Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021

The soil is an important natural resource. When planning for landscaping projects, however, one of the commonest mistakes that many people make is to avoid soil testing. Do not make the same mistake. Even though ignored, routine soil testing is an essential practice that can help you to identify soil surpluses. It can also help you to identify the deficiencies in your soil that might affect the health of your plants. Finally, understanding the PH and potassium levels of your soil can help you to choose the best fertilizer for plants.

Even though dreaded by most individuals, soil testing is not as complicated as some people think. You can contract the services of a professional, for instance. However, if you have a tight budget or like getting your hands dirty, we have a better solution for you – patio soil test kits. They are affordable and readily available in reputable store such as Amazon. They are also easy to use and deliver fast and professional results that will help you to be a better gardener. We have reviewed 10 of the best brands for 2021.

10. LaMotte Complete Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 1

Whenever you are planning a landscaping project, it is good to do detailed soil tests first. This is also the case whenever you are starting a vegetable garden for recreational or commercial use. Fortunately, unlike in the past when people relied on professionals to do this, complete soil test kits such as LaMotte are now available online. Consider buying one to handle the process easily and like a professional.

What are the benefits of using LaMotte Complete Soil Test Kit over other comparable products? In addition to the best watering cans and the best drip irrigation systems, buy this kit for the following reasons. First, it is affordable and very easy to use. Yo do not need prior scientific experience to use it well. The test kit also comes with two detailed booklets covering soil management principles and basic soil study information. Read and follow the directions carefully before carrying out tests.

With each LaMotte kit, you get six test tubes and a test tube stand. You also get reagents for 80 soil tests (30 pH tests, 20 phosphate tests, 15 nitrogen tests, and 15 potassium tests). LaMotte soil kit is reliable. The reagents have a shelf life of one to two years. For best results, however, always used dry soil for tests.


  • Well-designed kit (complete)
  • Accurate results
  • 80 reagents
  • Detailed booklets
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life (two years)


  • Requires dry soil

9. LaMotte 501001 Professional Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 2

Professional soil test kits are best for both on-field and class soil tests. The LaMotte 501001, for instance, is a dependable brand that delivers fast results. It is also a popular product among professionals and soil testing companies because of its accuracy and ease of use. You get a complete travel-ready package.

As some of the best gardening accessories in stores, you do not need professional experience to use this test kit. It has a simple and straightforward design that you can use easily. Moreover, with the help of the comprehensive instruction booklet it comes with, your probability of failing is very slim. You will do the tests fast and easily. You will also interpret its results easily and have better lawn care as a result.

LaMotte 501001 is a professional-grade soil test kit that accurately determines several soil metrics. With one, you will know the level of phosphate, potassium, and nitrogen in soil easily. It also determines soil pH accurately. Together, you will understand the status of soil better. You will also know the type of fertilizer to use to improve plant health and vigor. LaMotte 501001 soil test kit is easy to use. It is also cheaper than some comparable test kits and tests all types of soils accurately.


  • Accurate soil test results
  • Suitable for all type of soils
  • Professional grade tool kit
  • Cost effective
  • Tests many components
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Detailed manual


  • Uses harmful chemicals

8. Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 3

Rapitest uses the latest technology of soil testing. It also has a digitized system (with optical calibration) that eliminates the hustles of manual testing. If you are tired of paying for soil tests or have used several brands with poor results, consider buying yours today. The advanced LED technology that it employs is easy to use. It is also accurate and does not require special skills or equipment to interpret.

Even though most manual kits are cheap and readily available online, some brands deliver poor or inaccurate results. This is not the case with Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit. It is also cheap. However, because of its advanced system, it determines the health of most soil types accurately and with minimal hassle. Finally, the detailed booklet provided helps you to interpret test results. It also has recommendations for improving soil conditions, suggestions on fertilizer use, and pH preferences for over 450 plants.

This test kit can perform up to 25 tests (10 for pH and 5 tests each for phosphorus, potash and nitrogen tests). It is also reliable, lacks toxic chemicals, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Advanced LED digital technology
  • Informative booklet
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks toxic chemicals
  • Fairly accurate readings
  • Affordable


  • Inconsistent

7. Ferry Morse 980 Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 4

If you are serious about gardening or landscaping, Ferry Morse 980 Soil Test Kit is a must-have product. Even though cheap and simple looking, it is a versatile product that measures the pH, nitrogen, and phosphorous accurately. It also measures the level of potash in soils accurately. Retailing as a ready-to-use all-in-one package, you get four test tubes that perform up to four soil tests.

Ferry Morse is a well-made soil kit for testing sub-samples or homemade batches of soil and organic mixes (homogenized). It is affordable, fast and reliable. It also delivers laboratory-grade measurements that you can rely on for planning lawn management in homes and or commercial settings.

Because Ferry Morse 980 Soil Test Kit uses a simplified colorimetric system, it is one of the easiest to interpret. It does not display a set of random numbers that might confuse you. Instead, it changes color to reflect the levels of various nutrients in your soil. Generally, all tests are qualitative than quantitative.


