Top 10 Best Personalized Children Books

Reading saves lives. IF a young person’s entire lives are superhero movies and video games, their experiences are going to be very limited. With books you can raise them right by living another life without them having to leave the house. Even in the day of iPads and eReaders, younger people universally prefer printed books. To help you ease your decision, we prepared a top 10 of the best personalized children’s books:

1. If I Could Keep You Little

Your bestselling picture book – If I Could Keep You Little – can be easily turned into a personalized hardcore memento to help your child keep you in the heart forever. This unique keepsake book can be enhanced with you / your child as main stars of the show, along with a dedicated page containing a message and photo.

Every parent experienced powerful feelings and motions while watching their kids grow up, since they want to savor every moment of it. Well, while reading through the personalized pages you can re-connect with the beautiful moments and stories built along the way and help you child become a true superhero – all with the aid of this one book.

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2. Elmo Loves You!


Who doesn’t love Elmo, the fluffy and cuddly character from Sesame Street? Well, in this book, Elmo shows his love for children too! Elmo describes how almost everything on our planet is lovely: from piggy that love to roll in the mud to penguins who love snow, farmers who love to wake up truly early and up to roosters which love to crow.

Coming for the first time in personalized version, Elmo Loves You is the ideal way to show your child just how much you love him and that he/she will always be in your heart.

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3. My Name is Not Isabella

In this New York Times’ bestseller your kid can turn into the highly imaginative Isabella and find out more about the amazing women who made history. The book will take your child on a time-lapse journey to help him find out more about outstanding Isabella and how she changed the world for us.

Personalize this unique keepsake from back to front using your kid’s name and photo and watch as the bestseller becomes a unique addition to your very own story. This heartwarming book will empower kids’ to celebrate their special personality and imagination and help them become better in everything they do!

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4. My name is Not Alexander

Coming from the same author as the book above, My Name is Not Alexander is one of the books which challenges your inner creativity and emotions. On his amazing journey, Alexander discovers a lot of interesting things: the toughest rider is more gentle than it looks, a strong leader is sometimes the most peaceful person and how being brave can truly help you achieve extraordinary things in life.

This book can be personalized with your kid’s name and photo in order for him to become the main star of the show and see how things revolve around him flawlessly.

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5. I Love You More

One of the perfect books for little children, I Love You More includes plenty of illustrations and a touching storyline to help your kid learn more about the power of love and how everything revolves around it. Being a New York Times’ bestseller this hardcover book will definitely be regarded as a wonderful gift by your child.

You can personalize the book with the name and photo of your child in order for him/her to become main character and get his own storyline to be proud of. The imaginative trip provided by this book is truly unique and unparalleled in the universe of personalized books for kids.

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6. The Berenstain Bears Home Sweet Tree

A truly unique book which allows your child to get a glimpse over how the lovely Berenstain bears use to live, work and eat in their own treehouse. Let Sister and Brother Bear show your kid the way around the house and just how warm and welcoming the bear family can be when it comes to guests.

This personalized version of the book can be enhanced with your child’s name and photo so that the bears will personally invite him/her to the dinner and at numerous entertaining events.

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7. The Night Night Book

With the aid of personalized keepsake of The Night Night Book your kid can truly get into the fun of the night! This one bestselling book can be enhanced with your child’s name, photo, and even a personally dedicated message for him.

Your daughter or son will definitely love to become a character in one of their favorite books. As they grow up, this memorable bedtime story can be looked upon as an unforgettable memory which surpasses the barrier of time. Only in this way you can make him/her love you forever.

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8. Dream Big, Little Pig!

From the New York Times bestseller author’ Kristi Yamaguchi, this book tells the story of a little pig who always had big dreams but were often discouraged. One day it happened that she discovered ice skating, and practiced it in spite of what everyone else said. This is how she manage to become one of the very best and do what she really loved to do.

Poppy benefits from her family’s encouragement every time she feels down, and this really helps her in achieving dreams. With this personalized edition you can make your child a gift he/she will not forget too soon!

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9. More Bears!

Frankly, this book is not meant to be a bedtime one, but rather one that needs to be read (and shout) out loud! Every child loves bears and with the aid of this unique story your kid will be shouting “More Bears!” right from the very first pages.

What’s even better about this book is that your child’s name and photo will appear throughout the whole story. He/she gets to be one of the main characters and this will definitely entice his/her interest in reading more.

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10. How Does Sleep Come?

Has your child ever wondered about how sleep comes? Well, with the aid of this personalized book you can tell him the exact process that takes place, but explained in beautiful and delighting words and rhymes.

Jeanne C. Moore, the author of this book, describes sleep as coming like a soft cloud on a bright summer day, sweeping a small shadow across the dizzy land. Personalize this book with your child’s own photo and name and see how things become instantly more interesting.

Top 10 Best Personalized Children Books 1

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