Top 10 Best Passport Holders Reviewed In 2022

Passports are among the most crucial documents that require good care. Passports must be properly kept to prevent them from getting lost or damaged. A passport holder is an ideal place to store your passport keeping it safe from identity thieves and damage. We all know how things can get worse if you lose your passport in a foreign country. There are some passport holders on the market to help you keep your passport safely. These holders come in different designs and patterns, and one has to choose carefully one the fits their needs. We have detailed a list of the top ten best passport holders in 2022 to help you with your selection. This is among the best and rank highly in most consumer websites. Go ahead and read through the list to check out one that will serve your needs properly.

10. Embassy Black Leather Passport holder

Embassy Black Leather Passport Holder or Wallet

The embassy black leather passport holder features a unique leather exterior that makes it a quality passport. The interior is manmade and very durable. The interior is one that will easily get cut by the passport edges. There is enough space not only to hold your passport but also your credit cards and driving license. It is an embossed passport without the usual US emblem. The holder has been positively reviewed and one to truly offer true value for your money.

9. 601-Leather Passport Cover

601-leather Passport Cover

The 601- Leather passport holder is another great choice to help with the storage of your passport in 2022. It is very slim and one that will easily fit into both your front and back pockets. It is purely made of leather and comes in black color. The exterior leather and interior make the holder very durable and one to last for ages carrying your passport and other personal documents. There is enough space to fit your driving license and credit cards too.

8. Swiss Gear Rfid Passport Cover Black One

Swiss Gear Rfid Protection Passport Cover

The Swiss Gear is made of nylon helping keep your documents well protected from water. Nylon is waterproof, and no water leakages will damage your passport. The passport holder is greatly engineered towards protecting your documents. The design aims at keeping a good organization of your documents. It is quite simple to clean as it can be hand washed. The bi-folds cover helps to conceal and hide your passports properly from identity thieves.

7. Smooth Travel Talus Rfid Passport Secure Block Data Theft Sa

Smooth Travel Talus RFID Passport Protector Secure Block Data Theft Sa

The Smooth Travel Talus is Rfid protected, and you can be sure your documents are safe at all times even in public places. The pockets are properly aligned to block any Rfid signals preventing identity thieves from reading any information on your card. The holder is designed to hold the UK, US, and the Australian passports. It is easy to use, and one can easily reach their documents. It is cost effective and one that offers true value for money in 2022.

6. Rfid Blocking Executive Organizer Passport Case

Travelon RFID Blocking Card Case

The Travelon is another great passport holder coming at number six on our list. The holder is made of nylon helping keep the passport and other documents safely at all times. It is worth noting that the Travelon is Rfid protected and will prevent people from reading information on your cards. There are three card slots and an ID window. It is a great choice and one to look out in 2022 if looking for a perfect passport holder.

5. WITZ Waterproof Passport Locker Black

WITZ Waterproof Passport Locker

The WITZ is the leading passport holder for adventure as it is waterproof and one that will keep your passport safe no matter the conditions. The holder is made for the toughest and wettest environmental conditions. The whole casing of the holder is waterproof. It is crush resistant and will keep the passport and other documents safe even if it crashes against a hard surface. It can float on water and is airtight. The WITZ is a true value for money and one to go out in 2022.

4. Travel Smart By Conair Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet

Travel Smart by Conair RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet, Black

The Travel Smart is Rfid protected and will help keep out identity thieves. It is another quality buy made from pure faux leather and users can rely on it to keep their passports safe. The holder comes with several other pockets like the zippered pocket for coins and interior pockets for credit cards, currency, and business cards. It is a small one and will easily fit in your pockets without being noticed.

3. Rfid Blocking Buffalo Leather Passport Holder by Access

Access Denied Mens RFID Blocking Passport Holder Wallet Genuine Leather

The Acess denied product is a great passport holder meeting the US FIPS security-201 standards. It is a must buy if you often travel and need your passport in good shape. It is made of pure leather and one that will last for years. It is Rfid protected and will keep you safe from electronic picketers. The interior is large and one to use for storing currency credit cards receipts and tickets.

2. Royce Genuine Leather Rfid Blocking Passport Cover Travel

Royce Leather RFID - blocking Passport & Currency Wallet

The Royce is 100 percent leather made by the Top Grain American Cowhide and one to look really out for. It is highly fashionable and one to make you look cool while keeping your documents safe. It is Rfid approved by the government and has materials that block scammers from stealing personal information. The wallet includes enough slots for currency and credit cards. You can also keep small amounts of cash without making it bulge out.

1. AmazonBasics Hard Carrying Case for My Passport Essential

AmazonBasics Hard Carrying Case for My Passport Essential

The AmazonBasics is our best passport holder in 2022 and rightfully so with a wide variety of features that keep your passport and other documents safe at all times. It is a compact compartment to store all your travel documents including passports, credit cards, coins, flash disks and portable hard drives. The slim line design allows you to fit it into your backpack and briefcase without difficulties. The interior is zippered and has straps to ensure things like portable hard drives are kept in place.


Make the right choice when traveling and have all your travel documents in one place. Keep them safe and secure with these unique and exceptional passport holders. These are the best in 2022 and ones that will offer users value for money.

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