  • Easy to use kit
  • Simple colorimetric system
  • Accurate measurements
  • Affordable pricing
  • Measures soil and organic mixes
  • Fast and reliable


  • Carries out only four tests
  • Only works once

6. Luster Leaf 1662 Professional Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 5

Luster Leaf 1662 is a package of two soil test kits that does up to 40 soil tests accurately and quickly. You get ten tests for soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potash levels in the soil. As most gardening equipment, it is affordable. It is also durable and has a portable design that you can travel with effortlessly.

The packaging for this soil kit is impressive. It is a sturdy plastic carrying case fit for regular travel. The equipment and liquid reagents that buyers get are reliable, while the detailed instruction booklet offered is invaluable. It has good instructions and recommendations that individuals and professionals appreciate.


  • Does up to 40 tests
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case
  • Delivers lab grade results
  • Reliable equipment and reagents
  • Easy to use kit
  • Detailed instruction booklet


  • Flimsy filter

5. Environmental Concepts 1662 Professional Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 6

A favored product in the gardening niche, Environmental Concepts 1662 is a professional-grade soil test kit in a durable and portable case. It supports up to 40 tests (10 tests each for soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash). Because its system is fast and accurate, Environmental Concepts 1662 Professional Soil Test Kit works well with most soils. If you are a tutor, it is also good for demonstrations.

This test kit is easy to use and accurate. The booklet it comes with provides detailed information for laying out successful and cost-effective treatment plans for most lawns and gardens. Buy yours from Amazon to get an affordable gardening accessory with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Quick and accurate results
  • Low-cost soil testing
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case
  • Satisfaction guarantee (100%)
  • Up to 40 professional tests
  • Works with most soils


  • Low pH scales go (up to 7.5)
  • Narrow filter device

4. Luster Leaf 1609CS Rapitest Soil Tester

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 7

Luster Leaf manufactures accurate and reliable test kits for home and commercial. It, therefore, has remained one of the most trusted brands by homeowners all over the world. If you are one and want an easy-to-use kit that delivers accurate results, the 1609CS Rapitest Soil Tester is ideal.

Luster Leaf 1609CS Rapitest is a reliable soil tester with durable and color coded test tubes. Unlike some brands, therefore, you can do its tests fast and easily. The color coding technology it employs is also easy to interpret. This betters the experience of users further. With an original package, you can test the levels of nitrogen (two tests), phosphorous (two tests), potash (two tests), and soil pH (two tests) on demand.

If you are looking for an economical soil test kit, the Luster leaf 1609 is also the best choice for you. It is affordable. You also get comprehensive instructions and recommendations for adjusting soil conditions.


  • Affordable
  • Reliable test results
  • Color-coded tubes
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed recommendations


  • Inconclusive results (non-matching reactions)

3. Luster Leaf 1612 Rapitest pH Soil Tester

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 8

Do not waste money on the hard-to-use soil test kits that some brands have. To simplify the process and get dependable results at the same time, Luster Leaf 1612 Rapitest pH Soil Tester is the product for you. Perfect for home testing, for instance, it is one of the easiest kits to use on our list.

All you need is a clean soil sample from your garden and a bit of time to get accurate phosphorous, potassium, potash, and nitrogen levels of your soil. You also get detailed instructions on its operation and recommendations for over four hundred common plants.

With each original pack, you get 10 capsules for testing for each mineral. You also get 10 capsules for PH levels and detailed color codes for interpreting your results. You do not have to crunch complicated numbers or seek the help of a professional to interpret your results for you.


  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Accurate comparator test system
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate PH tests
  • Cost effective


  • Only 10 capsules

2. Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 9

The moisture content of soil is an important characteristic to look at whilst planning a landscaping project. By knowing the moisture content of soil, for instance, you can know the best plants to grow in your lawn or garden. The Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter can help you to do this easily. When in use, for instance, it tells when you should water plants. It also tests water moisture content at root level accurately.

Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter works well on various soil types. Its versatile system monitors the watering needs of over 150 plants accurately. Read the instructions it comes with carefully for best results.

This soil meter has a tethered stainless steel probe and clear gauge. The deeper you probe the higher the readings. The gauge has a graduated scale of 1-10 (from dry to wet).


  • Easy to read
  • Accurate readings
  • Graduated scale
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Detailed instructions available
  • Monitors up to 150 plants


  • Measures moisture only

1. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit

Top 10 Best Patio-Soil Test Kits Reviewed In 2021 10

Rapitest products are of high quality. It is no surprise they top most of the lists of the best soil test kits shared online. This 1601 model, for instance, is an inexpensive soil test kit with a novel capsule-based testing technology. The system is easy to use. It is also accurate and has detailed color comparators for phosphorous, nitrogen, pH, and potassium levels (40 tests in total) in soil. You will never regret buying one.

Included in each package are detailed instructions on how to set up tests and read results. You also get recommendations for over 400 plants in a portable manual. Buy yours to improve lawn maintenance.


  • Color compactor
  • Easy to use capsule system
  • Up to 40 tests
  • Accurate results
  • Clear and comprehensive instructions
  • Inexpensive soil kit


  • Small mixing chamber


Soil test kits have improved how people care for their lawns. Their ability to monitor the levels of minerals and PH accurately, for instance, is important. The recommendations for plants they come with, on the other hand, help people to select the best plants for their lawns based on soil composition. To get a premium one that you will enjoy using, out top 10 picks work the best. They are cheap and easy to use.

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