Top 10 Best Personalized T-Shirts for Kids Birthday

Kids as young as those celebrating their first birthday expect to be showered with gifts. While kids like toys and food, there are other numerous gifts, you can give them on their birthdays. When it comes to clothing, you can find a great-personalized t-shirt for your kid. This will not only cheer him up, but also represent his character and hobbies.

The good news with personalized birthday t-shirts for kids are that you can print whatever you want on them. The information you need to include depend on the character of your kid, his or her likes and hobbies. Here, we have discussed top 10 personalized T-shirts for kids birthday that you can give your little one on his special day.

10. First Birthday Boy Monkey Personalized T-Shirt

Personalized T-Shirts for Kids Birthday

Your little one can show off his worth by using this great-personalized t-shirt on his first birthday party. This great looking baby tee is made of the best fabrics in the market that are easy to clean, strong and safe at this tender age. Birthday boy monkey personalized T-shirt is made from pure cotton and weighs only 5.3 oz. the t-shirt is short sleeved and hemmed at the bottom. This is something your little man will be proud of.

Top 10 Best Personalized T-Shirts for Kids Birthday 1

9. Personalized Lion 1st Birthday T-Shirt

This is another gorgeous personalized birthday tee for your kids. He will have something to say about his new acquisition. Made from 100 percent cotton, hemmed bottom and weigh 5.3 oz, lion 1st birthday T-shirt offers your kind more than just birthday clothing. Your kid wearing the lion clothing, a party hat and the surrounding balloons and illuminating candles will be a remarkable sight.

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8. 1st Birthday Mustache Personalized T-Shirt

This is another great way to make the day special for your little one. Created by the best designers in the world this tee will not only make your kid look great but also safe and easy to clean. The fabric used to make this clothing is pure cotton, which is warm and comfortable. This birthday t-shirt for kids will make such occasion fun and memorable.

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7. Personalized Safari 1st Birthday T-Shirt

Kids love animals and adventure as a whole. Before they can visit an African safari, why not expose them through a personalized safari 1st birthday T-shirt. These T-shirts look great when worn during a birthday party. The tees are made from pure cotton, are short sleeved and weight 5.3 oz making them appropriate for these very active young individuals.

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6. Kids Construction 2nd Birthday T-Shirts

When your little one clocks 2 years, he or she is much a ware of his surroundings and personal choices and so you have to be careful when choosing clothing for him or her. Furthermore, they are trying to establish their personality and character. The Kids construction 2nd birthday T-shirts are 5.5 oz, 100 percent super soft cotton jersey. It presents ribbed crew neck, double stitched short sleeves and bottom hem. This ensures that you toddler will grow out of it before it wears out.

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5. Robot Customizable Birthday T-Shirt

Casual, comfortable and loose fitting, the robot customizable birthday T-shirt are the favorites. They are made from 6.0 oz pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton and crew neck. These are available in varies sizes that fit true to size. The Robot customizable birthday T-shirts can easily be personalized by adding your kid’s name, age and birth date. If your kid loves robots, then this is the best tee you can order for him.

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4. Personalized Birthday Girl Shirt

As your girl grows to become a woman, she become increasingly aware of her appearances and wants to look beautiful. At the same time, she needs something that she will identify with as specifically hers. The personalized birthday girl shirt ensures this because it is fully customizable with templates for name, age and birth date. Offering a wide range of styles and designs including pretty flowers, pretty dress and pretty monkeys, your girl’s birthday will be like no other.

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3. Construction 3rd Birthday T-Shirts

If you know your kid well, you will know what he likes. In any case he is into big trucks and bulldozers them construction 3rd birthday t-shirts are the best. They are casual, comfortable and loose fitting and made from 6.0 oz preshrunk hundred percent cotton. It presents crew neck and hemmed bottom and comes with a text reading, “Look Who’s 3”

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2. Mad Scientist Customized T-Shirt

Some of the best scientist and innovators in the world were first recognized as kids. If you think you little man is into science, why not organize for him a birthday party and let him wear Mad Scientist Customized T-shirts. They are made from pure cotton and are comfortable, casual and loose fitting. This enables your little man to move around easily and play without much constrains.

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1. 3rd Birthday Dinosaur T-Shirt

To crown the top 10 personalized T-shirts for kids birthday is the 3rd birthday dinosaur t-shirts. This does not mean that the shirts are limited to 3-year olds as there are a variety of sizes for all youths. They are made from finest quality cotton and are highly durable. It has crew neck collar and styling, which gives this t-shirt a classic look while at the same time providing considerable comfort.

Top 10 Best Personalized T-Shirts for Kids Birthday 1

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