Top 10 Best Pasta Makers in 2022 Reviews

Making pasta doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially when you invest in the right pasta making machine. Such a machine will enable you to enjoy pasta in the least time possible. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy excellent service for years to come. But how exactly do you get to know the best models in pasta making machines? Well, this is something that requires extensive research. But time is not something that we have on our hands. That is why we have decided to simplify the whole process by presenting to you a list of the top 10 best pasta makers in 2022.

10. Ovente PA591S Pasta Maker


Take your pasta making experience to the next level with PA591S Pasta Maker designed by Ovente. It is made of durable stainless steel with a nice polished chrome finish. This pasta maker is designed to make various dough sizes ranging from 0.5-3mm thick. There is a total of 7 different thickness settings that are designed to be interchangeable for added convenience. The machine features simple to adjust steel rollers for easy and efficient kneading.

9. Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker


Ovente pops up in the top 10 list with yet another advanced 150mm pasta maker. Like the PA591S, it is made of stainless steel and carbon to guarantee maximum durability. It is one unit that won’t rust or corrode during the term of its use. It features 7 different interchangeable thickness settings. This is within the range of 0.5 to 3mm. The process of kneading has been made much easier with its advanced steel rollers that can be adjusted to match your needs.

8. CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine


CucinaPro is a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances. Its long line of pasta makers is no exception. Imperia Pasta Machine is one model that puts the company’s name among the top pasta maker machines. It is made of heavy duty steel that incorporates an attractive chrome plating. This pasta maker features a 15mm roller with a cutter that enables you to make thin and thick pasta. The included dial enables you to easily set your desired level of thickness.

7. Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker


Turn your pasta making experience into great fun with Atlas Wellness pasta maker from Marcato. The machine features a solid construction made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. It has a nice chrome plating that gives it that elegant touch. The thickness of the pasta can be adjusted over 9 different settings. The plastic handle is ergonomically designed to be gentle on your hand. This machine comes with a recipe book to get you started right away.

6. Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set


Want to upgrade to an automated pasta maker machine? Well, look no further than the electric pasta maker from Atlas. This nickel plated stainless steel machine is powered by a detachable 110-volt electric motor. It provides a more effortless way of making pasta from the comfort of your home. It is designed to make two different kinds of pasta. The machine comes with a dial control that lets you adjust the thickness to 9 different levels.

5. HomeStart Pasta Maker


Are you a newbie and want to venture into the art of pasta making? Well, HomeStart Pasta Maker will certainly give you an upper hand. It features a durable and tough construction that will hold up well to daily use. The thickness of the pasta can be adjusted using a pull handle. The handle allows you to achieve up to 9 different thickness settings. Its elegance doesn’t go without notice. Its stylish design will actually add to the decor of any kitchen setting.

4. Philips Pasta Maker


Philips is a worldwide brand when it comes to electronics. However, the company expanded its expertise to include kitchen appliances, such as this advanced pasta maker. This machine delivers brute force (1,600 pounds) when it comes to pasta extrusion. It is fast enough to prepare one pound of pasta in just 15 minutes, something that is quite hard to achieve when using other models. It enables you to make your pasta in 4 distinct shapes.

3. Norpro Pasta Machine


Tired of the time-consuming conventional pasta making machines? Try checking out Norpro Pasta Machine. One look at it tells you that it does best what it is designed to do; pasta making. It is an elegant and stylish machine made of stainless steel and finished with a chrome plating. The machine is designed to cut pasta sheets into different thickness. It features easy hand washing and comes with a recipe book to get you started.

2. Metro Fulfillment House Italian Style Pasta Maker


This pasta making machine brings the Italian elegance and style into your kitchen. It features a stainless steel body with an ergonomically designed plastic handle. It incorporates a state-of-the-art dual cutting head. Its advanced steel rollers can be adjusted to provide several thickness levels. The advanced clamp enables it to easily attach on your kitchen countertop for added convenience.

1. VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker


Want to make a wide range of pasta dishes in the comfort of your home? Well, check out VonShef’s 3-in-1 Pasta Maker. It is a durable yet functional unit fabricated from high-grade stainless steel. It allows for easy kneading, rolling and can be adjusted to enable you to achieve different levels of thickness. Apart from its practicality, it is stylish enough to add to the decor of your kitchen counter top.

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