The 1500-watt heating element that it comes with is power efficient. Its silver finished body is stylish and rust and corrosion-resistant while its scratch resistant Quantanium cooking surface not only heats fast but also retains its structure for years, even when used on an everyday basis. It also has rubberized non-slip feet for stability, an easy to use floating hinge design that accommodate larger sandwiches and steaks, and on and ready lights that tell you when it is ready to use and when the sandwich or steaks that you are cooking is ready.

9. Hamilton Beach 25462Z

Hamilton Beach 25462Z

Perfect for preparing great tasting Panini in homes, Hamilton Beach 25462Z is a feature-rich Panini maker with a stable and easy to use design that most homeowners appreciate. Even though cheap, its durability and the admirable cooking power that it offers has earned a spot among the best in this niche. The 10-inch by 8-inch grids it comes with are large and have non-stick surfaces that do not burn food. Its floating café-style lid adjusts to accommodate sandwiches of various thicknesses while its stable and casing is rust resistant, has non-slip feet, and has bright power and reheat lights for monitoring the cooking process. Hamilton Beach 25462Z is affordable and stores upright to save cupboard and kitchen space.

8. De’Longhi CGH800

De'Longhi CGH800

Professionally designed for use in homes and restaurants, De’Longhi CGH800 is a novel Panini press and contact grill that guarantees a fast and even toasting and grilling experience whenever you are preparing breakfast or snacks at home. It is durable, has double-sided cooking plates that distribute heat well for even cooking, and has a stable lid with a height-adjustable hinge that allows you to prepare Panini and sandwiches of various sizes. With a bit of effort, you can also use this press to grill meat, fish, and even vegetables without burning or leeching their flavor and or nutrients.

7. Oster DuraCeramic

Oster DuraCeramic

Fitted with durable grills with an innovative DuraCeramic coating for superior non-stick performance, Oster DuraCeramic is a professional grade grill and Panini maker that lasts up to four times longer than most comparable ones. Its grills are PFOA and PTFE-free, cook up to 20-times faster than most traditional metallic models, and open flat to offer additional grilling space for people with large families. Pricing is decent. The non-slip feet that it comes with boost its stability while the dual drip cups offered catch liquids and excess oils well to prevent nasty spills on surfaces.

6. Cuisinart GR-11

Cuisinart GR-11

An acclaimed three-in-one cookware in homes and restaurants, Cuisinart GR-11 is a valuable grill and Panini press with durable and non-stick plates that open flat to double cooking space. If you have a large family, therefore, you can prepare several sandwiches and Panini at the same time without compromising taste or their structure. It also has adjustable front feet for easier draining of oils as you cook; ha a well-wired electrical system with a preset temperature for grilling sandwiches or burgers, and a brushed stainless steel housing with bright power on and ready indicator lights that tell you when it is on and when food is ready to serve.

5. Hamilton Beach 25450

Hamilton Beach 25450

Instead of spending tens of dollars in your favorite restaurant to get a slice of your favorite Panini or sandwich, consider purchasing this Hamilton Beach 25450 gourmet Panini press instead. It is affordable, has a deli-styled grill that heats up and cooks delicious sandwiches and Panini fast, and has a space and power efficient design that will not clutter your kitchen or skyrocket electricity costs. You also get a durable floating lid that allows you to prepare sandwiches of various thicknesses, non-stick grids, and a two-year manufacturer warranty.

4. IMUSA GAU-80102


Durable, electricity powered, and fitted with non-stick and dishwasher-safe panels, IMUSA GAU-80102 is a premium sandwich and Panini maker that has featured in several top 10 best Panini presses in 2022 reviews for many reasons. The well-wired and power efficient electrical system used to power it, for instance, is energy efficient. Its stainless steel exterior is dent and rust proof while its compact and easy to use design makes it an ideal household press for those with space limitations. You also get LED indicator lights, adjustable hinges for customizing the thickness of sandwiches, and an easy to maintain design that lasts for years.

3. Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo is a 1500-watt press with a durable stainless steel body, non-stick plates with scratch resistant Quantanium surfaces, and a flat bottom design that is not only stable but also heats up faster and better that most curved models. It also has a floating hinge for customizing sandwich height, a locking storage clip that comes in handy during storage, and a built-in cord wrap that stores its cord conveniently to eliminate clutter. Breville offers a one-year warranty for it.

2. Cuisinart GR-1

Cuisinart GR-1

To prepare delicious sandwiches and Panini at the comfort of your home without spending premium amounts, consider purchasing this Cuisinart GR-1 sandwich press and Panini maker. It is durable (stainless steel), has large (11×7-inch) lower and upper plated each with a fast heating and non-stick surface and has a floating hinge for adjusting height. The indicator lights offered are helpful and the 3-year warranty offered testament to its quality.

1. Hamilton Beach 25460A

Hamilton Beach 25460A

Topping our list, Hamilton Beach 25460A is an adjustable gourmet Panini press and sandwich maker with a floating café-style lid and large 10-inch x 8-inch non-stick grids. Even though its grates are permanent, clean-up is straightforward. Its compact design, on the other hand, stores conveniently out of sight in cupboards and pantries.

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